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Belt Attachment for Trousers.
Patent for a new invention of belt loops for trousers that are located inside the waistband with "the loop in the middle of the back being located lower than the others, and a belt confined entirely within the trousers and secured to the trousers at the front only and at a point lower than the adjacent loops." (lines 71-77).
Patent for a draft equalizer for vehicles drawn by three horses. Illustrations included.
Patent for a multi-purpose tool to open barrels and similar closed items, to remove staples and nails in construction, including illustrations.
Patent for invention to "improve the construction of elevating-trucks and to provide a simple and comparatively inexpensive apparatus adapted to be readily moved from one place to another and capable of enabling bales, boxes and the like to be readily lifted from the ground or other supporting-surface and raised to a convenient position for loading such freight upon a wagon or other conveyance" (p. 1, lines 10-18).
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in fireplaces, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful caster to be "applied to light and heavy furniture" (line 13-14).
Harvester-Platform and Carrier.
Patent for a harvester-platform and carrier that carries forward and elevates the grain. It has toothed bars, a framed, a crank-shaft that is connected to the toothed bars, a cross-rod loosely connected to the crank-shaft, and it is pivotally mounted on grain.
Patent for a refrigerator that cools dairy and other food products by evaporating water. The cooler is a chest with water in it and containers with absorbent material around the bottom of the containers that sits in the water. The outer chest is metal, and a container sits underneath to catch drips.
Patent for improvements in car-couplings by enhancing a device called pin-lifter to couple and uncouple rail cars. Illustration is included.
Patent for a new and improved cultivator. This design consists in "[t]he combination . . . of the main frame and plow or plows, curved plate slotted and perforated . . . and rigidly secured to said frame, a horizontal lever passing through the slot of the same and pivoted to the main frame, a spring-bolt and operating devices, a vertical bar pivotally suspended from said lever, and a carrying-wheel having one of its spindles bearing in the lower end of the bar, together with a depending bar secured rigidly to the frame and having a pivotal depending link" (lines 1-12).
Stone-Sawing Machine
Patent for new and unique improvements to stone-sawing machines.
Improvement in Running-Gears for Wagons
Patent for an improvement on running-gears for wagons.