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Patent for an envelop seal. Illustrations included.
Seals for Vessles Containing Liquids.
Patent for a simple, easily applied, and inexpensive seal for vessels containing liquids. The seal goes over the vessel's stopper and must be partly broken away before removing the seal totally. The seal cannot be replaced once it has been removed.
Patent for improvements in gates “which can be readily opened away from the person by simply pulling down upon a lever or cord, and which will then automatically close without any further care or attention.” (Lines 24-28) Illustration is included.
Patent for an improved plow using frame-bars to secure a clevis at the front end with a plow-blade attached, and the inner sides of the frame-bars carries three plows which can be adjusted to any desired distance when in use; the clevis can be removed and used as a cultivator. Illustration is included.
Warning Strip for Wire Fences.
Patent for a new and improved warning strip for wire fences. This design "relates to warning-strips for wire fences designed as a visible signal to indicate the presence of the fence, and thus prevent cattle from running against the same and tearing themselves on the barbs" (lines 9-13).
Buggy Top Support.
Patent for a new and improved support for buggy-tops. This design "relates to supports for the tops of buggies or other vehicles, and has for its object to provide a simple, inexpensive, effective, and durable device for attachment to the folding braces of the vehicle-tops to prevent the accidental folding of the top when the vehicles are on the road" (lines 7-13).