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Cut-Off for Steam-Feeds for Sawmills.
Patent for Cut-Off For Steam Feeds For Sawmills.
Garment-Fitting Device.
Patent for a series of flexible bands and tapes to be used for efficient fitting of garments with regards to seam lines and marking patterns upon cloth by measuring the waist, skirt, and sleeve areas.
Well-Bailing Apparatus
Patent for specifications of Well Bailing Apparatus.
Patent for a shoe that describes the benefit for shoe. Shoe control overall health well-being with its flexibility and support.
Automatic And Continuous Film Distillation Apparatus.
Patent for Automatic film distillation apparatus.
Hand Device For Operating Sewing Machines
Patent for a hand device for operating sewing machines. This invention relates to hand driven sewing machines. Illustrations included.
Saw Filing Machine
Patent for a saw filing machine. This invention is designed to allow the teeth of saws to be sharpened with a reciprocatory file. Illustration included.
Patent for an improved shear sharpener which has a "new and novel construction by which shears are quickly and properly sharpened, ... whereby a shear is held at the proper bevel while being moved over an oilstone or the like" (lines 12-16), including illustrations.
Patent for bandage that prevents and/or reduces the occurrence of "double chin."
Patent for a pump. This patent claims improvements in the design of pumps used for oil or water.
Fence Post Mold
Patent for fence post mold. Illustration included.
Rotary for Oil-Wells.
Patent for a pipe rotary for use "in sinking oil-wells" (line 10). The patent allows for the power to be applied to the "pipe-sections which constitute the casing of the well" (line 14-15).
Car Truck Bolster
Patent for a car-truck bolster. The design improves upon existing versions to bolster a car or truck in order to readily makes repairs in a simple and expeditious manner. The bolster can be taken apart which allows for each part to be replaced separately.
Hydraulic Swivel.
Patent for "new and useful improvements in hydraulic swivels" (lines 1-6).
Patent for a connection with the suction-head portion of pneumatic street sweepers that provides a dust or dirt disturbing element in the form of a brush or broom.
Crate or Box.
Patent for "a crate or box of knockdown form consisting of a crate or box made of separable sections and bound together by wires and stay-bolts that are loosely set into the sections" (line 11-16) including instructions and illustrations.
Method Of Drilling Wells
Patent for a method of drilling wells. This invention is known as the rotary process that deals with alluvial deposits at different levels such as sand, water flows, gravel, gas under pressure, and boulders. Illustration included.
Hotel Office Dinkey
Patent for an hotel office dinkey. Illustration included.
Valve For Oil Wells
Patent for a valve for oil wells. This invention is designed to control the flow of oil during drilling. Illustration included.
Vapor Burner
Patent for a vapor burner. Illustration included.
Dust Separating Apparatus
Patent for a dust separating apparatus. This device is designed for seperating dust from the air. Illustrations included.
Patent for a protractor. Illustration included.
Rotary Motor
Patent for a Rotary Motor. Illustrations included.
Attachment For Surveying Instruments
Patent for attachment for surveying instruments. Illustrations included.
Match Box
Patent for form of single delivery match box. Illustrations included.
Mining Sulfur.
Patent for extracting sulfur that is being mined from the stratum that has the minerals. A fluid medium, such as air or a heated liquid, is forced into the stratum which assists with the elevation of the liquid mineral. As the minerals come up the heated tubes, the liquefied minerals are sent into vats.
Reamer for Oil or Artesian Wells
Patent for "a reamer of novel construction for enlarging the bore or opening of a well when it is required to increase the diameter to receive the casing or for other purpose. The reamer combines a head and a guide, the latter entering the bores, so as to steady and give proper direction to the tool and also prevent the cuttings entering and filling the bore during the process of enlargement" (lines 9-18).
Pumping Apparatus.
Patent for pumping apparatus. This invention provides a means to elevate liquids by use of compressed air. It is specifically intended for deep oil-wells.
Patent for an improved hydraulic drill to penetrate and bore holes into earth, clay and similar materials, including illustrations.
Oil Well Drill.
Patent for a new rotary oil drill with improvements to anchor the drill-pipe, improve oil flow, and prevent blow-outs of the drill-pipe.
Wall And Floor Brace
Patent for wall and floor brace. Illustration included.
Process of Producing Briquets
Patent for a process of producing briquets.
Patent for a wrench. Illustration included.
Portable Press for Hay
Patent for a portable press for hay. "My invention relates to portable hay and other presses, and has for its objects, first, an improved power-transmission and lever device for pressing or forcing the hay or other material into th box or frame of the press" (line 8-13). Illustration included.
Patent for a drill and reamer for the use of drilling deep wells. "This invention consists of a tool combining a drill-point and a reamer, the point penetrating the formation and the reamer following and rendering the sides of the bore smooth and in conjunction with the body directing the drill in a straight or true course" (lines 5-10). Illustrations included.
Reamer for Deep Wells
Patent for a reamer for deep wells. "This invention provides a reamer for enlarging the bore of wells by progressive action" (line 8-10). Illustration included.
Hydraulic Drill
Patent for a hydraulic drill. This invention is a class of drill for deep drilling that delivers water to the bottom of the opening.
Spudding and Pipe Driving Machine
Patent for a spudding and pipe driving machine. This invention comprises "two oppositely disposed engines, a block and tackle for supporting either the spudding or driving mechanism, and means for imparting a jogging movement to the well rope to operate the drill or hammer" (line 13-18). Illustration includes.
Patent for a rail joint.
Non-Refillable Bottle.
Patent for improvements to non-refillable bottles to prevent tampering and/or re-filling of container with alternate substance. Item is designed to be used on any ordinary bottle.
Bicycle Support
Patent for a bicycle support, which can be attached to different bicycles and carried in the pocket.
Process of Making Artificial Fuel
Patent for process of creating artificial fuel and the resulting product.
Patent for life preserver worn on the human body and inflated with a valve attached to rubber tubes. Includes illustration.
Patent for a trace fastener for whippletrees. This is a device that "provide[s] a simple, efficient, reliable fastener which will when in use, at all times and under all circumstances, hold the trace in connection with the end of the whiffletree [sic] and which will prevent undue wear on the cockeye or hole in the end of the trace." (Lines 9-16)
Electrically-Actuated Sawmill Set-Works
Patent for an electrically-actuated sawmill set-works that regulates movement of the clutch-stop and set-shaft, which determines the extent of knee-movement including illustrations.
Patent for an improved splint.
Patent for a roller truck that is comprised of "plurality of rollers, a suitable framework upon which said rollers operate, and an improved means of retaining them in position in said framework." (lines 14-17); including illustration and instructions
Cheese-Cutting Gage.
Letter Patent for gage "for cutting articles in bulk, such as whole cheese" (lines 9-10); including illustration and instructions
Patent for a new and useful drawers supporter, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "handle-bars for bicycles, velocipedes, and the like; and the primary object is to enable the successful use of animals' horns in the formation thereof and to provide for the adjustment and securing of such handle-bars in either a raised or lowered position or at any point within range of a circular adjustment" (lines 8-15).