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Socket Attachment for Harness
Patent for " harness construction ... whereby one strap of a harness is slidably connected with another strap. the device serving to reinforce that strap through which the slidable strap extends." (lines 9-14). Including illustrations.
Patent for time indicators wherein the time noting figures are carried upon rotary disks that are constructed and arranged as to expose the proper time in hours, minutes, and seconds to a face plate.
Track-Oiling Device
Patent for a track oiling device that is operated by a train car. Illustrations included.
Automatic Mail-Bag Catcher and Deliverer
Patent for an automatic mailbag catcher and deliverer. Illustrations included.
Patent for improvements in hot air bath cabinets in which it can employ for a foot or body bath, and be able to control or regulate the hot air current. (Lines 14-18) Illustration is included.
Means for Automatically Closing Electric Circuits
Patent for a means for automatically closing electric circuits, specifically for railway systems. Illustrations included.
Patent for cotton-choppers in which it can be converted into cultivators; the height and sweep of the rotary chopper can be adjusted. The depth of penetration of the cultivator-shovels can also be adjusted independently without affecting other part of the machine. Illustration is included.
Printer's Galley.
Patent for an "invention to dispense with the usual quoins for locking up the printed matter in a galley and to provide in lieu thereof an adjustable lock-up device of novel construction." (Lines 14-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a simple and inexpensive cotton press that gets cotton from a gin, forms it into a soft bat, and compresses it into a bale. The operator can tie a band around the bale. It consists of a frame, rollers, and gears.
Type-Writing Machine.
Patent for improvements in type-writers by compactly arranged many parts together, such as the sliding block, the vibrating plate, the feed-roller and etc..., "and in which the work can at all times be viewed by the operator. The printing is accomplished on a flat surface... new sheets thus saved,” (p. 4, lines 111-118). Illustration is included.
Patent for an improvement of a corn-planter using a combinations of, a rotary seed plate that has a circumferential series of perforations, a spherical weight or ball acts as ejector, and a hopper that has a circular opening on the bottom to work together “to prevent too large quantities of seed from entering the seed-cups, but which shall also serve to forcibly eject the seeds at the proper time” (lines 19-22), illustration is included.
Patent for a cotton planter by using a pivoted spring-actuated tongue that has a feed-slot and regulating-slide to plant cotton or corn seeds easily and quickly. Illustration is included.
Patent for a new and improved plow. This design consists, "with the beam and two or more depending bolts and two or more series of opposite flanged supporting plates mounted on the bolts, of two or more pairs of bifurcated L-shaped opposite hangers mounted in the plates and held rigid by the latter, and side beams, and bolts passing through the side beams and supports and making the side beams adjustable" (lines 4-12).
Hay Press.
Patent for a new and improved baling-press. This design is "compris[ed of] the parallel beams, the standards erected on said beams near the centers thereof, the transverse bars connecting the standards in pairs, the longitudinal bearing-bar secured to and between the said transverse bars, the king-bolt journaled in said bearing-bars, the sweep secured to the upper end of the king-bolt, the drive-wheel secured to the lower end of the king-bolt and having a single depending crank-pin, the press-boxes at the ends of the beams, the plungers in said press-boxes, and the pitmen" (lines 86-98).
Patent for a simplified washing machine by constructing it with "double bottoms and sides, and in providing the said machines with means by which the washing-liquid is made to flow upward between the said sides and downward upon the article or articles to be washed; and it also consists in providing suitable means whereby said articles or articles may be drained" (lines 14-20).
Seed Planter.
Patent for a new and improved planter. This design "consists in the detailed construction . . . by which the operator is enabled to see each seed in its passage from the planting-wheel to the ground, and so can guard against the disadvantage of some of the rows being only half planted, from the seed-spout getting stopped up, or from the planter-wheel failing to act properly, and in other improvements" (lines 13-21).
Improvement in Rotary Engines.
Patent for an improved design of the rotary engine. Illustration included.
Improvement In Horizontal Hay and Cotton Press
Patent for a press used in the baling of hay or cotton. Device is portable and supposed to improve the baling process.
Improvement in Combined Plows, Planters, and Cultivators.
Patent for a new improvement in combined plows, planters, and cultivators, including illustration.
Improvement in Wash-Boiler Attachments
Patent for the improvement in Steam Wash-Boiler Attachments.