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Illuminated Sign and Operating Means Therefor
Patent for an illuminated sign and how to operating means. Illustration included.
Stabilizer for Flying-Machines.
Patent for Stabilizer for Flying Machines. "The object of the invention being to provide simple and effective means upon the lateral margins of a main plane or supporting surface operating automatically upon the lateral oscillation of the machine in either direction to restore it to a horizontal or balanced position" (lines: 9 -16).
Switching Device
Patent for switching devices. This invention is for electrically operated switch tongue throwing mechanisms and is for use in switching cars from one track to another. illustrations included.
Loose-Leaf Binder
Patent for new loose leaf binder to help carry leaf support and means for separating the members and displacing one longitudinally relation with the other.
Patent for a new and useful Grave-Marker. The body of the improved grave marker or cradle is elongated or somewhat elliptical in contour, and its central portion is open, in order that the grave marker or cradle may surround a grave.
Patent for a new hame tug leather strap designed with metal loops and a buckle, including illustrations.
Disinfecting Device.
Patent for improvements made in the design of disinfecting devices in order to create "a simple and inexpensive apparatus ... effective in evaporating and distributing disinfectants, liquid perfumes or other fluids" (lines 10-13), including illustrations and a description. The device is designed to "discharge a regular supply" (line 14) of fluids, be of "strong, durable, simple" (lines 25-26) construction, and make visible the amount of disinfectant remaining in the device.
Interest Calculator
Patent for an adjustable calendar for calculating interest between two dates, including illustrations.
Cotton Condenser
Patent for a condenser for cotton gins.
Stenographic-Writing Means
Patent for improvements in stenographic-writing (typewriting). The object of the invention being "to provide a keyboard comprising keys to cooperate with suitable printing means, and to so arrange said keys...to facilitate the speed at which the writing can be accomplished" (lines 14-20).
Process of Refining Crude Cotton-Seed Oil.
Patent for "refining crude cotton seed oil designed to increase the yield of refined oil of the required color, odor and flavor." (lines 11-13)
Process of Refining Crude Cotton-Seed Oil
Patent for improvements in the processes of refining crude cotton-seed oil which increases the yield of refined oil. Improved results are are obtained by "neutralizing the oil with an alkaline silicate and then treating the oil with a mixture of alkaline hydroxid and alkaline carbonate" (lines 28-31).
Process of Refining Crude Cotton-Seed Oil.
Patent for a process of refining crude cotton-seed oil of high acidity (e.g., oils containing from 1.5 to 12 percent acid or higher) to increase the yield of oil of the required color, odor, and flavor.
Reflector for Spirit-Levels.
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Reflectors for Spirit-Levels" (lines 5-6), including specifications and illustrations.
Dressing Device for Armless People
Patent for a dressing device that aids in dressing people with no arms by buttoning and unbuttoning shirts and adjusting neckties. Illustrations included.
Patent for a railway tie with hollow and plastic filled portions. Illustrations included.
Automatic Weighing-Scale
Patent for a new and improved Automatic Weighing Scale. The improvements provide competely automated operation for weighing materials in bulk. The efficiency of device allows materials to be weighed without having to add or remove weights.
Crank-Rod Bearing
Patent for a crank rod bearing designed to account for wear damage. Illustrations included.
Cotton Harvester
Patent for a cotton harvester. This invention is designed to spare cotton pickers the physical demands from stooping and back pains. The design allows pickers to sit on running boards along small trucks drawn behind the wagon. Illustration included.
Cotton Stalk Puller
Patent for a cotton stalk puller. This invention is a "wheeled farm implement that may be drawn by horse power along a row of cotton stalks and will pull the stalks out of the ground as it passes over them" (line 11-14). Illustrations included.
Patent for a burglar alarm that can be attached to a car door. Illustrations included.
Patent for a hydrant. Illustrations included.
Educational Device
Patent for a combined folding desk, blackboard, scroll, and map cabinet to be used for educational purposes. Illustrations included.
Filing-Cabinet Unit
Patent for a filing cabinet unit. Illustrations included.
Apparatus for Chilling and Whitening Lard Compounds
Patent for an apparatus for chilling and whitening lard compounds that produces stiffer lard.
Amusement Device
Patent for an amusement device. Illustrations included.
Patent for an improved railway tie made of metal and wood blocks.
Cover for Pass-Books
Patent for a cover for a passbook with a transparent cover to view the book.
Automatic Computing Device
Patent for an automatic computing device that can calculate the price of goods and be used to take inventory of stock.
Counting Attachment for Type-Writers
Patent for a counting attachment for type writers that provides signals when various word counts are reached.
Patent for an oil burner to be used in cement kilns. Illustrations included.
Patent for drawer suspenders. Illustrations included.
Folding Bookcase
Patent for a folding bookcase that can be manufactured with any number of shelves.
Type-Writer Attachment
Patent for a type writer attachment that counts the number of words in a line and sounds a signal when a preset number of words on a line is reached.
Automatic Hook for Artificial Arms
Patent for an automatic hook for artificial arms that allows a pen or pencil to be held.
Patent for a huller gin that sends the cotton hulls out of the gin machine automatically and runs continuously.
Hydraulic Fluid-Compressor
Patent for a hydraulic fluid compressor for gas and air compressors.
Combined Heater and Radiator
Patent for a combined water heater and radiator. Illustrations included.
Rotary Engine
Patent for a rotary engine with a new form of gates and pistons.
Patent for a resilient vehicle wheel.
Patent for a tramper press for pressing cotton into bales. Illustrations included.
Patent for a cultivator hopple for adjusting the beams of a cultivator.
Patent for a molding machine for forming casting molds. Illustrations included.
Patent for a pillow. Illustrations included.
Improvements in Target-Controlled Roundabouts
Patent for a target-controlled roundabout comprised of a "revoluble member arranged to be operated by a plunger" (lines 11-12).
Process of Electrostatic Separation.
Patent for new improvements to Processes of Electrostatic Separation, "particularly to a process where the comminuted material subjected to the influence of an electrostatic field" (lines 12-14) including instructions and illustrations.
Furniture Appliance.
Patent for a piece of furniture that contains a retractable length of carpet material, intended for use in shoe stores to allow trial of the products without causing damage to the soles. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvements in Automatic Advertising Devices
Patent for an automatic advertising device that can show various signs or display cards and provides "an endless belt of transparent material which is differently colored" (lines 12-15) so that the sign may be "artistically changed" (lines 17-18). Includes instructions and illustrations.
Device for Holding Trolley-Poles on Wires.
Patent for a device for holding trolley poles on wires.
Revolver Supporting and Operating Apparatus
Patent for a supporting and operating apparatus for revolvers. Illustrations included.