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Cotton Cleaner and Feeder
Patent for an invention to feed cotton into a cleaner. Illustrations included.
Baling Press
Patent for a bailing press. Illustrations included.
Baling Press
Patent for a baling press. This invention provides a lever and connection to move the plunger to the sliding fulcrum. Illustration included.
Patent for vehicle running-gear, catered toward machinery that has fifth-wheel reach beams. Designed for smoother vehicle functioning.
Clothes Pin
Patent for metallic clothes pins. Illustration included.
Hoe Attachment
Patent for a blade attachment to a hoe. Illustration included.
Patent for a calendar. This invention relates to a form of calendar known as "perpetual" calendars. Illustration included.
Patent for a new garment-supporter, designed "to provide a simple, inexpensive, and efficient device adapted to support the hose and lower garments from the shoulders and capable of permitting perfect freedom of movement of every part of the body without chafing the same" (lines 12-17), which includes illustrations and instructions.
Clothes Pin
Patent for clothes pin. Illustration included.
Embroidering Attachment For Sewing Machines
Patent for an emboidering attachment for sewing machines. Illustration included.
Cultivator Attachment
Patent for a cultivator attachment. Illustration included.
Agricultural Implement
Patent for an agricultural implement. This invention is a "novel construction of standard and plow-point, cultivator shovel, rake-tooth, or like implement" (lines 11-14). Illustrations included.
Insect Collecting and Destroying Machine
Patent for insect collecting and destroying machine. This invention uses brushes that mechanically collects boll weevils off of cotton. Illustration included.
Patent for a wheel which joins the spokes to a metal sleeve surrounding the hub of the wheel.
Patent for a multi-purpose tool to open barrels and similar closed items, to remove staples and nails in construction, including illustrations.
Baling Press
Patent for Baling Press
Oil Burner
Patent for an oil burner. Invention relates for the use with fireboxes of domestic ranges and stoves.
Patent for cotton-choppers in which it can be converted into cultivators; the height and sweep of the rotary chopper can be adjusted. The depth of penetration of the cultivator-shovels can also be adjusted independently without affecting other part of the machine. Illustration is included.
Baling - Press.
Patent for a baling press, “an improvement in that class of automatic presses adapted for baling hay, cotton, excelsior and similar materials.” (lines 8-10) including illustrations.
Can Opener
Patent for can-opener which uses a fulcrum point that pierces the center of the can's lid and a circular blade to cut an opening around the circumference.
Patent for "...a Bailing-Press for Making Cylindrical Bales of Cotton..." (lines 5-6) including illustrations.
Patent for an improvement in cotton-press to form cylindrical cotton bales, including illustrations.
Wheel Cultivator and Planter Attachment Therefor.
Patent for an improved wheel cultivator, which includes a planter attachment, a hopper, a seed-dropping and fertilizer distributing mechanism, and covering plows.
Hydrocarbon-Burner for Stoves or Furnaces
Patent for invention that relates to improvements in hydrocarbon-burner for stoves or furnaces or the like, the same being more especially intended for the consumption of crude oils... Among other things the invention has for its object the provision of an improved burner in which the liquid is vaporized within a confined space by causing it to splash upon a suitable obstacle and against the inner surface of a heated air-tube; to heat the air as it passes to the burner and to commingle the vapor and heated air so as to obtain an economical and combustible mixture (Greene, 1902).
Patent for improvement to cylindrical baling-press for packing cotton, cotton-seed hulls, bran and similar objects into cylindrical bales, including illustrations.
Harvester Attachment.
Patent for an attachment that cleans and scrapes the drive wheels of mowing machines and harvesters, to keep them free of accumulated mud and running smoothly.
Curtain-Hanging Apparatus.
Patent for an apparatus to hang curtains in pairs, designed in a way so that the curtains "may be simultaneously moved in opposite directions to open and close the same" and "to provide improved means for adjustably connecting each curtain to the supporting-pole, and also to provide improved means for hanging the pole" (lines 13-19), including illustrations.
Patent for an improved version of a cotton press that forms cylindrical bales.
Patent for invention to "improve the construction of elevating-trucks and to provide a simple and comparatively inexpensive apparatus adapted to be readily moved from one place to another and capable of enabling bales, boxes and the like to be readily lifted from the ground or other supporting-surface and raised to a convenient position for loading such freight upon a wagon or other conveyance" (p. 1, lines 10-18).
Air-Brake Mechanism.
Patent for "a new and useful air-brake mechanisms in relation to a pressure controller and distributer designed to perform the several independent and joint functions of a triple valve, a pressure-retaining valve, and a pressure relief or reducing valve."
Tongue Bar Adjusting Mechanism.
Patent for "a new and useful tongue-bar-adjusting mechanism for piano" (line 2) including instructions and illustrations.
Mailless Horseshoe.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in horseshoes, including instructions and illustrations.
Buggy-Top Attachment.
Patent for a new and useful buggy top attachment, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful thill coupling, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful clamp, including instructions and illustrations.
Planter Attachment for Wheel-Cultivators.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in planter attachments for wheel cultivators, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in fireplaces, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful caster to be "applied to light and heavy furniture" (line 13-14).
Land Bedder And Cultivator.
Patent for a new and useful land bedder and cultivator, including instructions and illustrations.
Cotton-Seed Separator.
Patent for a new and useful cotton seed separator, including instructions and illustrations.
Plano Attachment.
Patent for a new and useful piano attachment for "facilitating the adjustment of the means employed for producing said tones and for locking said means in operative position" (line 11 - 14).
Plano Attachment.
Patent for a new and useful piano attachment.
Clothing - Boiler
Patent for a new and improved clothing-boiler. This design is to "provide a device of this character in which there is practically no danger of the water or suds-boiling over to the exterior" (line 8 - 11).
Patent for knee pads that are "simple, inexpensive, and durable, and which is so constructed as to hold the knee of the user in an elevated position above the ground or other surface upon which the pad may be placed, thereby preventing the knee contacting with the ground or other surface and causing injury to the knee (lines 10-17).
Design patent for Sprayer Attachment for Washing Machines.
Design patent for a sprayer attachment for washing machines. Leading feature of the design is a conical base-plate that has a circular spout projection at its apex.
Patent for a new and useful cotton chopper. The invention "relates to cotton-choppers, and has for its object to provide a simple and efficient device of this class whereby grass, weeds, and the like may be removed from the spaces between stands of cotton, corn, and similar vegetation" (line 8 - 13).
Patent for improvements in beehives: "invention is to improve the construction of beehives and to provide a simple and efficient one, which will permit food to be readily supplied to the bees when desired and enable the apiarian to have him to cut bee entrances to the same." (lines 9-15).
Patent for "an automatic clothes washer and soaper whereby the clothes are soaped and cleansed by one and the same operation." (Lines 18-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Tongue-Bar-Supporting Clamp.
Patent for a clamp that holds the hammers in a piano. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improved turning plow. Includes instructions and illustrations.