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Plow-Point Mount
Patent for a plow point mount. Illustrations included.
Means for Automatically Closing Electric Circuits
Patent for a means for automatically closing electric circuits, specifically for railway systems. Illustrations included.
Window-blind and awning
Patent for a pair of swinging window blinds.
Patent for a refrigerator that cools dairy and other food products by evaporating water. The cooler is a chest with water in it and containers with absorbent material around the bottom of the containers that sits in the water. The outer chest is metal, and a container sits underneath to catch drips.
Patent for "a new and improved machine of this character embodying continuous power mechanism, whereby the plunger is automatically operated. . .the employment, in connection with the press, of a plunger provided with a spring-actuated face, whereby the plunger is caused to rebound after each stroke for the purpose herein specified. . .to provide tension mechanism whereby both sides of the baling-chamber are tightened or released by a single adjustment" (13-26).
Gag Runner.
Patent for a new and improved gag runner. This design "relates to a bearing device on a bridle for the reins; and it is [the design's] object to afford such a device, the construction of which shall permit its adjustment in position in the bridle without sewing it to the throat-latch" (lines 8-12).
Harness Saddle.
Patent for a new and improved harness-saddle. This design is "to provide a harness-pad and saddle-tree in which the pads or saddle shall be self-adjustable to the backs of the animals to which they are applied, and this without the employment of inner plates to enable the tree to be used for folded-leather, slip, or stuffed pads, as may be desired" (lines 9-15).