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Improvement in Turning-Lathes for Wood.
Patent for an improved machine for turning saddle-tress.
Flour Sifter and Mixer.
Patent for a "simply constructed" (line 11-12) flour sifter and mixer wherein the flour can be "thoroughly mixed without removal of the sifter" (line 12-13) including an illustration.
Adhesive and Method of Making the Same
Patent for starch used for paper that can act as an adhesive coating. Illustrations included.
Rail Connection
Patent for a rail connection. This invention consists of heavy fish-plates and screw bolts that are supported between adjacent cross ties
Rowing Appliance.
Patent for a rowing appliance, which allows the oarsman of a boat to face toward the bow and see where the boat is traveling.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for cotton chopper. This invention is on a wheel mounted frame and is adjustable for cutting out sections at desired intervals. Illustration included.
Patent for a simplified coffee pot that extracts coffee by using boiling water and the receptacle without changing the structure of the device.
Cotton Picker
Patent for a cotton picker. Illustration included.
Patent for a water pump. Illustration included.
Patent for improvements in the construction of water evaporation milk-coolers to make them more easily taken apart and arranged for shipping and preventing ants from entering the device and getting in the milk. Descriptions of the parts of the device and illustrations are included.
Patent for rotary pump designed to counterbalance thrust at each step by a "series of lifting-wheels mounted upon a common shaft" (lines 10-11) in order to minimize wheel thrust.
Patent for improving the design so that when it is closed it forms loops for holding the window's curtains, while also being inexpensive and strong.
Attachment for Ice-Boxes.
Patent for an attachment for ice-boxes which is "a vessel for the reception of ice and having a surrounding series of compartments for the reception of the matter to be refrigerated" (lines 11-14).
Patent for new and useful improvements in wrenches, including instructions and illustrations.
Two-Piece Box.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in two piece boxes, including instructions and illustrations.
Rotary Engine.
Patent for a new and improved rotary engine, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful improvement in hunting knives, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improved life boat that "consists principally of a central closed hull equipped with propelling machinery, and floats extending on the sides of the said hull and rigidly secured thereto, to support the hull in position." (Lines 12-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Canal or Ditch Digging Machine.
Patent for a canal or ditch digging machine that has a carriage and a mechanism that draws the carriage across the ground, and a boring-tool beneath the carriage. The boring-tool can bore at an adjustable angle.
Patent for a pump-strainer that cleans and separates water or other liquid that is drawn from wells or reservoirs.
Wire Stretching and Splicing Tool.
Patent for a wire stretching and splicing tool used when repairing barbed wire and other wire fences. It connects the ends of broken wires by bringing them together and twisting them. It has a wire gripping device, an adjustable end that corresponds to the wire gripper, a way to separate the above listed parts and bring them back together again, and a clamping device.
Patent for a machine that drives posts and "can be placed on the running gear of a vehicle in such a manner that it can be readily adjusted to operate on posts at either side of the longitudinal axis of the vehicle" (lines 14-18). It can be easily adjusted and is simply constructed.
Oar Lock Attachment.
Patent for an oar-lock attachment that allows the oar to be removed but not easily disconnected, using a hook on the oar with a spring plate and an eye on the boat gunwale, with illustrations.
Patent for an insecticide specifically for insects that burrow into the shucks of corn. "The general object of my invention is to provide a compound capable, when affected by moisture incidental to the sweating of the corn in the crib, of generating a poisonous gas which will permeate the shucks and reach and destroy the insect within the shucks, where it cannot be destroyed by simply sprinkling the corn with a poisonous powder or solution" (lines 17-25).
Support for Wire Fences.
Patent for improvements to supports for wire fences, so that wooden posts and other supplemental devices are not necessary. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Electro Medical Belt.
Patent for a new and improved electro-medical belt. This design "consists in a belt or support constructed of multiple-ply electro-conductive belting, which [the design] make[s] by inserting a conductor or conductors between the folds of a multiple-ply band with suitable contact-points at the surface, a sling supported by and movable on the belt for carrying the electric generator, also constructed of the electro-conductive belting, and having detachable connectors between its contact points and those of the belt-contact plates, consisting of disks or plates provided with tongues" (lines 18-29).
Device for Distributing Insect Powder.
Patent for a new and improved bug sprayer. This design consists in "the combination of the body of the bellows and the perforate wall or sieve arranged longitudinally therein, dividing the bellows into two compartments, with a nozzle or an air-outlet communicating with one compartment, whereby material placed in the other compartment on the opposite side of the sieve is agitated by the operation of the bellows and delivered to the air-blast in a comminuted state" (lines 25-35).
