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Hay Press.
Patent for a new and improved hay press. This design consists, "with the frame, of the pivot-pin mounted in the end of the frame and having a crank disk on its lower end, the pitman pivoted to said disk, the spring secured to the pitman and the frame, the double-cam secured on the pivot-pin, the sweep loosely mounted on the pivot-pin above the said double cam, and the dogs pivoted within the sweep and bearing on the cam" (lines 59-67).
Washing Machine.
Patent for a new and improved washing machine. This design consists in "the combination, with a receptacle having a flange on one end, of a pump, a collar surrounding the said pump and carrying claws which engage and a cam which bears upon the said flange, a perforated tray resting upon the bottom of the receptacle, and perforated pipes connected with the said pump, the said pump and pipes being contained in the said receptacle" (lines 4-12).
Patent for a new and improved plow. This design consists in "the combination of the beam, the parallel horizontal arms pivoted to the top and bottom of the beam and projecting beyond the sides of the same, the vertically-slotted brackets secured between the beams at the ends of the same, the cultivator-beams arranged between the upper and lower horizontal arms, and the securing bolts inserted transversely through the beams and the slots of the brackets" (lines 59-68).
Cotton Planter.
Patent for a new and improved planter. This design "consists in the improved machine . . . wherein a series of rods actuated by the main carrying-wheel are intermittently projected beyond the periphery of the latter at or about the time they approach the seed hopper, so that they may enter said hopper and cause the seed to be fed to the drill-tube" (lines 17-24).
Patent for new and improved construction of the class of machine baling press.
Patent for a new and improved gate. This design consists in "a central post, the latch-posts arranged at equal distances on opposite sides of the central post and provided with suitable catches, the latches pivoted at their inner ends to the center post and adapted to engage the said catches, the operating-bar affixed at its center to the upper end of the center post and at right angles to the gate, the loop connected at its free ends, respectively, to the latches, and the operating-cords running over guide-pulleys . . . and connected at their ends to the closed upper end of the loop" (lines 1-13).
Stone-Sawing Machine
Patent for new and unique improvements to stone-sawing machines.
Padded Hat.
Patent for a new and improved padded hat. This design "is to provide a pad which can be quickly applied and when applied will remain in place, and by means of which a hat that is a trifle too large can readily be made to fit. . . . Heretofore persons wearing hats of odd sizes, or after having their hair cut short, have been compelled to place paper, felt, or some other material in between the sweat-band and the body of the hat in order to make the hat fit. These pieces, not being secured, are constantly coming out and are a source of great annoyance" (lines 7-19).
Spring Hinge.
Patent for a new and improved spring-hinge. This design consists in "[t]he combination of a hinge having one of its leaves provided with a casing and the other provided with curved projections, the spring arranged in the casing, and the rod engaging said spring and having the curved portion provided with trunnions engaging the said projections" (lines 65-71).
Dental Drill Attachment.
Patent for a new and improved dental-drill attachment. This design consists in "the combination, with the upper pulley and the supporting pully-frame of a drill, of a rod having hinged to its upper end the clip, having the set-screw, and having at its lower end the frame, having the wheel and the side-spools journaled within it" (lines 25-31).
Patent for a new and improved valve. This design consists in "[t]he improved valve comprising the casing, having a horizontal passage reduced at its central point . . . and a vertical bore intersecting said reduced portion above the point of intersection to its lower end and being screw-threaded its entire length, a stem having a tapered lower portion, the entire stem being screw-threaded to engage the threads in the bore, and a plug removably inserted in the lower end of the bore" (lines 1-11).
Patent for "a new and improved machine of this character embodying continuous power mechanism, whereby the plunger is automatically operated. . .the employment, in connection with the press, of a plunger provided with a spring-actuated face, whereby the plunger is caused to rebound after each stroke for the purpose herein specified. . .to provide tension mechanism whereby both sides of the baling-chamber are tightened or released by a single adjustment" (13-26).
