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Patent for a syrup pan for boiling down sap into syrup that keeps the solid matter in the pan and only lets the liquid syrup flow out.
Patent for "an electric head-light which will adjust the carbons of the arc lamp without the usual vibration" (lines 12-14) and be more durable and efficient.
Car Steps
Patent for rail car steps. Illustrations included.
Patent for an axle skein that holds the skein on the axle.
Window Ventilation.
Patent for a window ventilator for use in damp or cold weather that blocks the rain or cold, while allowing fresh air to enter the house.
Combined Level, Grade, Distance, and Elevation Finder.
Patent for a tool that acts as a combined plumb and spirit level.
Try Gravity Level
Patent for a try gravity level. Illustration included.
Patent for improvements in corn-thinners for removing excess stalks in the field by constructing the “upper portion’s blade flat to present straight side cutting edges, and having the lower portion curved transversely to present to a lower semicircular cutting edge.” (Lines 53-56.) With this design, the operator would not have to stoop over, making the thinning operation easier. Illustration is included.
Patent for a reciprocating steam-engine that both live steam and exhaust-steam may be utilized with a single piston to reciprocate it.
Device for Measuring Logs.
Patent for device for measuring logs consisting "of a pair of calipers, a measuring-segment, an arm, a plate, and a disk" (lines 13-14) in order to measure "the number of lumber feet in a log" lines 16-17), including illustrations.
Patent for improvements a cotton chopper that "consists of a two-wheeled carriage having a hoe situated to thin the cotton and is operated by bevel gear-wheels, a ratchet-wheel, and a spring" (lines 12-15).
Patent for "an improved cultivating-plow adapted for cultivating a number of rows of growing plants at a single operation" with improvements in connecting plow-beams to the axle, to devices for raising the plows from the ground, and in operating the cultivator.
Patent for a Fireplace-Fender used as a protective barrier between burning fireplaces and people. Specifically preventing the sparks from the fire to catch clothing on fire or any other flammable materials, Illustrations included.
Patent for a truss used to give relief to cases of ruptured hernias. Adjustable to be used by patients of varying sizes, and adaptable to treat both inguinal and umbilical ruptures. Includes illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in poultry coops, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful vine support, including instructions and illustrations.
Rest for Pivoting-Lathes.
Patent for a file-rest for watchmakers' pivoting-lathes with a "longitudially-slotted base and a vertical arm integral with said base" (lines 13-15), a holding-plate, and a thumb-screw.
Patent for a power-motor that a "gearing mounted on a frame, winding-drum, and horse-power, elevations and weights, with means for operating and regulating the same" (lines 12-15).
Patent for a logging-truck that is a "simple and convenient apparatus which is operated by a team to raise the logs from the ground, and which thus obviates the necessity of using a hand windlass as is usually done" (lines 14-18). This is used in countries where it does not snow often.
Patent for match-receptacle that holds a number of matches and the operator can withdraw one match at a time. The match must be ignited before its removal.
Patent for "a motor of cheap and simple construction that may be stopped and started readily, that is automatically governed, that may be operated continuously or without losing time for rewinding or hoisting the weight, and the power of which may be doubled or decreased one-half, as desired, and in accordance with the mechanism to be operated" (lines 10-17).
Electric Car-Brake.
Patent for improvements in electrically controlled car-brakes with the various purposes of coupling and uncoupling, putting on and taking off brakes, signaling from car to car or train to car, lighting trains, and other purposes to which it may be adapted, including illustrations.
Electric Car-Coupling.
Patent for invention that applies the use of electricity to various purposes of coupling and uncoupling, putting on and taking off brakes; signaling from car to car, train to car, or vice versa; lighting trains; and other purposes to which it can be adapted, including illustrations.
Electrical Connection and Signal for Railway-Cars.
Patent for invention that applies the use of electricity to suitable electrically-operated devices throughout a train, including illustrations.
Lamp-Wick Raiser.
Patent for a device designed to manipulate a lamp-wick in its guiding tube without cutting or injuring the wick, including illustrations.
Patent for improvements in plows by providing “a reversible colter adapted to be applied to any style of plow; such as shovel-plows, half or turning shovels, bull-tongue, or other forms of plows. Also to provide a convenient means of attaching and detaching the plow” (lines 12-17). Illustration is included.
Mechanical Movement.
Patent for a mechanical movement using a crank to operate the lazy-tongs through the medium of a pitman, guided by a pair of parallel wires and, a reciprocating bar guided by a socket to produce the reciprocating motion. Illustration is included.
Patent for new and improved shears. This design is "adapted to be run along the top of the table or other surface, whereby the movable blade is adapted to be operated so that cloth, paper, or other material may be severed" (lines 9-13). It consists, "with a lower member provided with a handle, of a roller journaled to said member and provided with an elongated eccentric-pin an upper member pivoted to said lower member, and a rearwardly-extending projection from said upper member provided with a suitable elongated opening for the engagement of said pin" (lines 38-46).
Pulley Hub.
Patent for a new and improved pulley-hub. This design "relates . . . to the means employed for attaching the hubs thereof firmly but removably to the shaft upon which the pulleys are mounted; and the object of the invention is to effect improvements upon the well-known 'spline-and-groove' connection. To this end the invention consists of a hub having upon its interior two outwardly-tapering grooves, wedges moving within said grooves, and a screw having a pointed tip passing between the inner ends of the wedges to separate them" (lines 8-20).
Bed Stay.
Patent for a new and improved bed stay. This design "consist[s] of wires doubled at their center parts and twisted . . . to form loops . . . and diverged from said twisted parts and attached to the corner portions of the bedstead, and a tension and locking device consisting of a straining-lever fulcrumed to one of the loops and adapted to lock thereon and engaging the other loop" (lines 90-97).
Bed Stay.
Patent for a new and improved bed stay. This design consists in "[t]he combination, in a bed-stay, of wires connected to the corners of the bed-stead, blocks on the wires, loops connected to the blocks, a lever hung to the loop, and a latch device locking the free end of the lever to the loop" (lines 10-15).
Cotton compressor
Patent for cotton compressor using platens, bearings, pulleys, levels, rods and shafts.
Improvement in Spectacle-Frames.
Patent for "spectacle-frames in which the bows are turned into a coil near the points where they are connected to the lens-hoops for the purpose of forming spring-joints, instead of the ordinary pivot-joints." (Lines 6-10) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Vegetable-Cutters.
Patent for "vegetable-cutters adapted to cut a number of slices by a single stroke, in which a series of knives, arranged in two converging tiers, are used in conjunction with a centrally-disposed block for supporting the article to be sliced." (Lines 7-12) Includes instructions and illustrations.