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Patent for a cotton chopper. The text describes the construction of the machine and explains how it is different from current cotton choppers.
Traction-Wheel and Means for Driving Same.
Patent for "a new and Improved Traction-Wheel and Means for Driving Same" (lines 5-7) , including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a shingle machine that has a block for adjusting the angle of the log being cut.
Box-Car-Door Fastener
Patent for a box car door fastener.
Churn-Operating Mechanism.
Patent for a churn operating mechanism, which can be attached to a wall.
Patent for a clothes pin. Illustrations included.
Post Hole Digger
Patent for a post hole digger. Illustration included.
Means for Utilizing Electrical Energy
Patent for a means of using electricity more efficiently, which entails "utilizing the extra current generated by the break in the circuit of an electromagnetic apparatus" (lines 16-18). Illustrations included.
Means for Utilizing Electrical Energy
Patent for an apparatus which consists of an electric motor that is operated by a battery and is designed to use electricity more efficiently. Illustrations included.
Clothes Pin
Patent for a clothes pin. Illustration included.
Animal Trap
Patent for an animal trap, particularly desgned for rodents and birds, which is able to trap animals without having to be manually reset each time. Illustrations included.
Patent for a lock. Illustrations included.
Compound Rail.
Patent for a compound rail that's joints are as strong as the rest of the rail and prevent jolting when a train passes over the joint.
Track Fastener
Patent for railroad track fastener. This invention is made of metallic track fasteners and uses a joint for meeting together the ends of the rails. Illustration included.
Patent for a fish trap that may also be used to capture birds or various smaller animals. Illustrations included.
Patent for a mail holder which has slots for different types of mail organized by letter, which can be carried in the mail delivery vehicle thus letting the mail only be sorted once.
Patent for a fish trap. Illustrations included.
Fish Trap
Patent for a fish trap. Illustration included.
Well-Cleaning Machine.
Patent for a well cleaning machine with spring activated jaws for scoops that pick up mud and leaves from the bottom of wells.
Patent for a fish trap with a closure, which leads fish coming from any direction into the body of the trap.
Tire-Setting Implement.
Patent for a tire setting tool, which resembles tongs for forcing the tire onto a metal vehicle wheel.
Patent for a wire clothes pin that is attached to the clothesline and is easily opened or closed to attach or remove clothes.
Patent for a simple, inexpensive, and effective fish trap formed of wire fabric and fabric strips.
Timber Hewing Machine
Patent for a timber hewing machine. This invention is designed for hewing timbers or railroad ties. Illustration included.
Patent for a pot-rack which can hold a scalding-crate, cooking-pan, or canning-machine in a boiler at any depth of one's choice, including illustrations. The pot-rack is simple in design, durable, and inexpensively manufactured.
Wagon Brake
Patent for a wagon brake. Illustration included.
Patent for an improvement in water elevators to raise and lower a pair of buckets, meant to be simple, inexpensive, and more efficient than other designs. In particular, it is meant "to move the buckets in either direction without necessitating the operator's changing his position with relation to the apparatus" (lines 19-22).
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in animal traps, including instructions and illustrations.
Car - Coupling.
Patent for a new and useful car coupling, including instructions and illustrations.
Support for Carriage Tops
Patent for a new and useful improvements in supports for carriage tops. This invention "consists in the features of construction hereinafter more particularly set forth and specifically claimed" (line 19-21).
Patent for a planter in which "the seed-dropping mechanism is adjustable to suit the nature of the seed to be planted and to drop the same closer together or farther apart, as desired." (Lines 13-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a steam-engine that has "no dead-center" (lines 15-16), and "a volume of one full port will always be exerted on a piston" (lines 18-19). "The full power of the steam will be applied when the crank is on the quarter and there is the greatest leverage in favor of the engine" (lines 21-24). Steam supply is regulated automatically and has a shutoff system in case anything breaks.
Patent for an improved, simple, and inexpensive swinging gate that is strong, durable, and doesn't sag. It can be fully opened and easily conteracted.
Patent for an inexpensive, efficient, and durable fruit-picker that picks small fruit and does not bruise them. The picker is easily operated.
Watchmaker's Tool.
