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Patent for improvements to fire engines, designed for rural use and places where water may be scarce by the inclusion of storage tank and a pump.
Binder For Books
" I invented new and useful improvements that relate to binders for books; and its object is to provide a simple, durable, and attractive device of this character adapted to detachably secure the leaves of a book so that any one or more of them can be readily removed." Crowder, Joseph. (1905). Binder for Books. United States Patents Office. Retrieved from http://edit.texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth508756/.
Grinding Attachment
Patent for a grinding attachment. This attachment is a grindstone that is turned via the hand-car. Illustrations included.
Machine for Grinding Disks.
Patent for improvements in grinding-machines in which it can “hold the disk rigidly at a desired angle and can be adjusted from or toward a grinding device;” (lines 13-15) by using a “combination of an adjustable gear, a grinding-wheel and means for imparting motion from the grinding-wheel to the gear; of a spring-pressed roller above the gear and adapted to hold a disk thereon in contact with the wheel.” (Page 2, lines 65-70) Illustration is included.
Patent for a stalk chopper that chops weeds, vines, and stalks into smaller pieces or kills them in order for the ground beneath to be readily cultivated.
Patent for new stalk rake design, “especially applicable as a rake for gathering corn or cotton stalks from the ground preparatory to plowing the same or otherwise fitting it for use”, (lines 13-17) including illustrations.
Grain-Car Door
Patent for a grain-car door.
Patent for "a new and improved washing-machine arranged for use on any kind of tub and adapted to insure a perfect uniform washing of all the clothes in the tub by the use of yieldingly-mounted pounders, which intermittently change their position relatively to the clothes under treatment" (lines 9-16).
Patent for new and useful improvements in cultivators, relating to an attachment which may be applied to use upon any variety of cultivator with carrying-wheels, which provides efficient means for cutting cotton-stalks or weeds after cotton harvest.
Patent for an improved washboard, that will be "simple, inexpensive, and efficient" while allowing water to fully drain from it after washing is finished, including illustrations.
Wagon-Bed-Hoisting Apparatus
Patent for Wagon-Bed-Hoisting Apparatus which "consists in the provision of a rack adapted to be connected to the bed of the wagon" (lines 17-19); including illustration and instructions
Patent for an envelop adapted "as a cover or wrapper for valuable papers, money, and the like." (Lines 10-13) Illustrations included.
Draft Equalizer.
Patent for improvement to draft-equalizers.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in cutting nippers, including instructions and illustrations.
Grain-Door For Freight-Cars.
Patent for a new and improved grain door for freight cars, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful harness buckle, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in corn planters, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful cultivator, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful improvement in moldboards.
Gate Latch
Patent for a new and useful improvements in gate latches.
Calculating - Machine
Patent for an improvements in calculating machines. This invention "relates to machines for making rapid and accurate calculations" (line 8-9).
Folding Car-Step.
Patent for "a supplemental folding step which may be lowered into position for use when passengers are boarding or leaving a [railway] car and which may be folded back out of the way when the train is about to leave the station." (Lines 12-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a novel form of baling-press which will be readily transportable and owing to its peculiar construction can be manipulated by hand, a still further object being to provide such an improved baling-press that the wire ties can be wrapped around the bale after its formation easily and quickly and the bale can be readily removed from the press after it has been wired." (Lines 16-24) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a hand-car with an auxiliary spring-actuated mechanism which can be used with or without the lever mechanism to propel at a rapid rate of speed." (Lines 12-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in extension-steps which attach to vehicles and "do away with the boxes used to assist in getting up to the first or lower step" (lines 10-12). When not in use, the steps can be swiveled up. They are raised, lowered, and locked into position with a mechanism operated using a handle.
Patent for "surgical instruments which are used for stopping the flow of blood during an amputation or other similar operation." (Lines 12-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a moldboard adapted to any plow constructed of a series of spring-loops, sundry of which are movable at the top and sundry others having movement at the bottom of the board, the moveable loops being kept in motion by the earth passing over the board, whereby portions of the board are rendered vibratory and the earth is effectually prevented from clinging thereto" (lines 8-17).
Hand-Support for Writers.
Patent for "a support especially adapted for the use of those learning to write, and by which the hand may be accustomed to the proper position for writing from the beginning of the study." (Lines 11-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an adjustable plow-scraper that attaches to the plow and scrapes soil from the moldboard.
Patent for a car-coupling that has a draw-bar attached to the car, a hollow draw-head with a flaring opening that sits horizontally to the draw-bar, a spring that holds the draw-head in the horizontal position, a bar that raises and lowers the forward end of the draw-head against the spring, a coupling-pin that sits in the draw-head, a chain that connects the draw-head to the bell-crank lever, a cam that supports the chain, and a device that turns the cam in either direction in order to tighten the chain.
Patent for a clothes pounder used in washing clothes. It is a pyramidal vessel that is open in the bottom and has perforations on the top of the inside of the vessel, a cap covering the top of the pyramid with an air-hole, a sleeve that goes through the top of the vessel and through the cap, a handle in the upper portion of the sleeve, a diaphragm with perforations in the base of the vessel, a rectangular box secured beneath the diaphragm, and inclined tubes open at both ends of the angles of the vessel.
