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Texas Patents - Browse

Cotton Cleaner And Feeder
Patent for a cotton cleaner and feeder. It is designed with an intermediate of a chute and cotton-gin to feed the cotton to the gin. Illustrations included.
Patent for an improvement in the science of combination locks. Illustrations and instructions are included.
Patent for a Spark-Arrester.
Barrel Swing for Store Counters
Patent for a barrel swing that allows the barrel to swing out from under the counter. Illustration included.
Milk Cooler
Patent for a milk cooler. Illustration included.
Patent for an automobile pump. This invention is designed for quick mounting and dismounting in order to lift an automobile to remove its tires. Illustrations included.
Bat Roost
Patent for a bat roost. Illustration included.
Patent for a spring-motor. Illustration included.
Extension Step Ladder
Patent for an extension step ladder. Illustrations included.
Patent for a pipe clamp for lifting and placing pipes and drill rods into and out of wells. Illustrations included.
Back-Pressure Valve
Patent for a back pressure valve for well drilling which may be "removed from the well with facility and despatch" (lines 18-20).
Rotary Steam Engine
Patent for rotary steam engine. Illustration included.
Portable Waiter
Patent for a portable waiter comprised of wheels and a removable tray that is used to carry dishes to and from a dining room to a kitchen. Illustrations included.
Patent for a scale that is used for weighing hay prior to feeding it into a baling press. Illustration included.
Dental Handpiece
Patent for a dental hand piece for dental tools so that they may be held or rotated at an angle relative to the hand piece. Illustrations included.
Rail Joint
Patent for a rail joint. Illustration included.
Lock for Toy Banks
Patent for a lock for toy banks. Illustrations included.
Cotton-Gin Attachment
Patent for an attachment to be used as a chute for cotton gins. Illustrations included.
Patent for an axle lubricator. Illustrations included.
Patent for an animal trap. Illustrations included.
Apparatus for Extracting Honey
Patent for an apparatus for extracting honey. Illustration included.
Work-Box for Sewing-Machine Tables
Patent for a work box for sewing machine tables that can be readily placed or removed from position without any damage. Illustrations included
Spark Arrester
Patent for a spark arrester. Illustration included.
Milking Apparatus
Patent for a milking apparatus. This invention is designed to imitate the action of hand milking or a calf's sucking. Illustration included.
Vehicle Tire
Patent for a vehicle tire. Illustration included.
Setting Plants
Patent for setting plants. This invention is and improvement of a machine that sets young plants as an efficient method to promote rapid and uniform growth. Illustration included.
Sewing Awl
Patent for a sewing awl. Illustration included.
Advertising Street Car Sign
Patent for an advertisement sign located on the top of street cars. Illustration included.
Lawn-Trimming Machine
Patent for a lawn-trimming machine designed to trim the edges of lawns or other grass plots. Illustrations included.
Patent for a new railroad rail design. Illustrations included.
Electric Signaling System for Railways
Patent for an electric signaling system for railways which allows the engineer to see whether there is any danger or obstruction ahead on the track, and send and receive signals to and from a distant point. Illustrations included.
Patent for a trap for rodents. The invention consists of multiple doors for actuation by the weight of the rodent. Illustration included.
Cooling Device for Lard-Compounding Machines
Patent for a machine that spreads melted lard into thin sheets and freezes it. Illustrations included.
Patent for a well pump. Illustrations included.
Signaling Device for Headlights
Patent for a signaling device for headlights. This inventions is designed to allow moving lens of various colors to filter light. Illustration included.
Wire Stretcher
Patent for a wire stretcher. Illustration included.
Feed-Valve for Air-Brake Systems
Patent for a feed valve for air brake systems, designed to more efficiently refill the air supply of the auxiliary reservoir found in a train. Illustrations included
Illusion Car
Patent for an illusion car. This invention is related to amusement. Illustrations included.
Line-Holder and Cylindrical Type-Chase
Patent for a "combined line holder and cylindrical type chase" (p. 1, lines 10-11) to allow typesetting by unskilled workers.
Line Holder and Type Chase
Patent for a line-holder and type-chase, intended to make possible rapid and easy setting of type by unskilled people.
Patent for a lawn rocker improvement that provides swing and is durable and inexpensive.
Patent for improvements and simplification of the permutation lock including a latch-bolt slidable case and a tumbler-shaft journaled in a side wall of the case.
Patent for a lock. This invention is a design of door lock that uses a key and combination. Illustration included.
Railway Signaling-Lantern.
Patent for a railway-signaling lantern designed with a U-shaped handle for easier handling, and safer signaling, with illustrations.
Nailless Horseshoe
Patent for horseshoe with extended sides that will bend inward to fit the shape of the horse hoof and that will be secured by screwing on nuts to pre-attached bolts on ears pressed against the hoof. Invention is a light and adjustable shoe that can be put on without the use of nails and can be removed at any time.
Railway-Track Construction
Patent for a railroad tie. Illustration included.
Patent for a new phonograph machine with improvements of sound-box-transversing mechanisms and uniformity of movements, including illustrations.
Patent for a lock. Illustration included.
Electrical Signal System.
Patent for an electrical system "whereby the position of a train anywhere between the ends of a track can be ascertained at either terminal" (lines 14-16).
Electrical Signal System.
Patent for an improved electrical signal system which can help ascertain "the position of a train or other obstruction on a railway-track ... at either terminal" (lines 14-16), including an illustration.