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Patent for attaching wings to a car in such a way that the wings will automatically adjust as the car shifts in flight. Detailed description and illustrations are included.
Lantern globe
Patent for lantern globe
Patent for an improvement in the science of combination locks. Illustrations and instructions are included.
Patent for a Spark-Arrester.
Patent for "...an improved construction and arrangement of trailers and has for an object that provision of means which will allow as easy turning movement where a number of trailers are connected while admitting of strain between the various trailers, whereby they are propelled properly around a curve." (lines 5-15) including illustrations.
Patent for hose support with pivoted standard having a part which is adapted to support the nozzle of the hose, with illustrations.
Patent for a biplane design that has improved lift, steering, stability, and landing, including illustrations.
Tub Holder
Patent for improvements made to tub holders, primarily to suit tubs of various sizes for heating water. Purposes for holding tubs include boiling water for clothes and food. The improvements focus on support of the tubs, and allow for rotation of tubs with ease and efficiency.
Patent for a new bandage or dressing clamp that will hold a bandage in place. It includes two circular, notched jaws held together by an adjustable tube. Illustrations included.
Mold for Typographical Casting-Machines.
Patent for a mold for typographical casting machines which may be altered to produce slugs of different sizes.
Patent for a simplified part that controls the rebound of the hammer on a piano.
Safety Lamp-Burner.
Patent for a safety lamp-burner, which extinguishes itself when the lamp is tipped over.
Boot-Tree Former.
Patent for a boot-tree former, which is used in boot manufacturing to form and stretch the shape of a boot.
Patent for a live animal trap that uses a trigger and allows for live bait. Wire fabric is used to prevent animals from digging and escaping.
Printing Press
Patent for a printing press design that has a "type carrying member" which is a "circular rotary disk," and a "mechanism for elevating the ink supplying rolls and paper carrying platens to permit of the passage of the type therebelow without being affected," (lines 11-12, 23-26) including illustrations.
Spring Wheel
Patent for a spring wheel design that will "effectually resist both the vertical and lateral stresses to which the wheel is subjected when in use" (lines 11-13), including illustrations.
Patent for spring hubs in automobiles and other vehicles. This prevents jarring and jolting between the spindle and the wheel.
Ice-Cream-Freezer Holder.
Patent for a new ice cream freezer holder to be placed at the bottom of a freezer during the freezing process, including illustrations.
Patent for a bat roost that provides roosting space, as well as a space for hibernation. The bat roost will have a lower space that allows the user to clean out the droppings.
Lard-Extracting Machine.
Patent for a machine by which lard, or other substance with a similar consistency, "may be extracted directly from the original shipping vessel, such as a barrel... so that the lard will be expelled though and delivered from a dispensing nozzle" (lines 18-23); including instructions and illustrations.
Hose-Nozzle Holder.
Patent for a hose nozzle holder, particularly for garden hoses, with illustrations.
Pneumatic Tire.
Patent for pneumatic tire that is not susceptible to puncture, rim cut or blow out, including illustrations.
Valve For Internal-Combustion Engines.
Patent for improvements on the piston sleeve valves of internal combustion engines which will supply power to the crank shaft. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Railroad-Script Holder.
Patent for cutting the correct length of script. and keeping in shape for future use with illustrations.
Lamp-Operating Mechanism.
Patent for the improvement within the lamp operating mechanism for automobiles. The invention allows lamps to be turned on simultaneously by using the front wheels.
Patent for Line-Insulator for improvements telephone and telegraph line
Two-Row Cotton and Corn Planter.
Patent for cotton and corn planters. The invention is for a two row type planter that allows for planting on "beds" or "listed" land.
Patent for an account index card holder with “superposed parallel arms” (lines 111-112) that allow portions of the front and reverse side of each card to be visible. The holder and its supports may be used with a system for organizing, tracking, and indexing accounts.
Patent for a pencil sharpener that sharpens pencils quickly and efficiently. This invention catches the resulting shavings and dust, and has a compact design to fit in a pocket.
Patent for hydro-carbon burner that has new and improved construction. It is a burner that is simple, durable, and compact in its construction, and it is also efficient and economical to use.
Air Suction and Force Pump
Patent for improvement in suction and force pumps, a pneumatic lift-and-force pump for raising water from wells.
Patent for improved cabinet bed construction features, which include allow access to mirror on either side.
Patent for a device to securely fasten a hat to the head of a person. The device is hidden from sight when worn, may easily be removed, and engages both the use of the hair and the shape of the head in it's operation.
Bilge-Water Dishcharger
Patent for the importance of discharging bilge water from a boat.
Dip for Animals.
Patent for a non-poisonous antiseptic and parasiticide dip to cure animal's skin diseases (including mange and Spanish itch) and stimulate the growth of wool or hair.
Motor-Driven Table
Patent for "improvements in rotatable tables, such as are employed for the display of goods and for general serving purposes in hotels, restaurants and other places" (lines 12-16) including illustrations and instructions.
Patent for new stamping device for "quickly and accurately stamping railroad tickets on their faces with the date of issue, the destination and the time limit or number of the train on which the ticket is to be used" (lines 11-15) including instructions and illustrations.
Sliding-Door Latch.
Patent for "a latch applicable to the sliding doors of common carriers, dwellings, and the like" (lines 10-12), to keep sliding doors shut. Illustrations included.
Combined Pneumatic Lift and Force Pump.
Patent for a combined pneumatic lift and force pump, which is able to reach the inexhaustible supply of water found at the depths of five to forty or more feet in the arid region of Texas and Great Central Valley of Mexico. The machinery perfects the simplicity and economy of construction needed to reach and lift a great volume of water in a short time.
Electric Soldering-Iron
Patent for an improved electric soldering iron, "to provide novel means for permitting the flow of solder and for shutting it off" (lines 18-19), including illustrations.
Patent for metal road culvert improvements. Light weight, but sturdy, interlocking metal sheets are used. They can be stacked for cheaper and easier shipping. The culvert allows large amounts of water to flow through.
Curtain Stretcher
Patent for curtain stretcher or frames
Patent for gearing for a flying machine. This gearing will allow for two independent drive shafts to work with tow independent engines to allow both engines to connect to either or both draft shafts.
Patent for "an improved form of incinerator for burning garbage and other refuse, both solid and liquid, as well as the gases liberated therefrom, without the emission of smoke or noxious odors, or gases, and especially suitable for disposing of the refuse of military encampments, farms, hotels, houses, communities, etc., not provided with sewers" (lines 9-17), including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an automobile tire pump that can be used with any size tire.
Patent for a roof jack that will hold up scaffolding.
Rotary Engine
Patent for a rotary engine that uses steam as a motive agent. Illustrations included.
Patent for an aeroplane. Illustrations included.
Patent for a dog race track where an artificial animal is chased by the dogs which then disappears underground at the end of its cable.
Register and Change-Returner
Patent for a fare collecting machine that also returns change.