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Cotton Cleaner And Gin Feeder
Patent for a cotton cleaner and gin feeder. This invention is designed to clean cotton of impurities and then feed the cotton into the gin. Illustration included.
Mode of and Means for Baling Fibrous Materials.
Patent for a mode of and means for baling fibrous materials, especially materials that can be made into a lap or web. The invention doesn't have the issues that other balers have and uses a core, supported by the base, to wind the material around. The bale it forms is square so it can be easily shipped and the risk of fire is decreased. Caps for the bale are secured before the bale leaves the compress.
Seed-Cotton Receiver
Patent for seed cotton receivers so that each gin receives a specific amount of cotton, allowing it to self-regulate.
Hay Press.
Patent for a new and improved baling-press. This design is "compris[ed of] the parallel beams, the standards erected on said beams near the centers thereof, the transverse bars connecting the standards in pairs, the longitudinal bearing-bar secured to and between the said transverse bars, the king-bolt journaled in said bearing-bars, the sweep secured to the upper end of the king-bolt, the drive-wheel secured to the lower end of the king-bolt and having a single depending crank-pin, the press-boxes at the ends of the beams, the plungers in said press-boxes, and the pitmen" (lines 86-98).