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Cotton Cleaner And Feeder
Patent for a cotton cleaner and feeder. It is designed with an intermediate of a chute and cotton-gin to feed the cotton to the gin. Illustrations included.
Patent for an improvement in the science of combination locks. Illustrations and instructions are included.
Patent for a Spark-Arrester.
Patent for a bottle. Illustration included.
Fire Box
Patent for a fire box. Illustration included.
Sound Reproducing Machine
Patent for a sound reproducing machine. Illustrations included.
Electric Time Switch
Patent for a electric time-switch. Illustration included.
Stocking Supporter
Patent for a stocking supporter. Illustration included.
Frame for Motor Bicycles
Patent for a frame for motor bicycles. Illustrations included.
Ruling Machine
Patent for a ruling machine. Illustrations included.
Match Box
Patent for a match box. Illustration included.
Grate Fender
Patent for grate fender. Illustration included.
Hand Plow Propeller
Patent for hand plow propeller. Illustration included.
Non Refillable Bottle
Patent for a non-refillable bottle. This is designed to prevent fraudulent substitution of material. Illustration included.
Railroad Switch
Patent for a railroad switch. Illustration included.
Patent for an improvement of a mechanical operated gate. Illustration included.
Steam Boiler
Patent for a stem boiler. Illustration included.
Patent for a combination lock that is able to be changed at will due to its arrangement of parts.
Patent for a device to hold type, so it can set and be delivered.
Rod Coupling
Patent for rod coupling. Illustration included.
Self Measuring Scale
Patent for self measuring scale. Illustration included.
Coin Operated Vending Machine
Patent for a coin operated vending machine that is meant to be inexpensive and adapted to protect the items being vended, and to allow adjustment for coins of different denominations.
Automatic Railway Switch
Patent for a automatic railway switch. Illustration included.
Acetylene Gas Torch
Patent for a acetylene gas torch. Illustration included.
Coin Controlled Vending Machine
Patent for coin controlled vending machine. Illustrations included.
Fireproof Floor Construction.
Patent for fireproofing floor construction in a durable and huge manner. The parts that support and brace the flooring with v-shaped anchors and concrete walling, assist with fireproofing the floor.
Toy Torpedo Exploder
Patent for a toy torpedo exploder. Illustration included.
Patent for an improvement in Blind-Stops. "My invention relates to improvements in blind-stops, and has for its object to provide a simple, strong, and cheap device of this kind." (lines 15-18) and illustration.
Oil Burner
Patent for Oil Burner
Patent for a water heater for use in small spaces. This water heater heats water rapidly and is less costly as well as smaller than a standard boiler.
Dental Clamp
Patent for a dental clamp. Illustration included.
Hip Form and Stocking Supporter
Patent for hip-forms and stocking supporters. This "invention pertains to hip-forms and stocking supporters for ladies wear; and it consists in combined hip-form and stocking-supporter the novelty, utility, and practical advantages" (line 8-12). Illustration included.
Cheese Cutter
Patent for a cheese cutter.
Improvements in Sash-Lock
Patent for an improvement on sash locks or fasteners for a window frame to allow two sashes to be controlled by one sash.
Coin Operating Vending Machine
Patent for a coin operated vending machine. Illustration included.
Torpedo Receptacle
Patent for a torpedo receptacle. This invention is an improvement for use with railroad lanterns. Illustration included.
Gin Rib
Patent for a gin rib. This is an improvement on the ribs/grates for cotton gins. Illustration included.
Patent for transplanter. This transplanter is designed to keep the roots compacted with the immediate soil around the root system.
Sash Cord Holder
Patent for a sash cord holder. Illustration included.
Neck Yoke Counter Stop for Artillery Carriages
Patent for a neck yoke counter stop for artillery carriages. This invention is an improvement for counter-stop adapted for the limber-pole of artillery field-carriages.
Patent for a dumping cart with a body that locks to the frame, but can be released quickly to dump materials via two toggle arms connected to a crank handle. Including illustrations and instructions.
Educational Device.
Patent for improvements in educational device by providing “a simple and comparatively inexpensive one designed for teaching addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division and capable of enabling the same to be explained with greater ease and at the expenditure of much less energy of both pupil and teacher.” (Lines 12-18) Illustration is included.
Locking System for Jail-Doors
Patent for locking system for jail doors where locks of a series of cell doors can be operated simultaneously.
Combined Compositor's Stick and Type Chase
Patent for combined compositor's stick and type chase. Illustration included.
Music Leaf Turner
Patent for a music leaf turner.
Compositor's Stick
Patent for a compositor's stick. This invention is for the improvement of the mechanism for setting type and printing.
Patent for cheese cutter that features improvements which include guides for the knife, the box and cover, and the means for holding the cheese in place on a rotatable platform.
Patent for a plow produced as "a simple, inexpensive, and durable implement for plowing out stalks, particularly cotton-stalks, without turning the ground or covering the stalks, and arranged to prevent the stalks from being precipitated in front of the standard, and thereby impeding the movement of the plow. (lines 9-14)
Patent for sash-lock.
Spring-frame for Motor-cycles
Patent for a suspension spring-frame that is lighter and provides better absorption of shock for motorbikes, with illustrations.