Electro-Medical Belt
Patent for "a suitable belt or other support carrying movable contact-plates, a galvanic battery, an induction-coil, connections between the battery and coil, and conductors connecting the secondary wire of the coil to the contact-plates through which the shock is to be conveyed, the contact-plates being provided with suitable binding-screws or other connectors, and also having suitable flaps or insulators for covering them when not in use" (lines 21-31).
Patent for a new and improved wheel. This design "relates to improvements in that class of expanding wheels in which the hub is provided with an inclined abutment, on which the inclined ends of the spokes rest, the said spokes being clamped in position and adjusted on the abutment by clamping collars; and the invention consists in the peculiar construction and arrangement of parts" (lines 8-15).
Process of and Apparatus for Extracting Crystallized Sugar from Bagasse.
Patent for a new and improved extractor of crystallized sugar from bagasse. This design "is to save a percentage of [the] loss in the [sugarcane] juice, and also to secure a part, if not all, of the crystallized sugar from the refuse or bagasse or from any other plant producing saccharine matter. To that end [the invention] subject[s] the bagasse to a process which extracts the remaining juice and the crystallized-sugar by suction and atmospheric pressure" (lines 13-21).
Patent for a new and improved breakwater. This design "furnish[es] breakwaters for protecting harbors and roadsteads, and keeping open channels through bars at the entrances of harbors, the mouths of rivers, and in other places, and which shall not be liable to be destroyed by the marine worm" (lines 13-19).
Improvement in Vehicle Axle-Lubricators
Patent for improvements to the design of axle lubricators, in which the oil reservoir is in the rear as opposed to the front.
Improvement in Car-Axle Bearings.
Patent for improvement in car-axle bearings in which "it consists in a box having a chambered back for containing oil, and having grooves along the straight edges of its bearing-surface for receiving a wick, the ends of which extend through holes in the box into the oil reservoir.”
Improvement in Bee-Hives.
Patent for a bee-hive that prevents insects (such as moths) from entering therein and maximizes the amount of honey collected from the hive, including a detailed explanation and description of the illustration.
Improvement in Soldering-Irons
Patent for a new and improved soldering iron, which only gives off so much heat from one end and not the other. This patent of the soldering iron a safer tool to work with.
Improvement in Processes of Preserving Meats.
Patent for a method of preserving and canning meat. This describes the inventor's process, as well as his method of reducing air inside the container using hypophosphite of lime.
Improvement in Screw-Propulsion.
Patent for "a new and useful Improvement in Screw-Propellers and their adaptation to the hulls of vessels" (lines 4-6) including illustrations.
Improvement for Apparatus for Cutting Glue.
Patent for a design for a battery-powered wire glue cutter/slicer including instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Processes for Preparing and Drying Glue.
Patent for a process of drying glue that uses superheated steam and a drying chamber.
Improvement in the Manufacture of Fertilizers.
Patent for a process of treating waste animal matter from tallow-rendering factories with plaster-of-paris for use as fertilizer.
Improvement in Medical Compounds or Bitters.
Patent for a medical compound prepared with whisky, gentian-root, cinchonabark, quassia and cloves which is intended as "a remedy for miasmatic fevers" (line 23) including instructions for the preparation and administration of the medicine.
Improvement in Cotton-Scrapers.
Patent for the improvement of a cotton scraper "for general cultivation of drill-husbandry" (lines 17-18) and cotton crops, including illustration.
Improvement in Seeding-Machines.
Patent for the improvement of seed-planters using a rotary system to distribute seeds from a drum and into the soil, including illustration.
Hanging Millstones.
Patent for improvement of hanging millstones using a driver to hang the runner of a pair of millstones, “as it rotates, adjust itself to the position of the stationary stone, and the parallelism of the faces of the two stones be preserved whether the stationary one be perfectly horizontal or not” (lines 19-24), including illustration.
Improvement in Cotton-Seed Planters.
Patent for an improvement in cotton-seed planters using a combination of an adjustable agitator and a movable self-adjusting stirrer, including illustration.
Patent for improving seawalls to "preserve channels across the bars at the mouths of rivers, creeks, or canals and between bays and gulfs" (lines 6-8), including illustration.
Improvement in Propelling Vessels.
Patent for a hydraulic propeller that uses a current of water and steam power, including illustrations.