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Draft Device
Patent for binders and other agricultural machines liable to side draft, and its object is to provide a simple and efficient device for attaching an evener bar to the draft tongue of the machine.
Patent for a metal desk cabinet for holding office supplies.
Patent for a wire cutter specifically for hay bale ties.
Shut-Off Head for Casings and The Like
Patent for a shut-off head for casings in oil wells.
Patent for an under-reamer for use in drilling oil wells.
Patent for an adjustable wrench.
Detachable Neck Yoke
Patent for a detachable neck yoke. Illustrations included.
Patent for an insulator to be used to attach electric conductors and wires to walls or posts. Illustrations included.
Warp-Beam for Looms.
Patent for a warp beam for a loom, which allows the thread to be attached directly from the spool to the warp beam without the need for a reel in between.
Patent for a door holder, which is operated by turning the door knob and holds the door open at predetermined positions.
Machine for Cutting Bagging.
Patent for a cutting machine for cloth bags for cotton presses, which has cloth continuously being fed into it and cuts it at predetermined lengths which can be adjusted as needed.
Patent for an oil burner designed to prevent choking and corrosion, and to ensure that fluids are properly warmed for the purpose of combustion. Illustrations included.
Fumigator and Insect Destroyer
Patent for a fumigator and insect destroyer. Illustration included.
Brace for Furniture, &c.
Patent for a brace used to hold parts of furniture together, including illustrations.
Patent for a device to equalize the draft among 1-6 horses when attached to a plow.
Patent for a new adjustable ironing-table that folds for storage, including illustrations.
Wire-Fence Tool.
Patent for an improvement on wire-fence tools. "To provide a simple and comparatively inexpensive tool of great strength and durability designed for operating on fence-wires and adapted for mending the same and for taking up the slack of a fence-wire and capable in stretching the ends past each other before the same are twisted together, whereby the ends of the wire may be more effectively connected." (Lines 10-19) Illustration is included.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in cotton choppers, including instructions and illustrations.
Repair-Tool For Wire Fences.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in repair tools for wire fences, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in windmills, including instructions and illustrations.
Index for Books.
Patent for "... improvements in indexes for books which receive the freight tariffs or schedules of railroads and the agreements between one road and others a to division of freight charges where the traffic is handled by more than one" (lines 11-16 ) including instructions and illustrations.
Reversible Spring-Motor.
Patent for a spring-motor for bicycles, street and railway cars, and other vehicles which is meant "to accumulate and store surplus power which is usually lost in stopping vehicles and in holding back the same when descending steep grades, the purpose being to utilize such stored power for the purpose of propelling the vehicle up an incline or at whatever point additional power may be found desirable." (Lines 17-24) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a coffee pot "wherein the water is forced to percolated through a body of coffee or tea held in a holder or receptacle near the top of the vessel." (Lines 12-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Wire-Fence Tool.
Patent for a device "that will combine in one all the tools actually necessary in building or repairing an ordinary wire fence." (Lines 14-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a durable, simply constructed, and inexpensive seed-planter. It has a main frame, adjustable supporting-wheels, diagonal parallel bars, disk-beams with "angular front ends pivoted in brackets on the main frame" (lines 48-49), and "disks supported by stub-shafts projecting from the spindle-supporting bar" (lines 49-51).
Patent for a quilting frame designed to be used with a sewing machine and "which may be easily set up and be supported from the floor, and not in any manner mar or injure the walls or ceilings." (Lines 15-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a valve-gear that uses a single eccentric, "together with devices by which such eccentric may be shifted upon the shaft and locked in its various positions to effect either a reversal of the engine or a stoppage thereof with a full head of steam on, and to run the engine in one or the other direction, as may be desired" (lines 10-15).
File or Bill-Book.
Patent for a paper file that has "an index board or cover that it can be moved along the transfer wires from one side of the bottom boards to the other, the same as papers and with or without papers attached to it, and so that when brought around on top of the bottom board and interposed papers it will form therewith a book in which the papers or blanks will be retained for the ready reference or for such use as may be required" (lines 24-33). Papers can be punched with a mechanism on the invention so that papers can be placed onto the retaining wires.
Apparatus for Burning Garbage.
Patent for an apparatus for burning garbage that is made up of a roasting chamber, a grate to hold the garbage, two furnaces, a passage for the ashes, a third furnace connected to the passage, flues, a smokestack, non-combustible absorbent material around the flues and beneath the grate, and flues beneath the grate.
