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Cut-Off for Steam-Feeds for Sawmills.
Patent for Cut-Off For Steam Feeds For Sawmills.
Rotary Drilling Apparatus
Patent for well drilling apparatus (commonly known as rotaries) with eliminated screws and nuts, and reduced minimum number of parts, and which provides a quickly and easily operable gripping device.
Patent for a drying machine for stone, clay and related substances that will not burn the materials.
Sectional Dam and Flume
Patent for a sectional dam and flume for small waterways that takes the water to a turbine.
Ice-Making Apparatus
Patent for an ice-making apparatus that both cools the brine and makes the ice.
Air-Craft Propeller
Patent for an air craft propeller that reduces air resistance.
Wire-Winding Machine
Patent for a wire winding machine for making well screens.
Patent for a rotary drilling machine for drilling oil wells that has a stronger grip than previous drills.
Patent for a roundabout ride with an improved method of turning the seats and the seat holder.
Rotary Drilling-Machine
Patent for a rotary drilling machine for drilling oil wells. Illustrations included.
Patent for a rail joint that locks securely and will not sag.
Patent for a water wheel adapted for use in running machinery such as pumps. It uses a series of connected buckets mounted to turn on an axle, alternately charging the buckets with water.
Apparatus for Treating Granular Materials
Patent for an apparatus for treating granular materials. Illustrations included.
Patent for a cushioned tire which may be attached without special tools to an automobile wheel when the regular is flat or damaged. It can fold up for easy storage, and then attach to the wheel rim using hinges, rods, and sockets.
Improvements in Apparatus for Concentrating Acid
Patent for an apparatus for concentrating acid. This apparatus relates to concentrating weak acid taken from petroleum sludge.
Wave Motor
Patent for an improvement to wave motors, intended to use "the force of waves as motive power for operating machinery" (lines 9-10).
Steam Feed
Patent for a steam feed. This invention is designed "for sawmill carriages characterized by a steam cylinder, and a piston operating in the cylinder and having its rod connected to the sawmill carriage" (line 9-12). Illustration included.
Roundabout Swing
Patent for a roundabout swing. Illustrations included.
Grain-Door for Cars
Patent for a door for grain containers. Illustrations included.
Combined Harrow and Roller
Patent for a combined harrow and roller for pulverizing and eliminating unwanted growth from the ground. Illustrations included.
Journal-Box Oil-Cup
Patent for an oil cup for lubricating journal boxes. Illustrations included.
Device for Dipping Lumber.
Patent for a device for dipping lumber in a "soda" bath for preventing mildewing that allows the operator of the sawmill to determine which logs go through the bath.
Patent for an aerodrome. Illustrations included.
Patent for a wheel with a solid tire and elastic support. Illustrations included.
Patent for a rain cistern, which can have oil put in it to prevent rust and sends out dirt from the cistern if it overflows.
Patent for a useful oil-burner by providing an “improved nozzle structure, and with improved means for regulating the flow therefrom.” (Lines 15-17) Illustration is included.
Patent for a journal box that requires no disassembly to be replenished. Illustrations included.
Patent for a core drill for making bore holes in rocks to get out solid samples of the inside of rocks, which has an improved grabbing method for retrieving the piece of rock inside the hole.
Patent for a carburetor to be used on internal combustion engines. Illustrations included.
Oil-Burning System
Patent for a liquid fuel system used for burning crude oil. Illustrations included.
Steam Face-Bath
Patent for an apparatus that provides a steam bath for the face. Illustrations included.
Garment-Fitting Device.
Patent for a series of flexible bands and tapes to be used for efficient fitting of garments with regards to seam lines and marking patterns upon cloth by measuring the waist, skirt, and sleeve areas.
Oil Burning and Steam Generating Apparatus
Patent for an oil burning and steam generating apparatus. Illustration included.
Patent for a valve. Illustration included.
Patent for a signal that allows trainmasters to move trains in sections. Illustration included.
Patent for a pocket closure. Illustrations included
Root Crop Harvester
Patent for a root crop harvester. This invention is designed for the harvesting of peanuts, potatoes, sugar beets, turnips, onions, etc. Illustration included.
Patent for a lubricator used for lubricating graphite that is utilized in air brake systems. Illustrations included.
Patent for a street paving material made from limestone, limestone dust, and crude oil with layers of crushed rock in between which is waterproof and durable.
Patent for a machine designed to cut off the butt ends of cereal sheaves should they become wet or muddy. Illustrations included.
Combination Chair and Ironing Board
Patent for a chair that can fold and act as an ironing board. Illustration included.
Bearing for Driving and Other Shafts.
Patent for a bearing or other driving shafts which can be easily removed without harming the rest of the machine. Illustration is included.
Portable Sawing Machine
Patent for portable sawing machine. Illustration included.
Patent for a refrigerator. This design is for use with blocks of ice. Illustrations included.
Fusible Plug.
Patent for a fusible plug for steam boilers in trains that can be easily replaced without the boiler stopping its production.
Patent for a heater powered by oil, which provides uniform heating of rooms, uses as little oil as possible to maintain heat, and does not get soot on objects in the room it is in.
Casing Spear
Patent for casing spears. This invention is designed for pulling well tubes or casings that have broken off out of the well. Illustration included.
Well-Bailing Apparatus
Patent for specifications of Well Bailing Apparatus.
Rotary Drilling Apparatus.
Patent for a rotary drilling mechanism for drilling wells, which has better vertical movement than other models.
Door Stop and Lock.
Patent for a door lock and door stop that is operated from the doorknob by having a rod with a bolted door stop box on the bottom inserted into the door frame.