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Improvement in Buckles.
Patent for improvements in buckles used for multiple purposes including illustrations.
Seed-Cotton Cleaner
Patent for a seed-cotton cleaner that has an adapted cleaner attached to it. The cleaner allows the operator to choose whether or not to pass cotton through the cleaner on its way to a cotton gin.
Pie-Plate Lifter
Patent for a pie plate lifter used to handle pie plates or other utensils should they be too hot. Illustrations included.
Patent for a couch-bed, which can be folded out into a single or double bed or have a reclining back on the couch. It also has a shelf pullout for use as bedside table that is stored in the bottom of the couch.
Signal-Lock for Mail-Boxes
Patent for a signal lock for mailboxes used to "indicate the presence or absence of mail matter in the box" (lines 10-11).
Signal-Lock for Mail-Boxes.
Patent for a signal lock for mail boxes, which can only be operated from the inside of the box and locks in position.
Patent for a syringe. This invention is meant for use with animals to perform artificial insemination. Illustrations included.
Signal Lock For Mail Boxes
Patent for a signal lock for mail boxes. This "invention relates to devices for locking the signals used on house letter-boxes, and has for its object the provision of a signal lock secured to the inside of the mail-box" (lines 9-13). Illustrations included.
Automatic Relief Valve for Pneumatic Seed Cotton Distributers.
Patent for a valve that attaches to a flue upon a pneumatic-seed cotton distributor. Includes illustrations.
Wire Stretcher
Patent for a wire stretcher. Illustration included.
Patent for new and useful improvements in pipe-graps for the purpose of "raising and lowering pipe and tools used in drilling oil-wells" (line 8-10), including illustrations.
Patent for a railroad tie made of sand and cement and threaded with barbed wire.
Patent for a steam boiler "to provide simple and effective means for quickly generating steam by exposing the water fully to the caloric influence of the furnace or fire in the latter through the medium of radial tubular attachments" (lines 9-14), including illustrations.
Patent for the invention relates to improvements in gate-latches. The object of the present invention is to improve the construction of gate-latches and to provide an automatic one adapted to lock the gate when the latter closes and capable of automatically setting itself in proper position for engaging and locking the gate should it be closed instead of open or in position to receive the gate.
Patent for a new and useful cotton chopper, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful vehicle brake, including instructions and illustrations.
Rope-Measuring Machine.
Patent for a new and useful rope measuring machine, including instructions and illustrations.
Tire - Bolt Wrench.
Patent for a new and improved tire-bolt wrench. This design is to "provide a new and improved wrench which is simple and durable in construction" (line 7 - 9).
Patent for a new and useful improvements in Cultivators to "provide improved means for pivoting the main standards to the plow-beams together"(line 17-20).
Patent for chimney protectors "which can be readily applied and will secure a water-tight joint between the smoke-pipe and the roof." (Lines 11-13) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a simple, durable, and effective drill that "automatically expand[s] in the bottom of the well below the tubing, to cut a hole sufficiently large for the tubing without requiring a second drilling or reaming process" (lines 11-15).
Patent for a meat-tenderer that "consists of two plates having a series of intermeshing teeth thereon and connected by suitable means to allow of automatic adjustment, the object of which is to provide a utensil for culinary purposes" (lines 11-15).
Plow Stock.
Patent for a new and improved plow-stock. This design "has for its object to provide an implement of peculiar novel construction, whereby the different forms of plowshares, shovels, or other cultivating implements or combinations of different cultivating instrumentalities may be varied, interchanged, and adjusted at will to suit the character of the soil, the nature of the crop, or the requirements of the occasion" (lines 8-16).
Insecticide Distributor.
Patent for a new and improved bug sprayer. This design consists in "[t]he combination of a base, a bellows mounted thereon, a receptacle arranged in advance of the bellows and adapted to contain poison to be distributed, a forwardly-projecting discharge-tube, laterally-extending discharge-tubes comprising inner rigid sections, outer rigid sections having series of discharge-nozzles, and flexible couplings connecting the rigid sections, and the braces having their inner ends pivoted to the base and their outer ends pivoted to the outer sections and supporting the same" (lines 75-86).
Window-Curtain Holder.
Patent for improvements in window-curtain holders,in which the curtain holder has a upper and a lower socket, “with the lower socket having a central opening and mounted on a base-plate, of the upper socket having a side opening and mounted on a base-plate, and the U-shaped clasp pivoted at its lower end in the lower socket and having its upper end laterally bent and designed for insertion in the side opening of the upper socket” (lines 84-92). The curtains would be retained and giving them the proper draping and prevent them from flapping and tearing, includes illustration.
Insect-Power Distributer.
