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Improvement in Clevises
Patent for an adjustable clevis, consisting of a hinged loop and an eyebolt.
Improvement in Cotton-Hoes.
Patent for improvement in cotton-hoes for the purpose of saving time when spacing and thinning cotton plants by providing an angular handle with bent arms that can be attached to the back of the hoes. The hoe is made up with three separate cutters with spaces in between to allow young plants equally spaced in each row. The middle cutter can be removed when second thinning is needed to avoid injuring the plants. Illustration is included.
Improvement in Cotton-Picker and Cleaner.
Patent for improvements in cotton-picker and cleaner by using rotary breakers combined with fixed breakers to break the branches and outer coverings of the cotton in the bolls. The cotton then passes through an “inclined-way” where the rotary breakers are spirally-arranged on a concentric cylinder to carry the cotton out of the cleaner. (Lines 69-75) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Cotton-Plow and Planter
Patent for improvements to cotton-plows and planters.
Improvement in Cotton-Plows
Patent an improved cotton-plow with curved flanges, with illustrations.
Improvement in Cotton-Plows.
Patent for improvement in cotton-plows by making the plow blades curved for the purpose of breaking up the land to prevent the plow from clogging. (Lines 27-30) The plow can break up the soil and laying off seed-furrows simply by reversing and removing the blades to a different position of the frame. (Lines 59-60) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Stalk and Cane-Puller.
Patent for improvement in stalk puller by using “two pointed teeth or prongs peculiarly constructed, and secured to a suitable handle to which an adjustable fulcrum is connected, in order to allow the implement to be manipulated by persons of different statures and strength.” (Lines 18-22) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Three-Horse Equalizers.
Patent for improvement in treble-trees by using “two stretcher-loops that are jointed on the double-tree at points on each side of the centre, so that the strain is not at one point, but somewhat distributed.” (Lines 42-44) “The loops can be adjusted so that should there be any material inequality in the strength of the three horses, one can equalized by arranging the loops accordingly nearer to or further away from the centre on either one or both sides.” (Lines 45-49) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Two-Horse Equalizers.
Patent for an adjustable device that redistributes weight so that two animals of unequal strength can perform their equal share of work. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Cotton-Cleaners.
Patent for improvements to cotton picking and cleaning before the cotton is ginned.
Improvement in Cotton-Pickers.
Patent for an improved cotton-picking machine, including illustrations.
Improvement in Cultivators.
Patent for an improvement in the design of corn and cotton cultivators, including illustrations.
Improvement in Scew-Propellers.
Patent for "means for guiding pivoted propeller-blades so that they can open and close readily and uniformly. It also consists in a new mode of applying a spring there-to so that the obliquity or resistance of the blades will be automatically graduated." (Lines 6-11) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Running-Gears for Vehicles.
Patent for vehicle running gear improvements consisting of two piece head-block, central eye, groove for king bolt, and wrought-iron brackets for parts.
Improvement in Corn and Cotton Planters.
Patent for a new and useful seed-planter for corns and cottons, including instructions and illustrations.
Improvements in Running Gears for Wagons.
Patent for improvement in running gears for wagons. Improvement for class of vehicles in which the axles revolve with the wheels.
Improvement in Cotton-Plows.
Patent for improvements in plows with removable curved flanges.
Improvement in Medical Compounds.
Patent for a pill composed of podophyllin, leptandrin, butternut bark extract, rhubarb extract, extract of "jalap," capsicum, quinine sulfate, and salicin. The pill is said to treat a wide variety of diseases.
Improvement in Medical Compounds.
Patent for a new medical compound to treat "various diseases, more especially those which affect the bowels and digestive organs" (lines 34-36) which lists the ingredients.
Improvement in Rein-Holders.
Patent for "improvement in a class of rein-holding devices consisting each of a pivoted, vertically-swinging cam or locking-jaw and a frame...for attachment to the dashboard of a carriage or other vehicle." (lines 7-12) including instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Cotton Planters
Patent for "a new and useful improvement in Cotton-Planter" (lines 3-4) with "construction and means to adjust the furrow-opener" (lines 6-8) including instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Machines for Washing Photographs
Patent for "a new and improved apparatus for washing photographic prints after fixing, for the purpose of removing the double hyposulphite of soda and silver formed in the body of the paper during the process of fixing" (lines 6-11).
Improvement in Ditching-Machines.
Patent for the improvement of ditching-machines by way of new construction techniques.
Improvement in Horse-Power Presses.
Patent for improved horse-powered press; it "relates to horse or other power presses for cotton, hay, and other compressible materials; and the nature of my invention consists in a reversible stay-brace; in a series of sliding plates, which fill the space between the main standards; in an arm hung to each one of the side doors, regulating the opening of such doors; and in auxiliary devices" (para. 3).
Improvement in Reciprocating Churns.
Patent for an invention that, "relates to certain improvements in motive power for churns, its object being to provide a compact system of automatically-operating gearing, that may be readily attached to the top of an ordinay churn" (lines 7-11). Illustration included.
Improvement for Machines for Washing Photographs.
Patent for an improved machine for washing photographic prints allowing metallic or other rigid plates to be washed in addition to flexible prints.
Improvement in Plows.
Patent for "a plow which will effect a clean severance of the sod on the land side when operating in heavy, tenacious soil, and which will prevent the accumulation of rubbish against the edge of the mold-board or standard." (Lines 6-11) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Washing-Machines.
Patent for improving the washing machine by being operated by a spring-motor.
Improvement in Combined Cultivator and Planter.
Patent for "a new and useful improvement in a combined corn and cotton planter and cultivator" (lines 3-6), includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Cotton-Presses.
