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Electrical Attachment for Movable Object
Patent for "a means to prevent the retarding of a movable element, such as shovel or disk plows, road rollers and rotatable and reciprocatory devices, when the said element is traveling through or upon an adhering earthy electrical conducting substance" (lines 7-12).
Patent for improvements in the construction and design of reed organs.
Design for a Music-Indicator
Patent for an "ornamental design for a music-indicator" (lines 11-12).
Patent for the invention of gate which can be opened inward and outward by certain features such as supporting brackets and a spirally grooved shaft that can rotate between brackets.
Trolley-Pole Head.
Patent for improvements in trolley-pole heads in which a good contact may established at all time between the wheel and the trolley-wire. Illustration is included.
Apparatus for Cooking by Superheated Steam.
Patent for improvements in apparatus for cooking by using superheated steam. “A boiler which is supported by a fire-box. An oven is mounted on the boiler and provide with a plurality of compartments and ventilators. A drip-pipe, and a pipe connected to the boiler and circulated through the fire-box and extended up to the oven, and provided with a plurality of valves for supplying the compartments of the oven with superheated steam.” (Page 2, line 25-34) Illustration is included.
Kitchen Cabinet
Patent for a kitchen cabinet.
Composition of Matter for Artificial Fuel.
Patent for artificial fuel by using coals called “lignite”, grinded it and add other ingredients to it. Formula, measurements and method of mixing is included. No illustration.
Method of Balancing Relays.
Patent for a new method for balancing relays to protect electrical circuits, an "electric-alarm circuit" (lines 13-14).
Combined Penholder And Eraser
Patent for a combined penholder and eraser. Illustration included.
Patent for an inkstand which draws the ink through a stopper (using capillary action) into a font. The stopper prevents "spilling of the ink in the movement or transportation of the inkstand."
Patent for a garment fastener which produces the appearance of a long waist.
Corn or Cotton Planter
Patent for improvements on corn or cotton planters, especially referring to patent no. 692,646. These improvements are meant to "Simplify the means of adjusting the position of the plows and seed-dropper, to improve the frame construction, and in general to simplify and improve the whole machine" (lines 16-19) Includes instructions and illustrations
Patent for an improved lifting jack, which "can be quickly placed beneath the axle of a vehicle and easily removed therefrom" (lines 14-16).
Acetylene-Gas Generator
Makes gas generators more automatic making them less dangerous and less likely to cause an explosion.
Acetylene-Gas Generator.
Patent for an improve to a Gas-Generator by controlling the liquid for decomposing the carbid in acetylene, by doing this the generation of gas is monitored and the waste of gas will not occur. This is an improvement to the Gas-Generator, this construct will have an automatic cut-off for the liquid-supply.
Water-heaters that can be more manufactured for a lower cost while heating water more quickly and work as a room heater for the bathroom.
Patent for a trolley-wheel mechanism for electric trolley cars connected to wires. The trolley-wheel is designed to allow a degree of movement while maintaining stability.
Patent for Printer's Quoin. "The invention relates to printers' lock-ups; and its object is to provide a new and improved printer's quoin..." (lines 8-10) and illustrations.
Patent for a vapor burner that improves upon existing vapor burners by using steam to heat oil and mix with vapor. This invention consists of novel features within the vapor burner's arrangement and construction.
Improvements in Metallic Railway Tie
Patent for improvements in metallic railway-ties. Invention designed to allow for cheap production of a adequate tie that can secure a road-bed.
Fan Blower
Patent for a fan blower. The invention is designed to provide the maximum amount of air at the minimum amount of power. Illustrations included.
Wire Fence
Patent for wire fence. Illustration included.
Temporary Binder
Patent for temporary binder. Illustration included.
Circuit Breaker For Storage Batteries
Patent for a circuit breaker for storage batteries. This invention is an improved upon device, specifically as it applies to breaking the main circuit of the battery when the voltage reaches a minimum limit. Illustration included.
Dental Handpiece
Patent for a dental handpiece. Illustrations included.
Check Book
Patent for a check book. This inventions improves upon removable covers for check books.
Patent for a vaporizer. This invention is for use in the medical field.
Process of Roasting Ores.
Patent for a process for roasting ores "wherein the ore is conveyed by an air-blast to and through a roasting-chamber" (lines 12-14), including illustrations.
Patent for a couch. This design is meant to be mouse proof. Illustrations included.
Coffee Urn
Patent for a coffee urn. Illustration included.
Apparatus For Handling Seed Cotton
Patent for an apparatus for handling seed cotton. Illustration included.
Anchor Post
Patent for an anchor post. This invention is designed to resist any lateral or longitudinal strain. Illustration included.
Patent for a device to keep a coat from sagging or becoming wrinkled as a "garment-stiffening device" [Lines 83-84].
Patent for Laundry Bag, This patent is about a unique form of laundry bag which can be used as a typical laundry bag while handing it to Laundry and can be then treated as a wrapper while returning it to customer.
Patent for an electrical alarm system based on a protected circuit that alarms at any tampering or interference.
Disk-Bearing for Disk Plows or Similar Implements.
Patent for improvement in disk-bearings for disk plows by using a secure substantial bearing, in which it will resist the side strain of cutting the ground, be capable of ready adjustment, and permit the utmost freedom of revolution. (Lines 13-18) Illustration is included.
Electrically-Operated Latch and Door
Patent for electrically operated latch and door " and particularly to a construction for primarily operating a latch to release the door, the movement of which latch establishes circuit through a door-opening mechanism.(lines 11-15)
Adjustable Brace for Doors or Gates and Cover for Same
Patent for an adjustable brace for doors or gates. It is designed to prevent sagging.
Patent for an oiler. This invention is designed to be attached to a broom for the distribution.
Patent for asuspenders-type undergarment supporter.
Trolley Wire Finder
Patent for a trolley wire finder. This invention to improvements in trolley-wire finders, and more particularly to its attachment to trolley-poles and trolley-harps as a means of assistance in guiding the trolley wheel has been shifted from or slipped off said trolley-wire and is of advantage as a means of saving time." (8-16). Illustration included.
Illusion Boat
Patent for an illusion boat. This "invention realtes to a carrier for amusement and pleasure , and more particularly to a carrier by which mock diving trips may be made, or trips which will have the appearance of the boat or carrier going down under water and traveling under the water" (line 6-11). Illustrations included.
Dry Ore Concentrator
Patent for a dry ore concentrator. Illustrations included.
Dry Ore-Concentrator.
Patent for a dry ore concentrator with illustrations included.
Ore-Conveying Surface for Electrical Separators.
Patent for “ore-conveying surface for electrical separators, and particularly to a structure adapted for use with static electricity.” (lines 11-14) including illustrations.
Patent for a new device, which is a rounded, weighted base placed in a doll that allows the doll to raise itself when turned over on any side without external assistance by lowering the doll's center of gravity. Descriptions of materials used and illustrations are included..
Distributer or Conveyer Belt.
Patent for belt related "to distributer or conveyer belts and more particularly to that type of belt used in gin-distributers. The object of the invention is to provide a belt of this character which is strong and simple of construction, extremely durable in use, and in which the spikes or fingers will be securely fastened to maintain their proper relation and to prevent their being pulled out" (lines 12-21)
Oil Burner
Patent for an oil burner. This invention is for use with crude or refined oils in fire boxes of stoves.
Patent for a plow.