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Clothes Pin
Patent for metallic clothes pins. Illustration included.
Patent for cotton-choppers in which it can be converted into cultivators; the height and sweep of the rotary chopper can be adjusted. The depth of penetration of the cultivator-shovels can also be adjusted independently without affecting other part of the machine. Illustration is included.
Patent for improvement to cylindrical baling-press for packing cotton, cotton-seed hulls, bran and similar objects into cylindrical bales, including illustrations.
Harvester Attachment.
Patent for an attachment that cleans and scrapes the drive wheels of mowing machines and harvesters, to keep them free of accumulated mud and running smoothly.
Tongue-Bar-Supporting Clamp.
Patent for a clamp that holds the hammers in a piano. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Washing Machine.
Patent for a new and improved washing machine. This design consists in "the combination, with a receptacle having a flange on one end, of a pump, a collar surrounding the said pump and carrying claws which engage and a cam which bears upon the said flange, a perforated tray resting upon the bottom of the receptacle, and perforated pipes connected with the said pump, the said pump and pipes being contained in the said receptacle" (lines 4-12).
Patent for use the liquid preparation is applied to the head once a day why the scalp is thoroughly irrigated, and the after once or twice a week. By its use the hair will be prevented from falling out as often occurs after fevers, and when the foilices are not dead a new growth of hair will be formed on bald heads.[20]
Boring and Tenoning Machine.
Patent for a new and improved combined hollow auger attachment and felly-boring machine. This design "relates to an improved felly-boring machine which is adapted with slight adjustment to co-operate with a hollow auger for forming the tenons on the spokes. [The] invention consists in the construction of the frame, the clamp for securing it to the spokes or felly-supports, and in the means for holding and adjusting the auger" (lines 14-21).
Improvement in Combined Plows, Planters, and Cultivators.
Patent for a new improvement in combined plows, planters, and cultivators, including illustration.