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Patent for invention to "improve the construction of elevating-trucks and to provide a simple and comparatively inexpensive apparatus adapted to be readily moved from one place to another and capable of enabling bales, boxes and the like to be readily lifted from the ground or other supporting-surface and raised to a convenient position for loading such freight upon a wagon or other conveyance" (p. 1, lines 10-18).
Type-Writing Machine
Patent for improvements to typewriters "to provide means whereby a number of sheets of paper may be inserted at one time and removed successively after each page is written, there by obviating the necessity of removing the completed sheet and replacing it by a new one at the end of each page" (lines 14-20).
Patent for a simplified washing machine by constructing it with "double bottoms and sides, and in providing the said machines with means by which the washing-liquid is made to flow upward between the said sides and downward upon the article or articles to be washed; and it also consists in providing suitable means whereby said articles or articles may be drained" (lines 14-20).
Ribbon and Braid Holder.
Patent for a new and improved ribbon and braid holder. This design "consist[s] of [a] V-shaped wire having the cross-piece and the pin, having eyes at its ends, through which eyes the shanks of the V-shaped wire pass freely . . . [and] [t]he combination, with the roll, having the central aperture" (lines 55-61).
Door Check.
Patent for a new and improved door check. This design "consists in a disk pivoted on a plate and provided with a notch for receiving the corner of the door, and with a series of teeth with which a pawl engages for locking the disk in place after it has been adjusted" (lines 11-15).
Improvement in Grub-Plow and Stalk-Cutter.
Patent for a device to remove grubs from soil, which consists of an adjustable gage-wheel and a cutter to remove grubs and to cut roots. The cutter can be also used to cut cotton-stalks. It includes illustrations.