Combined Cotton, Corn, And Sorghum Planter
Patent for improvements to a previously made patent serial no. 287,764: the improvements would include adjustable feed disks, simple and adjustable means of regulating the feed of the seed, bracing rods for the drill, and improvements in construction of the frame and hopper.
Patent for "a press of this character by means of which a direct stroke will be given to the plunger, the latter permitted to rebound by the recoil of the hay, and the hay properly held in position" (lines 8-12).
Scarf Protector.
Patent for a new and improved scarf protector. This design "is to provide an improved device for protecting the upper exposed edge of a necktie or scarf from wear . . . in such a manner that said securing [device is] concealed from view. With these ends in view the first part of [the] invention consists in an extensible protector, U-shaped in cross-section, to fit closely over the upper edge of the scarf and consisting of two members or sections, which are connected at the rear thereof by a pin-and-slot connection to adapt them to be extended longitudinally with respect to each other" (lines 17-33).
Hay Press.
Patent for a new and improved baling-press. This design is "compris[ed of] the parallel beams, the standards erected on said beams near the centers thereof, the transverse bars connecting the standards in pairs, the longitudinal bearing-bar secured to and between the said transverse bars, the king-bolt journaled in said bearing-bars, the sweep secured to the upper end of the king-bolt, the drive-wheel secured to the lower end of the king-bolt and having a single depending crank-pin, the press-boxes at the ends of the beams, the plungers in said press-boxes, and the pitmen" (lines 86-98).
Patent for improvements in the construction and design of motors.
Combined Corn and Cotton Planter
Patent for an improvement in the construction and design of combined cotton and corn planters.
Patent for use the liquid preparation is applied to the head once a day why the scalp is thoroughly irrigated, and the after once or twice a week. By its use the hair will be prevented from falling out as often occurs after fevers, and when the foilices are not dead a new growth of hair will be formed on bald heads.[20]
Water Cooler.
Patent for a new and improved water cooler. This design consists in "the combination, with an outer casing, a central ice-receptacle having a perforated bottom, a water reservoir surrounding the ice-receptacle, provided with a packing of filtering material in the bottom, of an auxiliary reserve held beneath the ice-receptacle and main reservoir and connected with the latter by a series of tubes, and a tank in the bottom of the casing surrounding said auxiliary reserve adapted to receive the drip from the ice" (lines 85-95).
Patent for a simplified washing machine by constructing it with "double bottoms and sides, and in providing the said machines with means by which the washing-liquid is made to flow upward between the said sides and downward upon the article or articles to be washed; and it also consists in providing suitable means whereby said articles or articles may be drained" (lines 14-20).
Patent for improvements in the construction and design of cotton-choppers.
Cotton or Hay Press.
Patent for a new and improved baling-press. This design consists in "[a] duplex cotton or other press comprising connected pressing-boxes, each having a loose lower platen and platen-supports on its sides, devices . . . for raising said lower platens, a truck for supporting said boxes, traveling wheels or rollers journaled to said truck and having bevel or V-shaped treads or peripheries, a track mounted upon suitable supports and having a V-shaped or recessed top face to receive and guide said wheels or rollers during the reciprocatory movements of said truck and the thereto-connected boxes" (lines 15-27).
Wash Board.
Patent for a new and improved washboard. This design consists in "a suitable base-frame, a series of alternately right and left handed spirally-grooved rollers journaled therein, an inclined forked frame straddling and pivoted to the base-frame, a lever for securing the adjustment of said forked frame on its axis, a rubber, and rocking spring-arms journaled in said forked frame and connecting the same and the rubber" (lines 92-100).
Cotton Packer.
Patent for a new and improved cotton packer. This design consists in "the combination of a reciprocating plunger having an upright frame formed with a cross-piece at its top, a drum having means for revolving it in opposite directions, a chain attached to the plunger and to the drum winding upon the same, a spring secured at its middle to the cross-piece of the plunger-frame, and chains secured to the ends of the spring and to the drum winding upon the same in opposite direction to the chain from the plunger" (lines 93-103).
