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Seed-Cotton Receiver
Patent for seed cotton receivers so that each gin receives a specific amount of cotton, allowing it to self-regulate.
Vehicle Step.
Patent for a foldaway step that can be mounted on the side of a vehicle.
Locomotive Ash Pan.
Patent for a new and improved locomotive ash pan. This design "relates to ash-pans for locomotive and other fire-boxes; and it has for its object to provide a simple and improved device of this character in which the contents of the pan may be discharged therefrom by a single operation of a controlling-lever. To this end the invention consists . . . in a sliding frame working in guides, a series of slats forming the entire bottom of the pan pivoted to the frame and carried thereby, a lever for operating said frame, and means for sustaining the slats normally in horizontal position" (lines 11-23).
Peg for Violins.
Patent for a new and improved violin peg. This design "has for its object to dispense with the usual string-aperture in the peg and to so construct the peg that a string may be expeditiously, conveniently, and securely attached thereto and as readily and conveniently removed therefrom, as desired, and to accomplish these objects without disfiguring the peg" (lines 11-18).