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Powder-Dividing Machine
Patent for a machine used primarily by pharmacists to divide medicinal powders. Illustrations included.
Patent for an improved and inexpensive swing that is foot-operated. The swing is built into a frame, and connects to the frame on two points on each end of the swing.
Patent for a new and improved gate. This design consists in "a central post, the latch-posts arranged at equal distances on opposite sides of the central post and provided with suitable catches, the latches pivoted at their inner ends to the center post and adapted to engage the said catches, the operating-bar affixed at its center to the upper end of the center post and at right angles to the gate, the loop connected at its free ends, respectively, to the latches, and the operating-cords running over guide-pulleys . . . and connected at their ends to the closed upper end of the loop" (lines 1-13).
Cotton Packer.
Patent for a new and improved cotton packer. This design consists in "the combination of a reciprocating plunger having an upright frame formed with a cross-piece at its top, a drum having means for revolving it in opposite directions, a chain attached to the plunger and to the drum winding upon the same, a spring secured at its middle to the cross-piece of the plunger-frame, and chains secured to the ends of the spring and to the drum winding upon the same in opposite direction to the chain from the plunger" (lines 93-103).
Improvement in corn-planters.
Patent for an "improvement upon the planter described in Patent No. 8,408" (paragraph 3). The movement of a horse's shoulders causes vibrations that power a cropper-slide. Includes illustration.