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Wire Tightener
Patent for wire tightener. Illustration included.
Patent for a bolt cutter made up of "a stationary cutter and two movable cutters operated by levers adapted to come in contact with the edge of the stationary cutter, with plates and bolts for securing the same together in proper position" (lines 12-16). The purpose of the invention is to cut the useless ends off bolts.
Rein Holder.
Patent for a new and improved rein holder. This design consists in "[a] rein-holder made from a piece of spring sheet metal, having a base-plate provided with means for attachment to a flat surface and having projections struck up at each side of the tongue and extending lengthwise the base, and a spring tongue bent upward from the lower end of the plate and normally lying between the line of the projections to hold a rein" (lines 56-64).
Patent for an improved planting machine by securing a seed-plate with a central longitudinal slot, in the bottom of the hopper, a circular seed disk is placed into the slot; two pairs of gage-plates arranged at the front and rear end of said slot. These gage-plates can be adjusted to regulate the quantity of seeds being discharged when planting cotton. When planting corn, the rear pair of gage-plates can be brought closely together to prevent the escape of seeds. Illustration is included.
Patent for a rein-holder that is made with one piece of metal which can be attached to the dash-board of a vehicle, includes illustration.