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Locking Device for Lubricating-Cups.
Patent for a locking device for lubricating cups that prevents the plug from coming out of the cup.
Air-Brake System
Patent for an air brake system for trains which does not require waiting between uses for the brakes to recharge with air.
Patent for a "blow-off valve" (line 16). Illustrations included
Capsule Filler
Patent for a device that fills capsules with medicine. Illustration included.
Patent for an improvement in cotton-press to form cylindrical cotton bales, including illustrations.
Wheel Cultivator and Planter Attachment Therefor.
Patent for an improved wheel cultivator, which includes a planter attachment, a hopper, a seed-dropping and fertilizer distributing mechanism, and covering plows.
Hydrocarbon-Burner for Stoves or Furnaces
Patent for invention that relates to improvements in hydrocarbon-burner for stoves or furnaces or the like, the same being more especially intended for the consumption of crude oils... Among other things the invention has for its object the provision of an improved burner in which the liquid is vaporized within a confined space by causing it to splash upon a suitable obstacle and against the inner surface of a heated air-tube; to heat the air as it passes to the burner and to commingle the vapor and heated air so as to obtain an economical and combustible mixture (Greene, 1902).
Patent for improvement to cylindrical baling-press for packing cotton, cotton-seed hulls, bran and similar objects into cylindrical bales, including illustrations.
Harvester Attachment.
Patent for an attachment that cleans and scrapes the drive wheels of mowing machines and harvesters, to keep them free of accumulated mud and running smoothly.
Patent for knee pads that are "simple, inexpensive, and durable, and which is so constructed as to hold the knee of the user in an elevated position above the ground or other surface upon which the pad may be placed, thereby preventing the knee contacting with the ground or other surface and causing injury to the knee (lines 10-17).
Piano Attachment.
Patent for "an attachment for upright pianos designed to produce a harp, mandolin, of cithern tone, and the object in view is to provide an attachment having an improved construction of strikers." (Lines 8-12) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Washing Machine.
Patent for a new and improved washing machine. This design consists in "the combination, with a receptacle having a flange on one end, of a pump, a collar surrounding the said pump and carrying claws which engage and a cam which bears upon the said flange, a perforated tray resting upon the bottom of the receptacle, and perforated pipes connected with the said pump, the said pump and pipes being contained in the said receptacle" (lines 4-12).
Patent for a new and improved plow. This design consists in "the combination of the beam, the parallel horizontal arms pivoted to the top and bottom of the beam and projecting beyond the sides of the same, the vertically-slotted brackets secured between the beams at the ends of the same, the cultivator-beams arranged between the upper and lower horizontal arms, and the securing bolts inserted transversely through the beams and the slots of the brackets" (lines 59-68).
Patent for improvements in the construction and design of cotton-choppers.
Weight Motor.
Patent for a new and improved weight-motor. This design consists in "the drum having the ratchet-wheel, the gear-wheel having the pawl engaging the ratchet-wheel, the lever extending from the track and adapted to be operated by the wheels of a passing train, the push-rod attached to the said lever and adapted to engage the ratchet-wheel to rotate the latter, the rope attached to the drum and having the weights, the trip-lever to move the push-rod out of engagement with the ratchet-wheel, and the rod attached to the said trip-lever and having an arm extending in the path of the weight" (lines 48-59).
Device for Packing Cotton.
Patent for an improvement in devices for packing and compressing cotton in press-boxes. This patent is an improvement on the inventor's previous Letters Patent of the United States granted June 26, 1883, No. 280,333.
Churn Power.
Patent for a new and improved churn-power. This design "consists in the combination, with a vertically-moveable carriage provided with a drum, of a rope wound on the same, and having its upper end secured, from which drum a wheel on the carriage is operated by suitable gearing, the said wheel being connected with the dasher-staff. When the carriage descends under the action of its own weight and of the weight of the parts on it, the drum is revolved and the dasher rod or staff operated" (lines 11-21).
Lamp or Lantern.
Patent for a new and improved oil lamp. This design calls for transparent material (e.g., glass) to be installed on the top of the oil chamber, so one can better predict the fullness, which prevents overflowing. Additionally, a second opening to the side of the main opening allows the oil chamber to be safely refilled while already lit.