Patent for a new insecticide distributer using a bellows, a rotary fan, and a tube connecting the bellows to an insecticide reservoir; when pressure is applied to the bellows, the insecticide would pass through the reservoir to a flexible pipe that would distribute the insecticide to any direction without the operator breathing it.
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "is to make a car-coupler in which the link shall cause the pin to drop within it, which can be coupled or uncoupled from the side or top of cars without danger to the brake[people], and which is provided with means for lifting the link of cars with lower draw-heads" (lines 11-17).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "relates to car-couplings, more especially of that class known as 'swing-pins;' and the object of the invention is to provide a swinging weight which will press the pin normally into operative position, and which will also support the link" (lines 7-12).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the draw-head, of the transverse pivot-pin in the top of the draw-head, the coupling-pin provided with a longitudinal slot engaging said pivot-pin, and the weights mounted on said pivot-pin and adapted to bear on the end of the link" (lines 76-81).
Cotton Chopping, Planting, and Cultivating Machine
Patent for "a machine of this class which shall be simple in construction, inexpensive, durable, and easily operated" (lines 11-14).
Combined Cotton Chopping, Planting, and Cultivating Machine
Patent for "an improvement in combined cotton chopping, planting, and cultivating machines," (lines 9-11) including illustrations.
Ant Trap.
Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design consists in "[a]n ant-trap, comprising the body and the inward-projecting tubes having the protecting-caps on their inner ends, the outer faces of the caps being convex and provided with apertures of greater diameter than the bore of the inner end of the tube" (lines 90-95).
Bed Bottom.
Patent for an improved bed bottom consisting of a series of hooks and eyes and wires with instructions and illustrations.
Marking Device.
Patent for a new and improved merchandise tag. This design consists of a stick "provided with means for holding it fixed in its position after it has been inserted and having hinged to its outer end the tag having a strip of suitable material secured around its edges, as shown, so as to form on both sides of the tag the flanges adapted to receive the removable, reversible, and interchangeable cards (lines 1-8).
Indicator for Merchandise.
Patent for a new and improved advertising sign. This design "relates to apparatus or devices for marking or indicating upon the outside of boxes or drawers the names and prices of the merchandise or other articles contained therein; and it consists in the improved construction and combination of parts of a device of the above-mentioned class" (lines 23-29).
Patent for a new and improved plow. This design consists "[i]n the combination, with the double mold-board, of the recessed plow-blade, constructed in two parts secured to the mold-board, the said part having flat points, which are provided with cutting edges and raised portions extending from the crotch of the cutting-blades to the rear, in order to turn the soil to each side" (lines 84-91).
Gopher Trap.
Patent for a new and improved trap for gophers and other subterranean animals. This design utilizes for the first time the combination of spring, jaw, treadle, trigger, and baseboard to ensnare gophers and other varmints.
Vehicle Axle Lubricator.
Patent for a new and improved axle lubricator. This design utilizes threads to allow for removal and reattachment, as well as easy cleaning.
Patent for a new and improved buckle. This design calls for "the rear side of the cross-piece [to be] provided with a recess . . . to receive the back of the tongue-joint, so that the latter shall not be in the way when the strap is to be passed between the cross-pieces . . . after being adjusted upon the tongues or studs" (lines 35-41).
Patent for "a new and improved buckle" (lines4-5)
Balance Staff and Wheel for Watches
Patent for an improved design of a balance staff and wheel used for watch repair. The new design allows for an easier repair when replacing a broken staff and decreases the chance that the wheel would be damaged when replacing the staff. Included are instructions and illustrations.
Patent for stake-pin that improves upon previous stake-pins that are used for picketing horses and attaching the ropes. This design allows for the rope to stay out of the dirt. Included are instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Portable Steam-Engines.
Patent for Improvements in Portable Steam-Engines
Improvement in Buckles.
Patent for 'buckles for harness or other purposes, adapted for connection to a strap or billet without sewing." (lines 6-8)Instructions and illustrations are included.
Improvements In Buckles.
Patent for a new kind of buckle along with specifications for construction and illustrations of the buckle.
Improvement in Buckles.
Patent relating to "improvements in harness-buckles" (lines 17-18) including instructions and illustration.
Improvement in Buckles.
Patent for an improved, multi-piece harness-buckle that is attachable without the need of sewing, including a detailed explanation and description of the illustration.
Improvement in Cotton-Seed and Corn Planters
Patent for a new and useful improvement in cotton seed and corn planters which lists the design specifications.
Improvement in Wheel-Plows
Patent for a wheel plow designed to be simple, durable, easily controlled, and of light draft.
Improvement in Scissors.
Patent for "scissors for the use of dealers in dry goods; and it consists in providing an ordinary pair of scissors with an extension at or near the end of one of the blades, having an entering point and an eye to carry a thread, and designed to serve a convenient purpose in tagging and retagging goods." (Lines 14-21) Includes instructions and illustrations.