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Patent for a journal box for railroad cars with an improved bearing and lubricating system.
Cotton Cleaner and Feeder
Patent for an invention to feed cotton into a cleaner. Illustrations included.
Baling Press
Patent for a bailing press. Illustrations included.
Baling Press
Patent for a baling press. This invention provides a lever and connection to move the plunger to the sliding fulcrum. Illustration included.
Hoe Attachment
Patent for a blade attachment to a hoe. Illustration included.
Patent for a calendar. This invention relates to a form of calendar known as "perpetual" calendars. Illustration included.
Baling - Press.
Patent for a baling press, “an improvement in that class of automatic presses adapted for baling hay, cotton, excelsior and similar materials.” (lines 8-10) including illustrations.
Patent for an improved version of a cotton press that forms cylindrical bales.
Patent for improvements in beehives: "invention is to improve the construction of beehives and to provide a simple and efficient one, which will permit food to be readily supplied to the bees when desired and enable the apiarian to have him to cut bee entrances to the same." (lines 9-15).
Patent for improvements in pumps especially adapted for deep wells by using different approaches to construct and arrange the strainer, the working barrel, the conical valve seat and other parts to pump the water upward. Illustration is included.
Band Cutter and Feeder.
Patent for an improvement of band-cutters, involving cutting bands and spreading grain in regulated quantities and intervals. Includes illustration.
Quilting-Frame for Sewing-Machines.
Patent for improving the quilting devices and attachments related to sewing-machines.
Patent for new and improved construction of the class of machine baling press.
Patent for a new and improved gate. This design consists in "a central post, the latch-posts arranged at equal distances on opposite sides of the central post and provided with suitable catches, the latches pivoted at their inner ends to the center post and adapted to engage the said catches, the operating-bar affixed at its center to the upper end of the center post and at right angles to the gate, the loop connected at its free ends, respectively, to the latches, and the operating-cords running over guide-pulleys . . . and connected at their ends to the closed upper end of the loop" (lines 1-13).
Patent for improvements in the construction and design of motors.
Cotton Chopper.
Patent for a new and improved cotton chopper. This design consists in "wheels, axles, shafts, and plow-beams of a cultivator, of the bar pivoted to the plow-beams, the lever-handle pivoted to the bar, the hoe on the lower end of the lever handle, the [other] shaft, the cam on said shaft, the jointed lever having its forward end forked and its rear end slotted, the gear wheels, the clutch, the [other] lever, and the catch" (lines 66-74).
Patent for a new and improved earth auger. This design calls for "a hinged door having its edge folded or bent to form an air-tube . . . [and] a pair of hemi-cylindrical doors having on one or both an air duct or ducts," as well as interchangeable bits with a shouldered and threaded shank and a nut combined and arranged in a novel way (paras. 12-15).