Patent for a device that extracts and strains "the juice of fruits, and it has for its general object to provide such a device of a cheap, simple, and durable construction, and one adapted when not in use to be disconnected and folded back against the wall so as to occupy but a minimum amount of space" (lines 13-18).
Patent for an addition "to provide a plow of this character that shall perform both operations at one and the same time, one that is exceedingly cheap and simple, one that will always move in a straight line and protect the plants being barred, and one that requires very little more power than an ordinary plow" (lines 15-18).
Patent for a new and improved type. This design "relates to printing, and more especially to the type used therein; and the object of the same is to provide a substitute for the large wood type now extensively used on poster and other large work. To this end the invention consists in a type-face and a type-base each of metal" (lines 7-13).
Shears for Cutting Hot Metal.
Patent for "a device which is more especially intended for shearing hot metal, although it may be used for cutting cold material," (lines 8-10) including instructions and illustrations.
Fastener for Fish-Plates for Rails.
Patent for improvements in fasteners for fish-plates for rails by using a combination of fish-plates, washers placed in between the plates and rail, a slotted bolt, a wedge-shaped key with thin bendable portion and a washer on the bolt between the key and fish-plate to “firmly hold the plates in position but will serve to deaden the noise caused by the fractional contact of the parts,” (lines 18-20) includes illustration.
Patent for an improved soldering-tool by having a reservoir for gasoline or other light hydrocarbon, a burner-tube, and a valve for regulating the combustion of the gasoline and heating the tool continuously and uniformly, without a furnace. Illustration is included.
Rotary Letter and Paper File Case.
Patent for a new and improved file case. This design consists in "the combination, with a pedestal, of a staff rising therefrom, a series of revolving racks having a marginal flange and radial compartments, and a cap having a socket in its under side and bearing on the upper end of the staff, whereby the pans and racks may be freely rotated" (lines 90-96).
Patent for a new and improved set of shackles. This design consists in "[a] mitten provided with button-holes in its wrist, in combination with a handcuff provided with a fastening-button . . . [and] a flexible wrist band or cuff and carrying devices whereby a mitten may be attached thereto" (lines 73-79).
Hydrostatic Indicator for Weighing Scales.
Patent for a new and improved hydrostatic indicator for scales. This design consists in "a reservoir, an outer cylinder, a hollow inner cylinder, an attached stand-pipe, and registering-dial, said inner cylinder being surrounded by and sliding within said outer cylinder, said outer cylinder being provided with an attached inlet-pipe communicating with said reservoir, said pipe being provided with two valves, in combination with a bearing-bar, side rods, and under bar, forming a frame bearing upon the inner cylinder" (lines 55-65).
Combined or Covertible Tool.
Patent for a new and improved multi-tool. This design consists in "[t]he combination of a screw-driver, its blade having a hole and a lug, and its handle having in its end a socket with a slotted reversible tool, pointed at one end and formed for a screw-driver at the other end adjustably held against one side of the screw-driver by means of a screw and nut and the lug, and adapted to fit in the socket when out of use" (lines 63-71).
Wire Splicer and Stretcher.
Patent for a new and improved wire splicer and stretcher. This design "consist[s] of a suitable body . . . provided with a series of perforations and having its ends turned in opposite directions, one end being tapered to an edge and notched and the other end being pointed" (lines 24-28).
Corn and Cotton Planter.
Patent for a new and improved planter. This design "relates to a combined corn and cotton planter; and it has for its object to provide an improved hopper for containing the seed, and an improved slide or cut-off, and means for automatically operating the same" (lines 9-14).
Mold for Earth and Stone Fences.
Patent for a new and improved mold for earth and stone fences. This design "consist[s] of the inclined adjustable sides, having inclined standards, removable boards, and boards, tables, and locking-bolts . . . [and] the sides having lower boards or metallic pieces, upper removable boards or metallic pieces, and inclined standards of the tables, locking-bolts, handles, and stakes" (lines 21-30).
Patent for an improvement in water-coolers wherein the vessel for holding the water is surrounded with fibrous material that is kept saturated with water, the evaporation of which will absorb the heat from the water contained in the vessel in a manner well known to science.
Improvement in Honey-Boxes for Bee-Hives
Patent for the new and improved construction of bee-hives. Provides instructions and illustrations.