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Belt Attachment for Trousers.
Patent for a new invention of belt loops for trousers that are located inside the waistband with "the loop in the middle of the back being located lower than the others, and a belt confined entirely within the trousers and secured to the trousers at the front only and at a point lower than the adjacent loops." (lines 71-77).
Track-Oiling Device
Patent for a track oiling device that is operated by a train car. Illustrations included.
Attachment for Cultivators &c
Patent for a stalk cutter attachment for cultivators.
Machine for Picking and Cleaning Cotton.
Patent for a new machine for picking and cleaning cotton with all its specifications.
Automatic Mail-Bag Catcher and Deliverer
Patent for an automatic mailbag catcher and deliverer. Illustrations included.
Patent for a draft equalizer for vehicles drawn by three horses. Illustrations included.
Powder-Dividing Machine
Patent for a machine used primarily by pharmacists to divide medicinal powders. Illustrations included.
Electric Foot-Warmer
Patent for a device that uses electricity to provide warmth to a person's feet as well as any other parts of the body. It may be used in and out of a bed, and it may be used as "a light reflector for treating certain diseases by strong rays of light concentrated and applied directly to the body" (lines 17-20).
Ariel Navigation
Patent for an airplane which will maintain its balance in the air and can be easily maneuvered up and down and around in the air.
Plow-Point Mount
Patent for a plow point mount. Illustrations included.
Machine for Filling Brushes
Patent for a machine designed to fill brushes with bristles. Illustrations included.
Patent for improvements in hot air bath cabinets in which it can employ for a foot or body bath, and be able to control or regulate the hot air current. (Lines 14-18) Illustration is included.
Patent for a work holder designed to hold structures such as doors, windows, and shutters while in construction. Illustrations included.
Patent for a dirigible airship. Illustrations included.
Locking Device for Lubricating-Cups.
Patent for a locking device for lubricating cups that prevents the plug from coming out of the cup.
Air-Brake System
Patent for an air brake system for trains which does not require waiting between uses for the brakes to recharge with air.
Patent for an engine valve for air brake systems on trains, which governs the pressure of air released and keeps it steady.
Patent for a concrete railroad tie reinforced with steel. Illustrations included.
Cotton Stalk Cutter
Patent for a cotton stalk cutter. This invention is designed for cutting cotton stalks while mounted on an axle, consisting a frame whereby the cutter could be adjusted.