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Patent for a photograph holder made from one piece of wire twisted into hooks for the edge of the photo to be put into, with a bar to support the back of the photo in an upright position.
Pin for Engravers' Blocks.
Patent for a pin for engravers' blocks for holding items to be engraved on the block. It has grooves of various widths on the sides to fit different size objects.
Cultivator Foot
Patent for a cultivator foot. Illustration included.
Patent for a rail joint designed to simplify and improve the construction of railroads. Illustrations included.
Patent for a knife used for cutting grass and shrubbery. Illustrations included.
Patent for a vegetable cutter that cuts cleanly, rapidly, and with force.
Patent for a churn dasher that will fit in any size churn and is simple and economical to produce.
Patent for a simple foot tub that has a cover with openings for the feet and curved backing as a foot rest to allow the use of the tub while lying down such as in the case of an invalid. The tub also includes a spout for filling the tub that closes to keep heat and steam inside the tub.
Patent for a toboggan slide for use in amusement parks that is easily taken up and down and includes guard rails and ant-friction devices to help guide the toboggan down the slide. It also provides a method of easily moving toboggans from one slide to another.
Cotton Cleaner And Gin Feeder
Patent for a cotton cleaner and gin feeder. This invention is designed to clean cotton of impurities and then feed the cotton into the gin. Illustration included.
Gin Feeder
Patent for a gin feeder. This invention is designed with an automatic stop mechanism to terminate the feeding mechanism whenever the gin becomes choked. Illustration included.
Patent for a bed. This invention is designed for invalids that also provides a bed pan. Illustration included.