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Design for a Stirrup.
Design for a stirrup has an approximate U-shape with upright side arms.
Patent for a saw-set, in particular a cross cut saw, that provides a method to manually operate the saw without use of a hammer or any other tool. Also allows the saw to be adjusted to fit different blade thicknesses.
Stabilizer for Flying-Machines.
Patent for Stabilizer for Flying Machines. "The object of the invention being to provide simple and effective means upon the lateral margins of a main plane or supporting surface operating automatically upon the lateral oscillation of the machine in either direction to restore it to a horizontal or balanced position" (lines: 9 -16).
Loose-Leaf Binder
Patent for new loose leaf binder to help carry leaf support and means for separating the members and displacing one longitudinally relation with the other.
Pad for Lower Limbs
Patent for a new single pad for the lower limbs, particularly of "feminine theatrical performers" (lines 12-13). Unlike previous pads which represented single muscles, the new pad contains all the muscles required for a lower limb in one, so that the muscles will not slip around when the performer is dancing.
Automobile Projectile.
Patent for self-propelled vehicle with means for reducing a barrier such as a wire entanglement.
Patent for a horse collar that maximizes strength and minimizes material by addition of a joint.
Disinfecting Apparatus
Patent for an improved bottle for the purposes of carefully applying disinfecting fluid. The patent describes and illustrates a bottle that can be sold as-is, with an apparatus that releases the liquid drop by drop to prevent waste.
Resilient Filler for Elastic Rubber Vehicle Tires
Patent for filler material to support the exterior casing of rubber tires for vehicles. The patent illustrates and describes filler material to enhance an improved rubber tire of efficient and superior quality to previous vehicle tires.
Patent for a new and useful Grave-Marker. The body of the improved grave marker or cradle is elongated or somewhat elliptical in contour, and its central portion is open, in order that the grave marker or cradle may surround a grave.
Method of Raising Fluids from Artesian Wells
Patent for a method of using compressed air to retrieve contents of bored wells.
Patent for a pasteboard box with flexible binding that can be used for carrying suits.
Smoke Stack Protector
Patent for adjustable smoke stack protector that stays open when in use and covers the opening when not in order to protect from rain, wind, dirt to protect the stack from deteriorating.
Centrifugal Suction Fan
Patent for improvements made towards in suction fans that are found in cotton picking machines to improve efficiency. The primary improvements detailed in the patent describe and illustrate an improved design of the casing inside the fan to prevent damage to the cotton or the seed once they are sucked into the fan, among other design improvements.
Device for Manually Propelling a Body Through the Water.
Patent for a device that can be used by an individual while swimming to propel oneself through the water, or as an oar to propel a boat through the water.
Vehicle for Cotton-Pickers.
Patent for an improved cotton picking vehicle which incorporates seating and an adjustable awning.
Patent for "a counting machine, and it more particularly relates to an attachment for typewriters (lines 12-14).
Patent for a built-in organization system for kitchen cabinets, including illustrations.
Patent for stalk cutter that breaks the stalks close to the ground, featuring a lever that enables cutter height adjustments to facilitate the breaking of stalks. This stalk cutter has no cutting edges and will not dull over time.
Patent for a bottle cap with a removable strainer.
Patent for a machine that purifies cotton by removing the cotton from surrounding elements and distributing the cotton.
Patent for a fly catcher made up of strong wire that is able to hold fly paper in a funnel shape in order to trap flies. Includes instructions and an illustration.
Girth Connection for Saddletrees.
Patent for a device that connects attaching girth rings to saddletrees. It allows for girth rings to be quickly attached and provides swinging movement.
Patent for a mop that by creates an attachment device and adds a piece to cushion the edge of the mop head. Illustrations included.
Photographic-Printing Machine.
Patent for photographic printing machine with improvements specifically for souvenir photo cards.
Cultivator Attachment
Patent for adding spring teeth with adjustable parallel bar attachments to agricultural cultivators. Illustrations included.
Brick-Mason's Steel Trig.
