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Texas Patents - Browse

Patent for Core Holding and Dropping Device For Cotton Presses.
Lumber Door for Railroad Box Cars
Patent for lumber door on railroad box cars.
Patent for new and useful improvement to pruning shears, including illustrations.
Sanitary Flooring
Patent for sanitary flooring to be used in toilet rooms to protect from unsanitary floors and odors. Illustrations included.
Drying and Stretching Frame
Patent for a frame used to stretch and dry fabrics such as curtains. Illustrations included.
Self Serving Dining Table
Patent for a self serving dining table. Illustration included.
Shoe-Lace Fastener.
Patent for a new and improved shoe lace fastener, including illustrations.
Gage for Deep-Sea Soundings
Patent for a liquid recorder for deep sea sounds. Illustrations included.
Trap for Crustacea
Patent for a trap used to catch various crustaceans such as crabs and lobsters. Illustrations included.
Railway Signal Device
Patent for a railway signal device used to "remind a telegraph operator of orders received concerning a given train" (lines 11-12). Illustrations included.
Patent for a stirrup. Illustration included.
Supplemental Bed and Guide Attachment
Patent for a supplemental bed and guide attachment. Illustration included.
Piston Rod Packing
Patent for piston rod packing. Illustration included.
Fireproof Window Construction
Patent for construction of a fireproof window from sheet metal. This invention is to "provide means for removing or replacing the lower sash in the window frame" (line 18-20). Illustration included.
Cutter Head
Patent for a cutter head. This invention is used for shaping and dressing jambs. Illustrations included.
Patent for a window screen. Illustrations included.
Indicator For Bottles
Patent for an indicator to show the amount of liquid removed and the amount remaining for bottles or other liquid packages of different dimensions and will help improve the process of refilling the bottle after liquid has been removed.
Fireproof Window.
Patent for the Fireproof Window that reduces the construction cost and provide means for automatically closing the lower sash based on the predetermined temperature.
Window Construction.
Patent for window construction improvements to allow for construction of fireproof windows with fireproof sashes which are easily removable for repair or replacement. Improvements include method of securing glass in sashes without using putty, and sashes which will close automatically when subjected to "an unusually high temperature" (line 29).
Patent for a spirit level that is simple in construction and can easily determine vertical and horizontal planes accurately.
Ratchet Wrench
Patent for a ratchet wrench. Illustration included.
Sheet Metal Fireproof Window
Patent for a sheet metal, fireproof window. The design is a window where the frame and the sash is constructed out of sheet-metal in order for it to be fireproof. The design also allows the sashes to be opened and held in that position but will close automatically when high temperature air comes into contact with them.
Rail-Fastening for Plastic Ties and the Process of Making the Same.
Patent for " an improvement in rail-fastenings for plastic ties and the process of making the same." (lines 12-14) including instructions and illustrations.
Portable Dressing-Cabinet.
Invention for a portable structure to be used as a dressing-cabinet that is easy to set up and take down, light enough to move on rollers, conveniently accessible, and containing mirrors and folding shelves.
Reinforcement For Concrete Railroad Ties
Patent for railroad ties reinforced by concrete. Illustrations included.
Motor Vehicle
Patent for a motor vehicle. This invention relates to motor-vehicles that are self propelled dumping dray. Illustration included.
Stopper For Bottles
Patent for a stopper for bottles. This invention is designed to allow the pouring of liquid from the bottle without allowing the introduction of liquid. Illustration included.
Automatic Railway Switch
Patent for an automatic railway switch. Illustration included.
Roller Bearing Wheel
Patent for a roller bearing wheel. This invention relates to anti-friction bearings for use in rail car wheels. Illustration included.
Trap For Crustacea
Patent for a crustacea trap. This device is designed for use in catching crabs, lobsters, and other crustacea. Illustrations included.
Drawing Table
Patent for a drawing table. This invention provides "support of a roll of paper or drawings beneath the top of the table in such a manner as to facilitate the unwinding of the roll" (line 9-11). Illustrations included.
Shoe Lace
Patent for a shoe lace that does not become loose nor untie accidentally. Illustrations included.
Cotton Compress
Patent for a cotton compress. Illustration included.
Patent for a portable canopy to be used over beds, cribs, or chairs. Illustrations included.
Railroad Tie
Patent for a railroad tie. This invention is made of concrete and allows rails to be attached without the need of spikes. Illustration included.
Fence Post
Patent for a fence post. Illustration included.
Non Refillable Bottle
Patent for non refillable bottle. Illustration included.
Insecticide Apparatus
Patent for an insecticide apparatus. Illustration included.
Hydraulic Pump
Patent for a hydraulic pump. Illustration included.
Patent for a puzzle. Illustration included.
Marine-Engine Governor.
Patent for marine engine governor "designed to maintain uniformity of speed of the engine when the resistance to the propeller or propellers is varied" (lines 11-13), including illustrations and description of construction.
Patent for improvements in the support structure wooden or metal tanks (portable or permanent) though sets of internal support composed of uprights, diagonal brace-rods, transversely curved plates, and tension rods, with descriptions of the structure and illustrations included.
Nut Lock
Patent for a nut lock. The nut lock consists "of a double threaded bolt having two oppositely threaded nuts thereon and a locking washer" (line 17-19). Illustration included.
Formaldehyde Fumigator
Patent for a formaldehyde fumigator. Illustration included.
Patent for pipe. It is designed to insulate against heat and cold for all forms of fluid conveying pipes.
Cotton Compress
Patent for improvements to the cutting mechanism in cotton compresses to "provide positive and reliable means for severing the full-grown or completed bale from the remaining column of compressed material and yieldingly supporting the said remaining column of compressed material under pressure to permit the baling operation to continue" (lines 21-27).
Tool For Withdrawing Casings From Wells.
Patent for tool for withdrawing casings from wells that is "easy to apply and convenient to manipulate while in use" (lines 15-17).
Winding-Indicator for Watches
Patent for a winding-indicator for watches.
Retort Hydrocarbon-Burner.
Patent for improvements in retort-burners, to be used for any suitable and desired purposed and for any kind of oils by providing a "direct-combustion retort-burner that the combustion will be perfect and complete and the oil and air may be supplied thereto under a uniform pressure of high or low degree." (Lines 20-27) The retort-burner will be "readily assembled without the necessity of having special machinery for their manufacture or skilled workmen to put them together." (Lines 31-34) Illustration is included.
Patent for a burner that uses crude petroleum as well as kerosene, or gasoline. This device works in a way to prevent the jets from clogging and produces a steady flame.