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Patent for improvements in plant-protection by providing a foraminous hood for young plants. This particular plant-protector is protect melon type and vegetable of similar qualities against worms, grubs, lice and other pests.
Drill-Cable Clamp.
Patent for Drill-Cable Clamp is for a device that clamps the rope to which the drill connects. The rope can be rotated, while connected to both the drill and the drilling machine securely.
Shock Absorber.
Patent for shock absorbers the permit bodily movement on one of the parts to which these devices are usually connected in a vehicle.
Supporting Bracket for Freezing Device
Patent for brackets used to hold edible fluids to be frozen.
Water-Cooling Device.
Patent for a water cooling device in refrigerators and iceboxes that provides drinking water from the ice compartment.
Patent for a type cabinet for storing dating type.
Storage Battery.
Patent for a storage battery with a high number of amps.
Patent for a wrench that can also be used as a pipe. Illustrations included.
Patent for a root puller for pulling up Mesquite tree root clumps.
Well-Tube Holder
Patent for a well tube holder for removing pipes from wells and holding them in place. Illustrations included.
Shutter and Ventilator
Patent for a shutter that may be used as either window blinds or a ventilator. Illustrations included.
Patent for a display case for holding cheese. Illustrations included.
Patent for a horse releaser. Illustrations included.
Patent for a pipe cutter, which can be used on pipes that are at any angle and in narrow spaces.
Patent for a gate that can be opened or closed from a remote point, and can be locked with a latch. Illustrations included.
Agricultural Implement
Patent for an agricultural implement. This invention allows for the interchangeability of different blades. Illustration included.
Self-Locking, Nut.
Patent for a "simple and efficient device" for "securely holding a nut upon a bolt" (lines 76-77).
Detachable Overshoe For Horseshoes
Patent for a detachable overshoe for horseshoes. Illustration included.
Patent for a horseshoe. Illustration included.
Tool For Removing Floors, Ceilings, Sidings, &c.
Patent for a tool that removes floors, ceilings, sidings, and more. Illustration included.
Patent for a durable cultivator. Illustration included.
Means for Fumigating
Patent for a means of fumigating.
Adjustable Arch for Cultivators
Patent for an adjustable arch for cultivators.
Wire-Fence Stay
Patent for wire fence stay that is used for securing wire lines.
Acetylene-Gas Generator
Patent for an improved acetylene-gas generator with a carbid receptacle on top of of the gasometer an an improved automated valve mechanism to assist with gas maintenance.
Patent for a hinge-gainer related to "certain improvements in devices of that class employed for cutting a gain or mortise in a door-jam or door for the reception of a hinge. The object of the invention is to provide an improved machine or tool in which all the parts may be readily and accurately adjusted to cut recesses of different width, height, and depth" (Lines 8-16).
Patent for an improved plow, which can support a rudder-blade adapted for use with a middle-breaker moldboard.
Patent for " a new coin holder that holds coins of different denominations in given amounts for circulating purposes," (lines 8-9) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a new and improved cotton-distributer to provide a means for equalizing the distribution of cotton to a series of connected receptacles and for retaining the cotton in the receptacles until it is desirable to deliver it to the hoppers or feed devices for cotton-gins." (lines 5-10) including instructions and illustrations.
Pneumatic Conveyor and Cleaner.
Patent for "a pneumatic cotton conveyer and cleaner designed for carrying seed-cotton from a wagon or the like to a gin-house or warehouse or other receptacle or place of storage and for cleaning the cotton while the same is being so conveyed." (lines 8-13) including illustrations.
Patent for new bailing press that that improves "hay-presses of the full circle or continuous type for baling hay, straw, and the like." (lines 8-10) Illustrations included.
Patent for a new and useful churn, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful level of " that class embodying a pivoted index-finger operating in conjunction with a graduated dial" (line 7 10).
Patent for a new and useful hydrocarbon burner, including instructions and illustrations.
Automatic Bench Clamp And Dog.
Patent for a new and useful automatic bench clamp and dog.
Patent for a simple, inexpensive and efficient wrench device, which is "capable of extracting nails and of being used as a screw-driver without interchanging any of the parts or substituting one part for another" (line 14 - 17).
Combined Plow and Planter.
Patent for a new and useful improvements in a combined plow and planter which "can be readily adapted for planting different kinds of seed, such as corn, cotton, cane, and the like" (line 21 - 23).
Design for Match and Cigar Safe.
Design patent for a match and cigar safe that looks like a house.
Patent for "constructing a fumigator that the fire in the combustion-chamber may be caused to burn more rapidly in one part than in another, whereby the proportions of vapors and fumes may be governed at will." (Lines 45-50) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "an improved form of brace having a V-guide which is substantially right-angled and mechanism mounted therein for driving a bit so arranged that the crank-arm of the handle may turn in a corner without striking the wall or without striking the wall or without striking a plane support should the guide rest thereon when boring a hole." (Lines 12-19) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Bit-Brace with Right-Angled V-Guide Frame.
Patent for a bit-brace with right-angled V-guide frame, with description and illustrations.
Hand Seed-Planter.
Patent for an improvement in hand-seed planters, designed especially for cotton-seed. The seeds are spit out the bottom through a series of springs, pins, and plungers.
Patent for an automatic churn, which churns up and down and rotationally. To operate, turn a crank and a gear inside the churn moves the blades.
Patent for a metallic produce basket. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a hay-press where "the plunger or traverser is arranged in a suitable frame and is drawn toward its rearward position by means of a spring. rods are connected to the opposite sides of the plunger or traverser, and these are in turn connected to a cross-head, which in turn is connected with a pitman provided on its outer end with a hook that engages mechanism to give it a motion which imparts a reciprocating motion to the plunger" (lines 15-25).
Patent for a simple and efficient baling-press that has an improved press-box and plunger-operating power. The connections between the power and the plunger will be lighter and the feed-opening of the press-box will be closed automatically. The machine has a continuously-rotating operating wheel that allows for an easier way to engage and disengage the pitman.
Cotton Loading and Weighing Device.
Patent for a simple, inexpensive, and efficient cotton loading and weighing device for wagons. It can be easily put onto or removed from any wagon. This invention has a unique way of "clamping-loop or wire support by means of which the main inclined beam or support of the device is firmly and securely upheld and braced with relation to the tail-gate of a wagon with which said clamping frame or loop is adapted to engage" (lines 25-31).
Patent for a hose-coupling that is "simple and economic in construction and which shall be capable of rapid and ready action without use of any tool for manipulating the same" (lines 14-17).
Brace for Boring Holes, &c.
Patent for a brace for boring holes through window sashes. It was invented "to enable [the inventor] the more quickly and better to apply my "sash lock", patented July 19, 1892, and numbered 479,152, but may be used for other purposes" (lines 20-23).
Automatic Drop-Lid for Bins or Boxes.
Patent for "boxes or bins for store counters and shelves; and it has for its object to provide certain improvements in the lid devices for boxes or bins, so as to avoid the many objections to hinged lids, which interfere with free access to the interior of the box or bin when the same is used under the counter or on shelves" (lines 8-15).