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Cotton Cleaner And Feeder
Patent for a cotton cleaner and feeder. It is designed with an intermediate of a chute and cotton-gin to feed the cotton to the gin. Illustrations included.
Patent for an improvement in the science of combination locks. Illustrations and instructions are included.
Patent for a Spark-Arrester.
Wire Stretcher
Patent for a wire stretcher. Illustration included.
Line-Holder and Cylindrical Type-Chase
Patent for a "combined line holder and cylindrical type chase" (p. 1, lines 10-11) to allow typesetting by unskilled workers.
Line Holder and Type Chase
Patent for a line-holder and type-chase, intended to make possible rapid and easy setting of type by unskilled people.
Patent for a lawn rocker improvement that provides swing and is durable and inexpensive.
Patent for improvements and simplification of the permutation lock including a latch-bolt slidable case and a tumbler-shaft journaled in a side wall of the case.
Railway Signaling-Lantern.
Patent for a railway-signaling lantern designed with a U-shaped handle for easier handling, and safer signaling, with illustrations.
Nailless Horseshoe
Patent for horseshoe with extended sides that will bend inward to fit the shape of the horse hoof and that will be secured by screwing on nuts to pre-attached bolts on ears pressed against the hoof. Invention is a light and adjustable shoe that can be put on without the use of nails and can be removed at any time.
Patent for a new phonograph machine with improvements of sound-box-transversing mechanisms and uniformity of movements, including illustrations.
Patent for a lock. Illustration included.
Electrical Signal System.
Patent for an electrical system "whereby the position of a train anywhere between the ends of a track can be ascertained at either terminal" (lines 14-16).
Electrical Signal System.
Patent for an improved electrical signal system which can help ascertain "the position of a train or other obstruction on a railway-track ... at either terminal" (lines 14-16), including an illustration.
Amusement Device
Patent for an amusement device. This invention is designed as an apparatus for a swing, a trapeze, a horizontal bar, and seesaw. Illustration included.
Pipe Grip
Patent for pipe grip. Illustration included.
Cattle Guard
Patent for a cattle guard. "This invention is a cattle guard having transverse drainage conduits with overhanging plates and so proportioned that the foot of an animal will be projected into the conduit" (lines 13-17). Illustration included.
Patent for a latch. Illustration included.
Acetylene Generator
Patent for an acetylene generator. Illustration included.
Patent for a bedstead. Illustration included.
Vacuum Storage And Preserving Can
Patent for vacuum storage and preserving can. This invention is intended for the use of preserving eggs. Illustration included.
Hay Press
Patent for a hay press. This invention is a form of baling press that operates on a continuously reciprocated as hay is fed into the press chamber. Illustrations included.
Ore Concentrator
Patent for an ore concentrator. Illustration included.
Fluid Pressure Brake
Patent for a fluid pressure brake. Illustration included.
Permutation Locking Device For Lockets
Patent for a permutation locking device for lockets. Illustration included.
Double Rotary Force Pump
Patent for double rotary force pump. Illustration included.
Window Shutter Worker And Latch
Patent for a window shutter and latching system. Illustration included.
Patent for a bottle. Illustration included.
Fire Box
Patent for a fire box. Illustration included.
Carbid Feeding Device
Patent for carbid feeding device. Illustration included.
Sound Reproducing Machine
Patent for a sound reproducing machine. Illustrations included.
Nut Cracking Machine
Patent for an industrial pecan cracking machine. Illustrations included.
Electric Time Switch
Patent for a electric time-switch. Illustration included.
Stocking Supporter
Patent for a stocking supporter. Illustration included.
Frame for Motor Bicycles
Patent for a frame for motor bicycles. Illustrations included.
Ruling Machine
Patent for a ruling machine. Illustrations included.
Telephone Transmitter
Patent for a telephone transmitter. Illustration included.
Match Box
Patent for a match box. Illustration included.
Grate Fender
Patent for grate fender. Illustration included.
Hand Plow Propeller
Patent for hand plow propeller. Illustration included.
Non Refillable Bottle
Patent for a non-refillable bottle. This is designed to prevent fraudulent substitution of material. Illustration included.
Railroad Switch
Patent for a railroad switch. Illustration included.
Railway Crossing Gate
Patent for an automatic railway crossing gate. Illustration included.
Patent for an improvement of a mechanical operated gate. Illustration included.
Steam Boiler
Patent for a stem boiler. Illustration included.
Patent for a combination lock that is able to be changed at will due to its arrangement of parts.
Patent for a device to hold type, so it can set and be delivered.
Rod Coupling
Patent for rod coupling. Illustration included.
Nut Lock
Patent for a nut lock. Illustration included.
Self Measuring Scale
Patent for self measuring scale. Illustration included.