Combined Ring and Buckle.
Patent for a new and improved combined ring and buckle. This design is "to provide a device particularly for use in halters, whereby the manufacture of the latter may be accomplished without so much sewing or riveting of the parts together as is required where the ordinary halter-ring is used. [It] is capable of application to purposes other than harnesses" (lines 9-16).
Weight Motor.
Patent for a new and improved weight-motor. This design consists in "the drum having the ratchet-wheel, the gear-wheel having the pawl engaging the ratchet-wheel, the lever extending from the track and adapted to be operated by the wheels of a passing train, the push-rod attached to the said lever and adapted to engage the ratchet-wheel to rotate the latter, the rope attached to the drum and having the weights, the trip-lever to move the push-rod out of engagement with the ratchet-wheel, and the rod attached to the said trip-lever and having an arm extending in the path of the weight" (lines 48-59).
Cotton Chopper.
Patent for a new and improved cotton chopper. This design consists in "wheels, axles, shafts, and plow-beams of a cultivator, of the bar pivoted to the plow-beams, the lever-handle pivoted to the bar, the hoe on the lower end of the lever handle, the [other] shaft, the cam on said shaft, the jointed lever having its forward end forked and its rear end slotted, the gear wheels, the clutch, the [other] lever, and the catch" (lines 66-74).
Cotton Packer.
Patent for a new and improved cotton-packer. This design consists "[i]n a press, the combination of a press-operating shaft having a wheel upon its outer end provided with parallel concentric flanges upon its face, a shaft having connection to the driving-power, and having a friction-pulley upon its inner end" (lines 99-104). It further consists in "a bearing for the inner end of the shaft having two longitudinal slots sliding upon bolts, a lever having its end pivoted to the sliding bearing for shifting it, and a brake bearing with its shoe against the wheel" (lines 1-5).
Patent for a new and improved buckle. This design is "to provide a device to be applied upon the rump of the animal for the purpose of attachment of the back-strap, the trace-bearers or breeching-straps, and the crupper-strap without sewing. [The] device comprises, essentially, a frame carrying a buckle for the attachment of the back-strap and one for the attachment of the crupper, and a loop for retaining the trace or breeching carrying straps or hip-straps" (lines 9-18).
Combined Buckle and Trace or Breeching Loop
Patent for a "device whereby, in a harness, the back-band and belly-band may readily be connected to a trace-buckle, or a breeching-loop or 'trace-square'" (lines 10-13) without sewing the buckle into other harness pieces.
Gag Runner.
Patent for a new and improved gag runner. This design "relates to a bearing device on a bridle for the reins; and it is [the design's] object to afford such a device, the construction of which shall permit its adjustment in position in the bridle without sewing it to the throat-latch" (lines 8-12).
Harness Saddle.
Patent for a new and improved harness-saddle. This design is "to provide a harness-pad and saddle-tree in which the pads or saddle shall be self-adjustable to the backs of the animals to which they are applied, and this without the employment of inner plates to enable the tree to be used for folded-leather, slip, or stuffed pads, as may be desired" (lines 9-15).
Patent for a new and improved cultivator. This design "is to provide a device to enable the shovels of the cultivator to yield when they strike an immovable object—such as a stone or stump—and thereby prevent the cultivator-shovels from being broken, and more especially in time-saving in readjusting the shovel for plowing" (lines 14-20).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "[t]he combination of a draw-head, the laterally-movable pin-retaining arms supported therein, and a pivoted wing normally held in the path of an approaching link, and arranged to distend the arms to drop the pin when acted on by the links" (lines 30-35).
Manufacture of Oil Cake.
Patent for a new and improved process for manufacturing oil-cake. This design "involves but a very slight change in the process ordinarily practiced in the manufacture of oil-cake by compressing it to remove the oil and form the residue into a compact shapely mass; and it consists in providing a paper envelope in which to press the seed, instead of the cloth envelope or bag commonly provided for the purpose, whereby [the design] obtain[s] greatly improved results in the manufacture, and a new article of manufacture possessing improved qualities" (lines 9-18).
