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Automatic Mail-Bag Catcher and Deliverer
Patent for an automatic mailbag catcher and deliverer. Illustrations included.
Patent for a capsule filler which allows a prescriptionist to simultaneously fill multiple capsules with medication. Illustrations included.
Rail Connection
Patent for a rail connection which provides a smooth connection between rails and "dispenses with the angle bars which the ordinary rail connection requires" (lines 15-17). Illustrations included.
Patent for a railroad tie, which can be used with ordinary rails that improves the fastening and unfastening process and forms a track gage.
Patent for a journal box for railroad cars with an improved bearing and lubricating system.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in fireplaces, including instructions and illustrations.
Vehicle-Wheel Scraper.
Patent for a "device adapted to be readily applied to a vehicle to prevent mud from clinging to the wheels, and thereby make the draft lighter on a horse or team, and at the same time prevent mud from being thrown upon the body of a vehicle and the occupants thereof." (Lines 12-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in pumps especially adapted for deep wells by using different approaches to construct and arrange the strainer, the working barrel, the conical valve seat and other parts to pump the water upward. Illustration is included.
Padded Hat.
Patent for a new and improved padded hat. This design "is to provide a pad which can be quickly applied and when applied will remain in place, and by means of which a hat that is a trifle too large can readily be made to fit. . . . Heretofore persons wearing hats of odd sizes, or after having their hair cut short, have been compelled to place paper, felt, or some other material in between the sweat-band and the body of the hat in order to make the hat fit. These pieces, not being secured, are constantly coming out and are a source of great annoyance" (lines 7-19).
Spring Hinge.
Patent for a new and improved spring-hinge. This design consists in "[t]he combination of a hinge having one of its leaves provided with a casing and the other provided with curved projections, the spring arranged in the casing, and the rod engaging said spring and having the curved portion provided with trunnions engaging the said projections" (lines 65-71).