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Patent for attaching wings to a car in such a way that the wings will automatically adjust as the car shifts in flight. Detailed description and illustrations are included.
Patent for an improvement in the science of combination locks. Illustrations and instructions are included.
Patent for a Spark-Arrester.
Patent for an automobile tire pump that can be used with any size tire.
Patent for a roof jack that will hold up scaffolding.
Patent for a dog race track where an artificial animal is chased by the dogs which then disappears underground at the end of its cable.
Register and Change-Returner
Patent for a fare collecting machine that also returns change.
Fan Spring-Motor
Patent for a portable fan spring motor.
Magnetic Separator
Patent for a magnetic separator for use in cotton and grain milling that removes all magnetic particles from the product.
Operating Mechanism for Flushing Devices
Patent for an operating mechanism for flushing toilets automatically.
Folding Feed-Box.
Patent for a folding feed box that may be "readily carried or packed in a small space" (lines 18-19) when not being used.
Wireless Break-Key
Patent for a wireless break key that allows a station to just have one aerial line and prevents burn out of the machinery and injury to operators while transmitting messages faster than other wireless devices.
Bedclothes Clamp
Patent for a bedclothes clamp to hold covers on a bed.
Resilient Wheel
Patent for a resilient wheel that is not puncturable by objects in the road bed.
Patent for a boat propeller that does not create a vacuum behind it and is more efficient than other propellers.
Internal Combustion Engine.
Patent for improved internal combustion engine design that replaces puppet valves with slide valves to increase port area and speed, while reducing noise. Includes illustrations.
Nut Removing Device
Patent for a nut removing device. This device is designed for the removing of lug nuts from vehicle wheels. Illustration included.
Patent for a wave motor for vehicles that travel on water. Illustrations included.
Spring Wheel
Patent for a spring wheel. This invention is for vehicle wheels. It is designed to be adapted as a form of shocks.
Combined Elastic Clutch and Engine-Starter
Patent for a combined elastic clutch and engine starter for hydrocarbon engines that does not produce a jerk.
Gage or Indicator for Liquid-Tanks.
Patent for a gage or indicator for liquid tanks of inflammable and explosive liquids. Its main purpose is to prevent leakage to minimize danger from fire, including illustrations and instructions.
Patent for a vehicle tire with improved springs.
Resilient Vehicle Wheel
Patent for a resilient vehicle-wheel. Illustrations are included.
Patent for a transplanter to move a rooted cotton plant and the soil around it to a different location. Illustrations included.
Attachment for Windmills.
Patent for a windmill attachment that will increase the pumping capacity of windmills or other lifting pumps.
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Car-Brakes" (lines 6-7) relating to a railroad brake operating mechanism, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a gate. This invention allows a movable gate to hang on ball bearing hangers without sagging. Illustrations included.
Combined Latch and Lock for Screen Doors, etc.
Patent for a combined latch and lock for screen doors and other uses. Illustration included.
Patent for "a flying machine of the heavier-than-air or aeroplane type" (lines 10-11) that has a central opening. Around the central opening, the front and wings form obtuse dihedral angles, which keep the plane stable.
Patent for an improved match box that holds at such an angle to a supporting wall that the matches will slide down to the delivery end of the match safe. The invention also includes a receptacle for burned matches.
Revolving Case and Account Register
Patent for revolving case and cash register. This device is designed as an account system and provides customers with and account book for keeping records. Illustrations included.
Patent for an aeroplane that will maintain its balance in the air automatically
Railroad Gate
Patent for
Detector for Wireless Signaling Apparatus.
Patent for wireless signaling apparatus which provides a detector which shall be universal in its application, by means of which any of the well known minerals or materials may be employed and removably held in proper position.
Door Operating Means
Patent for a mechanism to operate jail doors. The mechanism is "operated with a single movement of the hand to open and close a plurality of doors simultaneously" (14-19). Illustrations included.
Pipe-Making Machine.
Patent for pipe making machines in which "concrete, clay or shale is formed into pipe by a combined feeding and molding mechanism" (lines 17-19).
Patent for a lightweight protector for pneumatic tires, providing dust- and waterproofing, as well as providing protection from puncture.
Air-Lift Pump
Patent for an air lift pump. Illustrations included.
Patent for a fish trap. Illustrations included.
Patent for an aeroplane. Illustrations included.
Patent for improvements to the type of "buggy wrench" used for removing lug nuts.
Signal-Lamp for Vehicles.
Patent for a signal lamp for a vehicle. The signal lamp is constructed in a way only so that only one light is required to illuminate rear and sign signals, and the sign or number.
Music Leaf Holder and Turner
Patent for music leaf holder and turner. Illustration included.
Box for Carrying Wireless Signalling Apparatus
Patent for a box for carrying wireless signaling equipment that fits the equipment well and has a handle or strap for carrying the box with.
Patent for a cotton condenser that can receive lint cotton and form it into a continuous bat so that it can be passed from condenser to compress. It provides better quality of lint that is formed into the bat by removing dust and inferior fibers.
Cover for Kettles and the Like.
Patent for an improved cover for kettles, pots, saucepans, and other culinary vessels. The improved cover prevents hands from being burned by steam from the vessel.
Patent for an automobile lamp that will rotate the direction the tires of the car turn.
Patent for a mandolin that is made out of an animal (armadillo) and wood.
Patent for a calculating yardstick for measuring cloth and calculating its price per yard.
Foldable Holder for Writing-Pads
Patent for a foldable cover for writing pads. Illustrations included.