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Stalk-Cutter Attachment for Plows.
Patent for "stalk cutting attachment for plows" (line 10), particularly for chopping cotton stalks.
Bed or Douche Pan.
Patent for improvements in bed or douche pans, in which it will not spill easily and is easy to clean. Illustration is included.
Combined Animal-Trap and Chicken-Coop.
Patent for a combined animal trap and chicken coop, which has a compartment attached to the coop that is a trap for rats and other animals.
Hoe Attachment
Patent for a blade attachment to a hoe. Illustration included.
Patent for a walking seed-planter that has a wheel which is hooked up to a mechanism that lets seed out when the wheel is turned. The wheel is turned when the machine is walked. The mechanism that lets seed out is a rotary seed-plate and a series of gears, bolts, and belts.
Harvester-Platform and Carrier.
Patent for a harvester-platform and carrier that carries forward and elevates the grain. It has toothed bars, a framed, a crank-shaft that is connected to the toothed bars, a cross-rod loosely connected to the crank-shaft, and it is pivotally mounted on grain.
Wood-Working Machine.
Patent for improvements in wood-working machine by using a combination of a toothed bar, a retractable slotted bar, a weight attached to the frame and a revolving wheel. With each single revolution of the drive-wheel, the slotted "bar is fed forward the distance of one tooth, and thus the cutter is gradually embedded in the material being operated upon at the same time it is rotated at a high rate of speed," (lines 94-97) illustration is included.
Type-Writing Machine.
Patent for improvements in type-writers by compactly arranged many parts together, such as the sliding block, the vibrating plate, the feed-roller and etc..., "and in which the work can at all times be viewed by the operator. The printing is accomplished on a flat surface... new sheets thus saved,” (p. 4, lines 111-118). Illustration is included.
Patent for a new and improved plow. This design consists in "the combination of the beam, the parallel horizontal arms pivoted to the top and bottom of the beam and projecting beyond the sides of the same, the vertically-slotted brackets secured between the beams at the ends of the same, the cultivator-beams arranged between the upper and lower horizontal arms, and the securing bolts inserted transversely through the beams and the slots of the brackets" (lines 59-68).
Water Cooler.
Patent for a new and improved water cooler. This design consists in "the combination, with an outer casing, a central ice-receptacle having a perforated bottom, a water reservoir surrounding the ice-receptacle, provided with a packing of filtering material in the bottom, of an auxiliary reserve held beneath the ice-receptacle and main reservoir and connected with the latter by a series of tubes, and a tank in the bottom of the casing surrounding said auxiliary reserve adapted to receive the drip from the ice" (lines 85-95).
Improvements in Corn-Shellers.
Patent for an improved "Combined Corn Husker, Sheller, and Cleaner" (lines 4-6) including instructions and illustrations.