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Patent for an airship that is equipped with gas bags to control the ascent and descent of the airship and make it float in case of landing in the water.
Canning Apparatus.
Patent for an improved boiling apparatus for canning.
Patent for a one-wheeled mail cart, which will not sink into muddy roads.
Combined Baling and Compress Machine.
Patent for a combined baling and compress machine for cotton gins, which makes bales that fulfill the rules of transportation companies on cotton bale density and is cost efficient enough for small gins to purchase.
Canning Apparatus
Patent for canning apparatus. Illustration included.
Fan Attachment for Chairs.
Patent for a fan that attaches to rocking chairs which turns one direction when the chair rocks forward and the opposite direction when the chair rocks backward.
Lubricating Axle
Patent for a lubricating axle.
Water Motor
Patent for a water motor. This is an invention for a type of motor operated by tidal power.
Cotton Press
Patent for a cotton press.
Cotton Compress
Patent for a cotton compress. This invention "is to produce a compress which will make a condensed bale of the regulation shape and which can be operated faster than the common form of compress" (line 16-20) illustrations included.
Wire-Reeling Apparatus
Patent for a wheeled spool for commercial construction and telecommunications wire.
Patent for a fence post
Patent for a conventional truck designed to lift heavy freight above the ground.
Lapel-Spring for Coats.
Patent for improvements in lapel-springs for coats and similar articles of clothing by using a loop-shaped spring and a rod or bar pivotally connected with or hinged to both ends of the spring. It will hold the lapels of a coat or similar garment in proper position. Illustration is included.
Automatic Feed for Saw-Setting Mechanism.
Patent for improvements to Automatic Feed for Saw-Setting Mechanism, "particularly adapted to advance the saw into alinement with a setting-punch by reciprocatory movement of a part of the mechanism" (lines 11-14), including illustrations.
Saw Setting and Feeding Device.
Patent for a new and "useful Improvements in Saw Setting and Feeding Devices" (lines 5-7) including illustrations.
Automatic Blast-Generator.
Patent for "a new and improved automatic blast-generator designed for the use of jewelers, dentists, and other persons, and arranged to produce a steady and uniform blast and to permit of increasing or decreasing the force of the blast as required, according to the nature of the work on hand." (Lines 9-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improved folding ironing-table that has "its top pivoted to the longer of two pairs of legs, the shorter pair designed to hold a cross bar which is adapted to support the table top about midway its length, when the table is opened and set up for use" (lines 18-22).
Patent for a plow that has an improved land-slide that can be "expeditiously and conveniently removed from the shank plate of the plow, and to so construct the shank plate that the share when placed thereon will be firmly held in position and be prevented from slipping vertically" (lines 10-15). The land-slide and shank-plate are firmly interlocked.
Cotton Feeder and Cleaner.
Patent for feeders and cleaners for cotton gins: "provide a combined feeder and cleaner for cotton gins which is not only thoroughly and effectually cleans cotton before it passes to the gin, but at the same time it regularly and positively feeds the cotton to the gin in such cleaned condition" (lines 10-15).
Patent for a churn-motor that provides "an improved churn-operating mechanism which shall be cheap and simple in its construction, easy to operate, and readily adjustable for all the purposes for which occasion may require" (lines 15-20).
Patent for a simple and effective cotton chopper that leaves the plants in bunches that is easily operated and uses a reciprocating motion to rotate the blades and chop the stalks.
Patent for an improvement in belt fasteners, "especially adapted for use in connection with the running belts of planning, sizing, matching, molding and like machines" (lines 10-12) so that belts may be adjusted to tighten or loosen easily.
Cotton Cleaner and Condenser.
Patent for a new and improved cotton cleaner and condenser. This design "is to produce a cheap and simple machine of this class which is adapted for use in connection with a cotton-gin and which will rapidly separate the dirt from the cotton and will also condense the cotton, so that it may be easily handled and baled" (lines 10-16). It consists in "[t]he combination of the case or frame having an inlet and its lower end and a hinged downward-curved hood at its upper end with the endless carrier mounted in the said case or frame with its higher end within the curved hood" (lines 47-52).
Patent for improvements in fanning-machines by making the fanning-machine portable, so that it “can be placed upon a table or other support or attached to a bed, chair, lounge, or seat of any kind;” (lines 18-21) it also can keep away flies and insects from people. Illustration is included.