Patent for an umbrella-stand. It is meant to display umbrellas, parasols, walking-canes, etc. The frame is made from tubing secured by wire, a channeled plate along the sides of the frame, and the base is adapted to support umbrella tips.
Patent for "a very cheap and simple tire which may be conveniently applied to any ordinary wheel, but which is especially applicable to wagon wheels, which when applied to the wheel has a perfectly smooth surface, and which has mechanism operated by the simple turning of a nut and adapted to tighten the tire to any desired extent." (Lines 9-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Vault Cash-Indicator.
Patent for a vault cash-indicator meant to "provide a new and improved indicator, designed for indicating an amount of money, commercial articles, &c.; for instance, indicating the amount of money contained in a safe or vault" (lines 7-11).
Patent for a clock level that is made up of a wall-plate that is attached to the wall, arm braces that are attached to the wall-plate, thumb-screws in the lower shelf-plate, a shelf-plate, levels, plates secured to the edge of the shelf, and leveling nibs.
Combined Stalk-Cutter and Rake.
Patent for an improved combined stalk cutter and rake that has a main frame, a rake frame, a hanger attached to the axle-bar under the frame, arms at the back of the frame, a transverse rod in the hanger and slots in the arms, a rock-lever, connections for operating the frame, a rake at the end of the frame, and an operating lever.
Stovepipe or Flue Cleaner.
Patent for an improved stovepipe or flue cleaner. It is a four-bladed fan that sits in an insert in the flue. The fan is operated by pulling on a rope which is situated between two pulleys. The cleaner sits right before the hot air goes into the chimney.
Patent for an improved and practical stalk cutter that cuts corn or cotton stalks at their roots "while the machine is drawn along a row of the standing stalks, and simultaneously reduce[s] the latter to small pieces which can be plowed under the soil and serve as a fertilizer, the complete reduction of the stalks to fine fragments adapting them for quick decomposition and prevent them from becoming and obstruction to a plow or harrow used to till the soil" (lines 12-20).
Patent for a simple and reliable folding ladder that is meant to assist someone in escaping a fire. It folds compactly and conveniently, and is adjustable. It sits away from the wall and another ladder can be attached to it when it is in use.
Shade and Curtain Fixture
Patent for invention of new and useful Shade and Curtain Fixture of which a complete, clear and exact description is provide. The invention provides a simple practical, and efficient device which will afford adjustable support for a window shade and for a current -pole, whereby the curtain and shade may be together lowered and permit the free entrance of light above these screens or the admission of air through a lowered upper sash (5-14).
Patent for a bridge of "simple and strong construction in metal of very low cost and light weight, using only such materials as are easily available, being also of easy construction and well adapted to resist washouts" (lines 9-13).
Attachment for Plows.
Patent for an attachment for plows, which "may be utilized as a cutter or the plow converted into a double-shovel plow," (lines 18-19) with instructions and illustrations.
Machine for Dressing Surfaces of Pavements.
Patent for improvements in machines for dressing surfaces of wooden or block pavements that may be operated by a traction-engine of known construction, including illustrations.
Wooden Bridge
Patent for a wooden bridge with a focus on increased durability of the structure and effective drainage for moisture from the timbers and for the free circulation of air between, around, or through the structure.
Patent for “improvements in grain-scales, especially adapted for location at the rear end of a trashing-machine and for receiving therefrom the thrashed grain, weighing and subsequently bagging the same in predetermined quantities” (lines 7-12), includes illustration.
Patent for an improvement in plows by using a series of spring-tines that are secured above the mold-board, when in operation these independently-moving tines “serve to jar and break the clods, thus not only pulverizing the clods to a certain degree but also insuring the freeing of the tines of all dirt” (lines 90-93), including illustration.
Beam or Girder.
Patent for a new and improved girder. This design is "composed of a vertical web and a flange or flanges, a mass of the metal in a flange or flanges projecting from the web at and near one-half the distance between the axis and the neutral line" (lines 48-53).
Car Brake.
Patent for a new and improved car-brake. This design consists in "the combination of the swinging arms arranged in front of the wheels, the curved brake-shoes pivoted at their front ends to the lower ends of the arms, and the swinging slotted links connecting intermediate points of the brake-shoes to a stationary part of the car, whereby the free end of the shoe is capable of a swinging movement independent of the links" (lines 76-84).
Gate Latch.
Patent for a new and improved gate-latch. This design consists "[i]n a latch, the combination of the case having at its lower end a guide ledge or flange with its bearing face arranged laterally in from the inner face of the side plate of the case, a loosely suspended ring held and movable against the said ledge or flange, and means whereby the said ring may be operated" (lines 5-11).
Horseshoeing Apparatus.
Patent for a new and improved horseshoeing machine. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the elevator-platform and devices for raising and lowering the same, of a pair of adjustable bolts located above the platform, and a harness consisting of a bar and a set of belts suspended from said bolts" (lines 30-35).