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Illuminated Sign and Operating Means Therefor
Patent for an illuminated sign and how to operating means. Illustration included.
Stabilizer for Flying-Machines.
Patent for Stabilizer for Flying Machines. "The object of the invention being to provide simple and effective means upon the lateral margins of a main plane or supporting surface operating automatically upon the lateral oscillation of the machine in either direction to restore it to a horizontal or balanced position" (lines: 9 -16).
Switching Device
Patent for switching devices. This invention is for electrically operated switch tongue throwing mechanisms and is for use in switching cars from one track to another. illustrations included.
Automatic Weighing-Scale
Patent for a new and improved Automatic Weighing Scale. The improvements provide competely automated operation for weighing materials in bulk. The efficiency of device allows materials to be weighed without having to add or remove weights.
Cover for Pass-Books
Patent for a cover for a passbook with a transparent cover to view the book.
Rotary Engine
Patent for a rotary engine with a new form of gates and pistons.
Patent for a resilient vehicle wheel.
Improvements in Target-Controlled Roundabouts
Patent for a target-controlled roundabout comprised of a "revoluble member arranged to be operated by a plunger" (lines 11-12).
Process of Electrostatic Separation.
Patent for new improvements to Processes of Electrostatic Separation, "particularly to a process where the comminuted material subjected to the influence of an electrostatic field" (lines 12-14) including instructions and illustrations.
Furniture Appliance.
Patent for a piece of furniture that contains a retractable length of carpet material, intended for use in shoe stores to allow trial of the products without causing damage to the soles. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvements in Automatic Advertising Devices
Patent for an automatic advertising device that can show various signs or display cards and provides "an endless belt of transparent material which is differently colored" (lines 12-15) so that the sign may be "artistically changed" (lines 17-18). Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for cotton feeders to facilitate the replacement of feed rollers without damage to the cotton feeder and be disposed of efficiently, including illustrations and instructions.
Patent for a saw toothed drums or cylinders (such as used for gins that denude cotton seeds).
Improvements in Attachments for Lathe Head-Stocks
Patent for an attachment for lathe-head stocks. It is "a device that may be readily adjustable to provide a backing... that may be gripped by the chucks of a jewelers or watch-makers lathe" (lines 26-29).
Automatic Weighing-Scale
Patent for improvements in automatic weightlifting scales. The modifications aim to facilitate the weighting of materials in bulk.
Brush-Cylinder for Cotton-Gins.
Patent for brush cylinders for cotton gins which when clamped have no need to be further secured or fastened.
Patent for improved cotton gins through the "construction and arrangement of the roll box and the ginning devices" (lines 11-12).
Patent for an elbow-shaped chimney cowl that is simple yet durable, which may be attached to chimneys of various sizes. It It has a vane that enables the cowl to turn and send smoke in the direction the wind is blowing. It also has a screen to cover the opening, which will prevent large sparks or partially burned materials from exiting the chimney.
Draft Attachment for Carriages and Wagons.
Patent for a device that can be secured to a swingle-tree or vehicle axle to allow shafts to be secured or instantly released.
Improvements in Processes of Refining Crude Cotton-Seed Oil
Patent for a process to refine oil, specifically crude, cotton-seed oil, using caustic soda. Includes an explanation of how the process works.
Apparatus for Transmitting Sound-Waves
Patent for transmitting sound waves by magnetic induction and to "furnish an apparatus by which these different vibrations can be heard at the receiving end" (lines 20-22). Includes descriptions and illustrations.
Patent for cotton gin, which includes a huller roller, seed bar, and seed grate to separate and remove seeds from the cotton. Ginning points/pins are used instead of saws. Due to the positioning of the ginning points/pins, the surface of the ginning cylinder in its entirety is available for ginning and there are fewer mechanical friction points.
Patent for a molding machine for forming casting molds. Illustrations included.
Patent for an improved lantern that allows for lighting and extinguishing flame, and refilling oil, without having to lift the glass chimney. Includes illustrations.
Patent for an aeroplane with a propeller, which is "pivotally mounted and adjustable into different positions relative to the planes in order to produce either a rising movement or thereof or a driving movement in a horizontal or other plane" (lines 26-30).
Patent for brush used to add adjustable sized stripes onto vehicles and to add lettering onto signs. The brush contains its own paint reservoir.
Patent for a garment to protect dress skirts and under skirts from all inclement weather conditions. The garment is comprised of two skirts; the outer skirt is made of a water-resistant material and connects at the bottom with the inner skirt which is made of a lighter material.
Patent for a tramper press for pressing cotton into bales. Illustrations included.
Metal Storage-Tank
Patent for a multi-part/multi-section metal storage tank (also known as a knock-down tank). Parts are secured by a clamp.
Revolver Supporting and Operating Apparatus
Patent for a supporting and operating apparatus for revolvers. Illustrations included.
Patent for a mattress made with folded layers of material, such as cotton or wool, where the fibers are placed in a vertical position.
Combined Corner Brace and Hinge for Screens
Patent for combined corner brace and hinge for screens. Illustration included.
Interchangeable Illuminated Sign.
Patent for Improvements in new illuminated signs.
Patent for a pillow. Illustrations included.
Patent for a hoe-supported cotton chopper. Illustrations included.
Attachment for Diaphragm Face Plates
Patent for an attachment for diaphragm face plates. Illustration included.
Patent for a rerailer for putting railroad cars back on the tracks.
Electric Water-Heater
Patent for an electric water heater. Illustrations included.
Revolving Bag Holder
Patent for a revolving bag holder. Illustration included.
Window and Roof Jack
Patent for a window and roof jack. Illustration included.
Electric Heater
Patent for an electric heater that is insulated from foreign bodies or fluids. Illustrations included.
Pavement-Breaking Machine
Patent for a pavement breaking machine. Illustrations included.
House Screen
Patent for a house screen. Illustration included.
Attachment for Pipes
Patent for an attachment for pipes. Illustration included.
Microtome Attachment for Microscopes
Patent for a microtome attachment for microscopes which aids in cutting thin plates. Illustrations included.
Oval-Beveling Machine
Patent for a machine used to bevel the edges of metal plates. Illustrations included.
Patent for a refrigerator. This invention uses ice for cooling and designed to provided greater cooling efficiency. Illustration included.
Copy Holder
Patent for a copy holder for use while typewriting. Illustrations included.
Reel and Reel Mounting
Patent for a reel and reel mounting. Illustration included.
Type Writing Machine
Patent for a type writing machine. Illustration included.