Spring Motor.
Patent for a new and improved spring motor. This design consists in "[t]he combination of a motor with a drum attached to one of its shafts . . . the spring which bears upon the stop and which is rigidly secured to the frame at its outer end, the stop being pivoted . . . [and] a rod provided with a cone bearing laterally against said spring for increasing or decreasing the friction of the spring against the drum" (lines 73-84).
Elevator for Cotton-Cleaning Machines
Patent for improvements in the construction and design in elevators for machine for cleaning cotton.
Cotton Cleaner and Condenser.
Patent for a new and improved cotton cleaner and condenser. This design "is to provide a machine that will take the cotton as it comes from the gin and clean and condense it at one operation; and to this end the novelty consists . . . in an inclosing-shell having a foraminous drum revolving about an open-ended shell which has a longitudinal opening in its periphery, so as to remove the sand and dirt, and . . . in a foraminous drum revolving within a semicircular wire cage, whereby the cotton will be carried around in rolls on the drum and inside of the cage, so as to remove the leaf and trash" (lines 16-28).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "[t]he combination, in a coupling for air-brakes, of the movable arm having the recess or socket, and the pivoted arm having the shoulder or offset adapted to fit the recess and provided with the [other] arm to direct the said shoulder or offset to the said recess when the coupling-arms come together, the said shoulder and recess forming the terminals of the air-pipes at the ends of the cars" (lines 92-100).
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the draw-head provided with a flange upon one of its sides, ways for securing said draw-head in place and allowing it a longitudinal movement, an abutment which is secured to said ways upon one side, a hook which is pivoted in the draw-head on the side opposite to the flange, which hook is provided with a weight for keeping it normally closed, and which has a notch formed upon its pivotal end, and a latch which is pivoted to one side of the draw-head" (lines 64-74).
Landside for Plows.
Patent for a new and improved plow landside. This design "consists in a landside for plows made with a slotted flange to rest upon the forward side of the plow-standard, and a flange to rest upon the bottom of the furrow, whereby the plow will be made stronger, more durable, and more effective, and will be made to run steadier . . . The object of this invention is to increase the strength and durability of plow-plates, and obtain the efficiency and steadiness of ordinary turn-plows without their weight" (lines 21-31).
Baling Press.
Patent for a new and improved baling press. This design "is to promote convenience in operating baling-presses and increase the efficiency of said presses. The invention consists in a novel construction and arrangement of parts" (lines 16-20).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "consists in a jointed rod which has its lower end fastened to one of the hooks of the coupling and its upper end fastened to a vertically-moving ring that slides upon the brake-rod, whereby the coupling hook can be raised upward and supported in such a position that it will not couple when the cars run together" (lines 14-20).
Cloth-Measuring Machine.
Patent for for a new cloth-measuring machine design, including illustrations.
Cloth-Measuring Machine.
Patent for a cloth cleaning machine to "furnish bagging-reels, so constructed that the bagging can be conveniently unwound from the roll, measured automatically, and again wound into a roll" (lines 13-17).
Improvement in Cotton-Presses.
Patent for an improvement in cotton-presses adapted for pressing cotton into bales including instructions and illustration.
Improvement in Saw-Sets
Patent for an improvement in a device which sets the teeth of a saw, with instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Bale-Ties.
Patent for a bale-tie designed to "provide a simple, strong, durable, and easily adjustable tie for bales of cotton, hay, etc." (para. 4), using a hook, a band, and a beveled eye. The hook has a barb attached to the end, and is described as a double hook.
Improvement in Washing-Machines
Patent for "a new and valuable Improvement in Washing-Machines" for which "the novelty consists in providing the tank with two separate apartments or boxes for containing, respectively, suds and clear water, and in arranging the separating partition so that an ordinary wringer may be attached thereto and used on the clothes as they pass from the suds-box to the clear-water box."
Improvement in Apparatus for Preserving Meats and Vegetables
Patent for "improvement in apparatus" for the use of "preserving meats, vegetables, fruits &c." (lines 5, 16-17) including construction specifications and illustrations.
Improvement in Cotton Cultivators, Scrapers, and Choppers.
Patent for a new cotton cultivator that allows for a worker to adjust the cultivator's angle based on soil depth.
Patent for a paring device for peaches using prongs to hold and rotate the fruit while a blade pares the peach. Includes illustrations.