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Cotton Stalk Cutter
Patent for a cotton stalk cutter. This invention is designed for cutting cotton stalks while mounted on an axle, consisting a frame whereby the cutter could be adjusted.
Clothes Pin
Patent for clothes pin. Illustration included.
Embroidering Attachment For Sewing Machines
Patent for an emboidering attachment for sewing machines. Illustration included.
Baling Press
Patent for Baling Press
Refrigerator or Cooler.
Patent for a refrigerator that has an "arrangement of parts whereby the articles to be cooled are protected from moisture while the space in which said articles are arranged is inclosed by a film of moisture, which is designed to cool the inclosed atmosphere by evaporation" (lines 11-16). The covering is absorbent and the shelves inside are perforated.
Patent for a vertical hook car coupling that also couple air-brakes. In the invention "the drawheads are provided with interlocking tongues to prevent the disconnection of the drawheads by vertical movement; the interlocking faces of the drawheads are provided with sockets to receive a plug for completing the air passage for the train pipes; the drawheads are provided with means for receiving the ordinary hose-coupling on cars not provided with [the] drawhead, and finally other features of [the] invention are the means for securing the drawhead to the car and for uncoupling" (lines 14-25).
Baling Press.
Patent for a new and improved baling press. This design is "to place two baling-chambers at a suitable angle to each other and to connect both of the followers to the same sweep; to attach each of the filling-doors of the baling-chambers to the sweep, so that when one door closes from its own weight the other will be opened by the movement of the sweep, and to provide each of the filling doors with an automatically-acting bolt mechanism, whereby the movement of the follower bolts the door, so that it cannot be opened upward by the pressure of hay that is being pressed" (lines 15-26).
Combined Ring and Buckle.
Patent for a new and improved combined ring and buckle. This design is "to provide a device particularly for use in halters, whereby the manufacture of the latter may be accomplished without so much sewing or riveting of the parts together as is required where the ordinary halter-ring is used. [It] is capable of application to purposes other than harnesses" (lines 9-16).