Patent for "improvements in cotton-presses, it's object being to produce a compact and efficient apparatus, adapted to be secure in the floor between the first and second stories of a building, in such a manner that the press-box can be filled and the cotton made up into bales in the upper story, while the pressing operation is effected from below." (Lines 7-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Ditching-Machines.
Patent for an improved ditching machine design that will "easily and rapidly cut or excavate, on the surface of the ground, soil, clay, or soft stone, a ditch or trench of any reasonable width or depth suitable" (lines 33-37) including instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Motors.
Patent for power-operated motors used "for operating churns" (lines 13-14), with the option of using spring-power, including a detailed explanation and description of the illustration.
Improvement in Addressing-Machines.
Patent for a new and improved design of addressing-machine which is intended for use in newspaper offices and business purposes in general. It includes illustrations.
Improvements in Compounds for Destroying Trees, Roots, &c.
Patent for a new and useful improvements to compouds used in the destroying of trees. Lists ingredients and dosages.
Rotary Cotton-Chopper
Patent for "new and useful improvements in rotary cotton-choppers" (lines 4-5) that are of "the class of cotton-choppers which travel across the rows, and also to the class which use a revolving drum having blades or hoes spirally arranged on its periphery" (lines 13-17), including descriptions and illustrations.
Device for Sheltering Animals.
Patent for a new and improved animal shelter. This design "relates to a device which may be adapted for use as a hen's nest, a dog-kennel, a stable for domestic animals, or for analogous purposes. The principle of construction prevalent in all these different adaptations for use of the device consists of certain improved means for automatically closing the door as the animal steps into a vertically-swinging compartment, and for automatically opening the door as the animal leaves said swinging compartment" (lines 13-23).
Coffee Pot.
Patent for a new and improved coffee pot. This design "consists in securing a wire diagonally down the side of the pot, and to which wire is attached the cover of the pot in such a manner that the cover can be dropped down out of the way when the condenser is put on without detaching the cover from the pot" (lines 13-18).
Stalk Cutter.
Patent for a new and improved stalk cutter. This design "consists in the construction and combination of parts . . . [of] that class of machines for cutting cotton and other stalks, consisting, essentially, of parallel runners or beams carrying outwardly-projecting knives, which serve to cut the stalks as the machine is drawn over the ground" (lines 15-22).
Patent for the invention of stocking manufacture in two section, a leg section and a foot section- susceptible of being connected and disconnected by sewing for the purpose of renewing the foot-section when unduly worn by substituting therefor a new section [5-10].
Quilting Attachment for Sewing Machines.
Patent for a new and improved quilting attachment for sewing machines. This design "has for its object to connect the quilting-frame and the sewing-machine so that the action of the machine will automatically propel the quilting frame; and it consists in the construction, combination, and arrangement of the several parts" (lines 17-22).
Stalk Cutter.
Patent for a new and improved stalk cutter. This design "consists in the combination of a suitable frame, which is drawn along by two horses, so as to straddle a row of plants, a diagonal guide for guiding the plants, a guiding finger or piece for guiding the plants toward the knife, and a rake for raking the plants in piles or heaps as fast as they are cut" (lines 13-19).
Patent for a new and improved churn. This design consists "[i]n a working-body churn, the combination, with the churn-body having centrally-disposed turret, and the breaking-frames having their lower ends resting in suitable seats, in the bottom of the churn-body and their upper ends extended into the turret thereof, of the block having sockets and placed on the breaking-frames with its lower side projected above the turret, and the cap or lid, placed on the turret and bearing against the block and securing the same and the breaking-frames in position" (lines 23-34).
Mosquito Bar Frame.
Patent for a new and improved mosquito netting. This design "relates to mosquito-bar frames, and its object is to provide a device possessing superior advantages in point of simplicity, inexpensiveness, ease of adjustment, and general efficiency" (lines 9-13).
Quilting Frame.
Patent for a new and improved quilting frame for sewing machines. This design consists "[i]n a quilting frame, the combination, with suitable supporting standards having an inclined V-shaped track secured thereto, of a rail having rollers mounted upon the side thereof and traveling upon said track, depending brackets secured to the ends of said rail, transverse secured to the ends of said depending rods, and rollers having bearing in said transverse strips" (lines 3-11).
Patent for an improvement to washing machines that will be "simple and economical in construction and efficient in use" (lines 13-14).
Patent for improvements in farm gates, with description of parts and use and illustrations.
Automatic Trip Gear for Power Presses.
Patent for a new and improved trip-gear for power-presses. This design "consists in providing the lever connected with an ordinary reversible gearing with a cord and weight, so that when in its normal position and not in use the small friction-wheel will not come in contact with either face of the large friction wheel. The upper end of the press is provided with a notched metallic plate connected with the reversing-lever, so that when the follow-block in its upward passage passes the said plate the lever will be released, and, falling back into its normal position by the press, is immediately stopped" (lines 24-36).
Holder for Shades and Reflectors.
Patent for a new and improved holder for shades and reflectors. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with a lamp-burner and its reflector, of a collar having the female threads, the radial arms, correspondingly threaded at the inner end, and having eyes at the outer end, and the spring-wire or cut ring carrying the reflector on one end" (lines 56-61).
Patent for a new and improved motor. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the spring-actuated mechanism, of the ratchet-wheel, the spring-detent, and the lever to operate a rod" (lines 55-58).
Rein Holder.
Patent for a new and improved rein-holder. This design consists in an "improved rein-holder formed of the bifurcated standard having clamp-screws, the stationary cylinder, and the movable cylinder, pivoted eccentrically and at a point above the stationary cylinder" (lines 67-71).