Patent for brick mason's steel trig that is designed to hold a straight, horizontal line at the top of a brick wall.
Cotton-Chopper Machine.
Patent for for the creation of a mechanism for the cotton chopper machine. The " provision of a cotton chopper machines comprising a wheel supported frame on which is arranged a particular form of revolving and reciprocating hoe mechanism." (lines 12-16)
Patent for Buglar-Alarm. Adding protection to building windows.
Patent for a wheel that uses tubes, springs, and cushions to absorb shock and creating a smoother ride for the passenger.
Patent for an automatic cotton packer that provides a new method to packing cotton. This mechanism can be controlled automatically or by hand. As the cotton leaves the gin, it is packed automatically.
Educational Device.
Patent for "improvements in combined desk and blackboard devices arranged in convenient shape for opening and closing and reversing in position" (lines 8-11); including instructions and illustrations.
Garment-Waist Adjuster.
Patent for a more easily constructed garment waist adjuster that manipulates the circumference of garments for a perfect fit to eliminate the need of a belt or suspenders, including illustrations.
Patent for improvements in bailing presses, for baling cotton and other materials and substances. Baling press have strong and durable organization devices and mechanisms for feeding and pressing cotton.
Combined Plow and Cultivator.
Patent for combined plow and cultivator "to provide a manually operated mechanism by which the front and rear plows may be simultaneously adjusted up or down, and held in any position of such adjustment" (lines 11-15).
Street-Indicator for Electric Cars.
Patent for improvements in street indicating device for electric cars by informing the driver which street is, as the car approaches the streets. The device can be mount within a car and once it is installed, it is completely automatic. Illustration is included.
Combined Filler and Packer for Baling Aparatus
Patent for improvements in apparatus to combined filler and packer for association with cotton press or baling and operations to receive lint cotton.
Process of and Apparatus for Progressive Electrostatic Separation of Comminuted Materials
Patent for a process of electro-static separation which is the improvement and consists in establishing three different types of electro-static fields upon a single conveying or electrical surface, shifting these fields across the line of normal movement.
Separating-Table and Process of Separation.
Patent for a separation table to separate and collect particles by size and mass. Used to remove impurities.
Sewer-Clean-Out Cover
Patent for specific improvements of sewer-clean-out covers that will "provide a cover for the clean out pipes of sewers, which cover will be securely held in place under ordinary circumstances and cannot be removed except by authorized parties carrying a certain form of key, adapted to release the fastening mechanism" (lines 10-16) including illustrations and instructions.
Patent for improvements in de-aerators such as "forcing the water into the tank and spraying the same against the cylinder to cause the air and gases to separate from the water, and means for causing a vacuum in the upper end of the tank from which a suction pipe extends to allow ready escape of the separated air and gases" (lines 27-33) including illustrations and instructions.
Patent for a peanut planter that dispenses a single peanut from the seed cans in to the feed wheel's cells.
Cotton-Saw Gummer
Patent for improvements to cotton saw gummers. The patented improvements include a cutter rather than a puncher in the gummer's design, as well as means for adjusting the cutter.
Patent for Trousers with Adjustable Waist
Combination-Lock and Circuit-Breaker.
Patent for a combination lock used to protect automobile circuit breakers from unauthorized use.
Combined Plow and Scraper
Patent for "a combined plow and scraper, which may be employed to alternately break or loosen a surface that is being graded or lowered, and to scrape the loosened material from said surface." (lines 14-18)
Patent for a new hame tug leather strap designed with metal loops and a buckle, including illustrations.
Street - Sweeping Machine.
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Street - Sweeping Machines" (lines 6-7), including instructions and illustrations.
Seed-Cotton-Hull Extractor.
Patent is for machine to remove the hull from seeded cotton. Machine uses air or suction drafts to hold cotton for extraction and remove waste.
Lens-Grinding Machine.
Patent for a lens grinding machine that polishes any kind of lens via the means of a reciprocating motion in both the grinding tool and the lens holder.