Patent for a watchmaking device that allows for the operator to hold the watch wheel in one hand "while the instrument is fastened upon the roller by the other" (lines 20-22). The invention also has a centering device and auxiliary appliances that make all movements by the extractor accurate and even. This device does not injure the staff or pivot.
Patent for a plow fender that would be more gentle with new or fragile plants by moving them to the side, and would be easily adaptable to all kinds of plows while also being cost efficient to install and durable.
Patent for an improved lumber carrier which, as the cart travels down hill with the weight of the lumber it is prevented from rolling backwards if it were to lose speed by engaging of pawls with notches to hold it in place. It can then be manually pushed to get it started again.
Patent for a device by which cotton can be easily, quickly and accurately chopped, "leaving cotton stands the distance apart for future cultivation and to insure the most rapid and satisfactory growth," (lines 13-16) including illustrations.
Patent for an improved plow which is attached in the usual manner to the standard of a suitable beam, when the device is used for cultivating young crops, the fender is place in position and will serve to prevent the loose, dirt from tumbling over upon the growing plants. When the plants grew larger, the fender can be removed and a portion of the loose soil will thus be permitted to cover. (Lines 65-73) Illustration is included.
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design's "objects are, first, to couple cars of various altitudes; second, to couple the cars automatically; third, to uncouple from the top or side of the car; [and] fourth, to dispense with pins" (lines 16-20). It consists in a "draw-head [that] is provided with an elastic cover having a link-lifting arm secured thereto, a lever for oscillating said cover, performing the duplex function of disengaging the link and permitting its egress, a sloping projection from the base of said draw-head engaging the link on contact, and the bent link" (lines 51-58).
Patent for "means adapted to superheat steam and supply it to a drying-chamber, substantially" (lines 28-30).
Wagon Brake.
Patent for a new and improved wagon-brake. This design consists "of a suitable support which is attached to the rear axle-tree, the brake which is pivoted to this support, the connecting-rod pivoted to the brake, and the operating lever pivoted upon a supporting bar which extends from one standard to the other . . . The object of [the] invention is to produce a wagon-brake which is simple in construction, effective in operation, and by means of which the driver can instantly apply the brake with great power" (lines 14-25).
Patent for a new and improved hoe. This design consists in "[a] hoe having two blades, the upper blade having a straight cutting-edge projecting from the top of the main blade at an obtuse angle to the inner face of the lower blade and entirely within the plane thereof, and the shank" (lines 79-84).
Steam Engine
Patent for an "new and improved steam-engine in which a dead center position is obviated and the pressure of the live steam is completely and very advantageously utilized" (line 7-11)
Patent for "a new and improved steam-engine, in which the pressure of the live steam is completely and very advantageously utilized," (lines 8-10) including illustrations.
Pump for Oil Cans, &c.
Patent for a new and improved pump for oil cans. This design "especially relates to means for holding a pump cylinder or barrel within the cask or can, and preventing oil from escaping through the aperture or opening through which the cylinder passes; and to these ends it consists of the construction, combination, and arrangement of parts" (lines 20-26).
Patent for dress-chart, with illustrations. The purpose of this dress-chart relating to "pattern charts for cutting any and all garments" regardless of man, woman, or child (lines 9-11).
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "relates to a car-coupling constructed with draw-heads having stationary hooks and recesses in their sides, and provided with pivoted hooks held in place by springs, and provided with a trip plate and lever, and with chains and a lever, whereby the cars will couple themselves when run together, can be readily uncoupled, will uncouple themselves when thrown from the track, and can be prevented from coupling when run together" (lines 23-32).
Signal Valve for Boilers.
Patent for a new and improved signal valve for boilers. This design "consists in the combination, with a check-valve, of the ordinary construction, which is adapted to operate in connection with an inspirator, injector, or jet-pump, such as are commonly employed for feeding steam-boilers, of a signal-valve which is located above the check-valve, and which signal-valve, when the check-valve ceases to operate, is caused to open by the backward pressure of the steam from the boiler, permitting the escape of said steam, and thereby indicating that the feeder is not operating" (lines 14-26).
Mixture For Fish-Baits.
Patent for a coating for fish-bait of any kind which includes ingredients and instructions. The ingredients are water, asafeotida {(foul smelling gum resin from the root of several species of Ferula, a perennial herb) see: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3459456/}, oil of anise, and honey.