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Illuminated Sign and Operating Means Therefor
Patent for an illuminated sign and how to operating means. Illustration included.
Switching Device
Patent for switching devices. This invention is for electrically operated switch tongue throwing mechanisms and is for use in switching cars from one track to another. illustrations included.
Interchangeable Illuminated Sign.
Patent for Improvements in new illuminated signs.
Check-Valve for Locomotive-Boilers and the Like.
Patent for "an improvement in check valves particularly adapted for use on locomotive boilers" (lines 9-11) with illustrations.
Patent for a stirrup for horse riders which can automatically release the foot of the rider should the rider be forced off of the horse. Illustrations included.
Land Boller
Patent for a land roller. Illustration included.
Patent for a chafing iron for passenger cars designed to prevent injury to passengers who place their hands in between the irons. Illustrations included.
Patent for a mangle which employs a "multiplicity of rollers" (line 18). Illustrations included.
Switch Operating Mechanism
Patent for a switch operating mechanism. Illustration included.
Patent for a vapor burner and generator. Illustrations included.
Patent for a device that is set upon a piano or other keyed instrument to indicate keys and chords, with illustrations.
Kitchen Cabinet
Patent for a kitchen cabinet. This invention is equipped with compartments and bins that distribute granular substances via cut-off valves. Illustration included.
Patent for a basket for transplanting various types of plants. Illustrations included.
Electrical Attachment for Movable Object
Patent for "a means to prevent the retarding of a movable element, such as shovel or disk plows, road rollers and rotatable and reciprocatory devices, when the said element is traveling through or upon an adhering earthy electrical conducting substance" (lines 7-12).
Patent for a syringe. Illustrations included.
Peanut Planter
Patent for an attachment for planting peanuts. Illustration included.
Station Indicator
Patent for a station indicator. Illustration included.
Patent for a stalk cutter which cuts stalks in rows. Illustrations included.
Dielectric Separator
Patent for an apparatus that "separates substances of different dielectric capacities" (lines 12-13). Illustrations included.
Patent for a cotton chopper. Illustrations included.
Vestibule Stock-Car
Patent for a vestibule stock car designed to securely hold the doors of a vestibuled train in a manner that ensures safety. Illustrations included.
Combintion Tool
Patent for a combination tool. Illustration included.
Electric Railway-Gate
Patent for an electric railway gate. Illustrations included.
Patent for a lathe chuck to be used with cotton gins. Illustrations included.
Combined Cotton Chopper and Cultivator.
Patent for "useful improvements in combined cotton choppers and cultivators" (lines 10-11) including illustrations.
Patent for improvements in the construction and design of reed organs.
Automatic Railway-Switch
Patent for an improved automatic railway switch based on an earlier model made by the same person. Illustrations included.
Automatic Filling-Machine
Patent for a filling machine. Illustrations included.
Cotton Gin
Patent for a cotton gin. This is an improvement over previous gins. The invention uses air blasting methods and dispenses with brush drums. Illustration included.
Non-Refillable Bottle
Patent for a bottle that prevents outside liquids from flowing inside. Illustrations included.
Sanding Machine
Patent for a sanding machine. This invention is designed to apply sand to freshly painted surfaces. The sanding machine consists of a sandbox that communicates with a spraying nozzle. Illustration included.
Cigar Case
Patent for cigar case. Illustration included.
Cotton Harvester
Patent for a cotton harvester. The invention is designed to pick cotton, automatically depositing the bolls in the gin, separates the seeds, and discharges the lint. Illustration included.
Cotton Cleaning and Feeding Mechanism
Patent for a mechanism designed to cleanse cotton of dust or other foreign particles or objects before being fed. Illustrations included.
Patent for a planter. Illustration included.
Gin-Saw Cleaner
Patent for a gin saw cleaner. This invention is an improvement for the cleaning of cotton gin saws. Illustration included.
Electric-Light Support
Patent for a support for electric lights attached to a cord circuit. Illustrations included.
Patent for a manually operated carburetor used on vehicle gas engines. Illustrations included.
Hopple or Regulator for Plows
Patent for a hopple or regulator for plows. This design is an attachment for cultivators plows of varying width between the plow beams and possessing a actuating handle within easy reach. Illustration included.
Cultivator Standard
Patent for a cultivator standard. Illustration included.
Patent for a cotton gin which uses air blasts to clear cotton from the saws of the gin. Illustrations included.
Automatic Railway-Switch
Patent for a railway switch that can be opened by a car or engine. Illustrations included.
Convertible Mixing and Cleaning Machine
Patent for Convertible Mixing and Cleaning Machine offers information about the significance of mixing ingredient benefits. The mixing and cleaning machine ease the process for everyday living.
Patent for a separating table for separating pulverized ore or other material "into its constituent elements" (lines 14-15).
Plumb Rule And Level
Patent for a plumb rule and level. Illustration included.
Design for a Music-Indicator
Patent for an "ornamental design for a music-indicator" (lines 11-12).
Switch Cord Plug
Patent for a switch cord plug that can be adapted to cords and used with telephone switchboards. Illustrations included.
Patent for the invention of gate which can be opened inward and outward by certain features such as supporting brackets and a spirally grooved shaft that can rotate between brackets.
Dental Swaging Apparatus
Patent for a dental apparatus that produces gold facings and cusps for individual teeth, as well as plate and bridge work.
Patent for instrument used to break clumps of dirt and smooth rough terrain with the use of smoothing blades.