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Patent for new and improved shipping case to store and transport oysters so that they may be surrounded by ice in travel and not be subjected to a great amount of pressure or damaged during transit.
Boll Weevil Exterminator
Patent for a boll weevil exterminator. This invention is designed to remove boll weevils from cotton plants and crushing them between rollers. Illustration included.
Patent for a new and improved lock which includes "certain novel constructions, combinations, and arrangement of parts" (lines 11-13) as well as illustrations and instructions.
Patent for a gate that is "a structure hanging and sliding by means of rollers on an inclined cross-bar, and so connected by ropes and pulleys to stationary posts that a person approaching it on horseback or in a vehicle may easily open the gate (without dismounting) by pulling the rope, and on releasing the rope the gate will close automatically" (lines 12-19), illustration is included.
Improvement in Piano-Forte Actions.
Patent for a new piano forte design which "consists in certain novel details of construction, arrangement, and combination of the key-lever and its fulcrum and rest, a receiving-lever, a transmitting-eccentric, a secondary hammer, a principal hammer and its rest, and a damper-action and its connections, whereby greater simplicity and efficiency are obtained" (lines 10-17) including illustrations.
Improvement in Piano-Forte Actions.
Patent for a new piano-forte action made of sheet-metal, including illustrations.
Arrangement for Supplying Air to the Furnaces of Stem-Boilers from the Wheel-Houses of Steamers.
Patent for the "improvement in supplying air to furnaces on steamers" (lines 5-6), including illustration.
Improvement in Sewing-Machines.
Patent for improvement in sewing-machines by using two cams, one to operate the needle-arm and another to operate the feed and shuttle movements, illustration is included.
Improvement in Cultivators.
Patent for a triangle shaped cultivator with removable mold-boards that can be used as a plow and scraper, including illustration.