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Feed-Delivering Attachment for Silos.
Patent for a rotatable feed delivering frame attachment for silos. This eliminates the need to manually climb the silo to transfer ensilage.
Patent for a tractor. Illustrations included.
Coop or Crate
Patent for a collapsible coop or crate. Illustration included.
Coop or Crate
Patent for a downwardly folding coop or crate used in shipping or tranport. Illustrations included.
Plunger Head or Valve.
Patent for a plunger head or valve, which cannot come unscrewed accidentally while inside a pump.
Patent for a pump. Illustration included.
Coop or Crate.
Patent for a collapsible coop or crate for transporting poultry with secure attachments when in the folded out position.
Coop or Crate
Patent for a folding crate used for transporting livestock. Illustrations included.
Crate or Coop
Patent for a coop for the transportation of livestock which can be folded compactly to occupy smaller space. Illustrations included.
Patent for an insect destroyer for removing boll weevils and other insects from cotton or other crops.
Coop or Crate.
Patent for crates or coops for poultry that are easily assembled and disassembled, pack tightly, and are cheap and lightweight.
Patent for a gasket. Illustration included.
Patent for a crate which can be knocked down and folded, including illustrations. The crate is designed with novel features.
Filling-Box For Cotton-Presses.
Patent for a new and improved filling box for cotton presses, including instructions and illustrations.
Colter Attachment for Plows.
Patent for a new and useful colter attachment for plows, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a snap-hook for general use that can be used for attaching whips, ropes, and similar things to saddles and harnesses. It is composed of a flat metal plate with screw holes, a hook that is secured to the edge of the plate, and a screw.
Sewing-Machine Attachment.
Patent for a sewing machine attachment "which can be used for the purpose of sharpening any instrument of small size - such as needles, scissors, knives, &c.;" (lines 11-13) with instructions and illustrations.
Wire Stretcher.
Patent for a new and improved wire-stretcher. This design "has relation to that class of wire-stretchers in which a drum is journaled in a frame and is provided with a ratchet-wheel at one end, and in which a lever is pivoted in the frame, which engages the ratchet-wheel, serving to revolve it, and a pawl engages the ratchet-wheel, so as to prevent it from revolving backward, the frame being provided with a wire-clamp, and a rope or chain upon the drum being also provided with a wire-clamp, so that by revolving the drum one end of the wire may be drawn toward the end of another wire" (lines 25-37).
Wire Stretcher.
Patent for a new and improved wire stretcher. This design is "for stretching and repairing wire, the combination of a main bar having a longitudinal slot, and having an upwardly-facing shoulder provided with a groove, a guide-block in the lower end of the slot, a shaft journaled in the sides of the slot and having a pinion within the slot and a ratchet handle at its outer end for revolving it, a spring pawl engaging the pinion, a cam-lever pivoted upon the upper end of the main bar and engaging the grooved shoulder with its cam end, [and] a rack-bar sliding in the lower end of the slot upon the guide-block" (lines 43-55).
Patent for an improved wire-stretcher that tightens fence wire.
Wire Stretcher.
Patent for a new and improved wire stretcher. This design utilizes a roller shaft, hand crank, ratchet wheel, and pawl to stretch wires to any desired tautness.
Patent for a new and improved buckle. This design utilizes a knob in addition to the tongue to hold the strap more securely, preventing slippage.
Harness Loop.
Patent for a new and improved harness loop. This design calls for two loops, one of which has a knob for perforated straps, with a single base in common. This eliminates the need for leather loops and for stitching leather straps.
Patent for a new and improved buckle. This design utilizes two frames rather than one, and each has a stud. The studs fasten the strap(s) to the frame; thus the studs eliminate the need for a tongue and for the stitching of the strap to itself around the frame. Additionally, the larger frames allow for easier use in the cold or the dark.
Patent for a new and improved buckle. This design utilizes a bifurcated end and crossbars, a flat crossbar, a swinging crossbar, a tongue, and a stud to cover the underside of the strap, which would otherwise be exposed. This eliminates the need for stitching the strap, as well as being stronger than previous buckles.
Bale Tie Buckle.
Patent for a new and improved bale tie buckle. This design is for "bale-tie buckles so constructed that the bale can be easily and quickly tied, that will hold the tie securely, and at the same time can be made lighter and neater than ordinary buckles, while having the necessary strength" (lines 11-16).
Improvement in Animal-Traps.
Patent for an improvements in animal traps. It is similar to a hook and proper for mouse and rat.
Improvement in Post-Hole Diggers
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in Post-Hole Diggers.
Improvement in Washing-Machines.
Patent for an improvement to washing machines, in which "the novelty consists in allowing both cylinder and blades to be rotated or oscillated independently of each other." (Lines 17-19) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Dish-Washing Machines.
Patent for a dish washer that allows dishes to be placed on shelves and rotated through a column of water. The machine can also be modified for washing clothing. It includes illustrations.
Patent for an ant-trap using a portable receptacle with three different designs, each can be used as an individual trap or in any combinations to lure ants into the bottom of the receptacle without any means of escaping, including illustration.
Patent for an improved pessary, as an instrument to support for the uterus against prolapse, including illustration.
Patent for a ring pessary used as a female birth control device, including illustration.
Improvement in Seeding-Machines.
Patent for the improvement of the seed-box so the seeds are properly distributed into the soil while preventing the seed from clogging the machine, including illustration.
Improvement in Seed-Planters.
Patent for a seed feeder using a tube connected to a revolving cylinder at the bottom of the hopper to deposit the seeds into the earth, including illustration.