Seed Planter.
Patent for a new and improved planter. This design "consists in the detailed construction . . . by which the operator is enabled to see each seed in its passage from the planting-wheel to the ground, and so can guard against the disadvantage of some of the rows being only half planted, from the seed-spout getting stopped up, or from the planter-wheel failing to act properly, and in other improvements" (lines 13-21).
Device for Packing Cotton.
Patent for an improvement in devices for packing and compressing cotton in press-boxes. This patent is an improvement on the inventor's previous Letters Patent of the United States granted June 26, 1883, No. 280,333.
Ribbon and Braid Holder.
Patent for a new and improved ribbon and braid holder. This design "consist[s] of [a] V-shaped wire having the cross-piece and the pin, having eyes at its ends, through which eyes the shanks of the V-shaped wire pass freely . . . [and] [t]he combination, with the roll, having the central aperture" (lines 55-61).
Door Check.
Patent for a new and improved door check. This design "consists in a disk pivoted on a plate and provided with a notch for receiving the corner of the door, and with a series of teeth with which a pawl engages for locking the disk in place after it has been adjusted" (lines 11-15).
Patent for an improved baling press for hay, cotton, and similar materials granted to Charles M. Stone.
Churn Power.
Patent for a new and improved churn-power. This design "consists in the combination, with a vertically-moveable carriage provided with a drum, of a rope wound on the same, and having its upper end secured, from which drum a wheel on the carriage is operated by suitable gearing, the said wheel being connected with the dasher-staff. When the carriage descends under the action of its own weight and of the weight of the parts on it, the drum is revolved and the dasher rod or staff operated" (lines 11-21).
Device for Packing Cotton
Patent for device used to compress and pack cotton into a press box.
Boring and Tenoning Machine.
Patent for a new and improved combined hollow auger attachment and felly-boring machine. This design "relates to an improved felly-boring machine which is adapted with slight adjustment to co-operate with a hollow auger for forming the tenons on the spokes. [The] invention consists in the construction of the frame, the clamp for securing it to the spokes or felly-supports, and in the means for holding and adjusting the auger" (lines 14-21).
Patent for an improvement to a churning by allowing a churn to be attached to a sewing machine. The churn and sewing machine could then be used separately or at the same time.
Baling Press.
Patent for a new and improved baling press. This design "consists in the combination, with the follower, the right-and-left-screw, and nuts, of the hinged levers and the bars swiveled thereto; also, in the combination . . . of the slotted bars, the hinged socket, and the swiveled arms; also, in the combination, with the nuts having shoulders and the hinged levers having forked up ends, of the anti-friction rollers journaled in recesses in the said nuts; also . . . of the curved and flattened swiveled arms, whereby the lower ends of the said follower-bars can have a lateral movement" (lines 23-38).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "consists, [primarily], of certain devices whereby the coupling-pin raised in the draw-head is supported until the draw-heads strike each other in coupling, when the coupling-pin falls by gravity" (lines 17-21).
Lamp or Lantern.
Patent for a new and improved oil lamp. This design calls for transparent material (e.g., glass) to be installed on the top of the oil chamber, so one can better predict the fullness, which prevents overflowing. Additionally, a second opening to the side of the main opening allows the oil chamber to be safely refilled while already lit.
Boring Machine.
Patent for a new and improved boring machine. This design "consists in the construction and novel arrangement of a circularly-adjustable rod carrying a pressure screw, an adjustable arm arranged on said rod and having its end or head concave on its underside and provided with bearing indentations or punctures, and a brace having a bearing end corresponding in form to said bearing indentations or punctures" (lines 16-24).
Patent for a device related to "velocipedes or wagons propelled by hand-power" (lines 20-21), including instructions and illustrations.