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Device for Packing Cotton.
Patent for an improvement in devices for packing and compressing cotton in press-boxes. This patent is an improvement on the inventor's previous Letters Patent of the United States granted June 26, 1883, No. 280,333.
Ribbon and Braid Holder.
Patent for a new and improved ribbon and braid holder. This design "consist[s] of [a] V-shaped wire having the cross-piece and the pin, having eyes at its ends, through which eyes the shanks of the V-shaped wire pass freely . . . [and] [t]he combination, with the roll, having the central aperture" (lines 55-61).
Door Check.
Patent for a new and improved door check. This design "consists in a disk pivoted on a plate and provided with a notch for receiving the corner of the door, and with a series of teeth with which a pawl engages for locking the disk in place after it has been adjusted" (lines 11-15).
Patent for an improved baling press for hay, cotton, and similar materials granted to Charles M. Stone.