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Patent for improvements to and for washing machines, including illustrations and instructions.
Seed-Opening Plow
Patent for a seed opening and planting plow. Illustrations included.
Patent for a cotton chopper that can be used as a garden hoe. Illustrations included.
Patent for a window lock. Illustrations included.
Nesting and Brooding Box
Patent for a nesting and brooding box made to keep poultry safe from other animals and to be easily transported. Illustrations included.
Wire Stretcher
Patent for a wire stretcher. Illustration included.
Patent for locking windows in place at various elevations with illustrations.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for a cotton chopper. Illustration included.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for a cotton chopper. Illustrations included.
Patent for a plow with adjustable handlebars and a better guidance system for depth and position in the ground.
Sash Fastener
Patent for a sash fastener. This invention applies to fastening and locking the lower sash of a window to the windows frame. Illustration included.
Patent for improved chicken coop with simplified construction and modified features.
Wire Stretcher
Patent for a wire stretcher. Illustration included.
Cotton Chopping Machine
Patent for a cotton chopping machine. This invention is used to thin cotton plants with revolving blades that cut and destroy plants. Illustrations included.
Sash Fastener
Patent for a window sash fastener. Illustration included.
Cotton Chopping Attachment For Cultivators
Patent for a cotton chopping attachment for cultivators. Illustrations included.
Attachment for Cultivators
Patent for attachment for cultivators that consist of new improvements that allow for cultivator-beams to spread apart and draw together with the attachment. This attachment can be affixed while the cultivator is in use.
Patent for sash-lock. This device is designed for locking a window sash at any given position. It may be applied to a window frame without damaging the frame or sash.
Patent for "new and useful improvements in Ditchers" (lines 5-6).
Patent for an improved bottle closure.
Hub-Attaching Device.
Patent for hub attaching device. "This invention relates to means applied to ordinary vehicle-axles for preventing wear upon the same, a false wearing-surface being provided, which may be renewed when necessary, either on account of wear or for any other reason"(lines 11-16)
Surgical Instrument.
Patent for improvements to a device to perform an operation known as a perrineorhaphia, including an illustration of the device. This device stabilizes the edges of a wound on the perineum so the surgeon can place sutures and close the wound.
Window Fastener
Patent for a "combined automatic window fastener and lock by means of which a sliding window-sash may be securely held and fastened at any desired point of elevation and locked against movement in either direction."
Non-Refillable Bottle
Patent for a non-refillable bottle.
Patent for a windmill.
Patent for rein supports to be attached to the front of a buggy, with an adjustable height and being collapsible for storage.
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Sash-Holders," an invention which "aims to provide a sash-holder of simple construction for supporting a sash at any elevation and which will secure it when closed against being opened from the outside."
Patent for new and improved bridle-bits, including illustrations.
Blab or Muzzle for Weaning Calves or Colts, &c.
Patent for weaning young animals and or prevent cows or such from sucking or milking themselves.
Sash - Balance.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in sash balancing, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improved thill coupling, one meant to "prevent the annoyance of nuts coming off, allowing the thill to come out of place" (lines 55-57). "It is also for the purpose of facilitating the changing of a pair of shafts for a tongue or a tongue for shafts" (lines 59-61).
Combination Wire-Fence Tool.
Patent for a tool that combines pincers, a hammer head, jaws, etc., to be used for fence construction. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Combined Cradle, Swing, and Clothes-Drier.
Patent for "a cradle which may be easily and quickly converted into a child's swing or into a clothes rack or drier." (Lines 10-12) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Electric Railway.
Patent for "a new and useful improvement in electric railways, and particularly to such railways as are adapted to use underground conduits, and has for its object to so construct such conduit and the line-wire connections therefor as to insure a constant connection between the line-wire and the motor of the car, and, further to greatly simplify and increase the efficiency of such systems." (Lines 8-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a brake lever that is locked by an arc-shaped ratchet-bar. There is "a pawl loosely mounted on the rear side of said lever and bearing against said side when the brake is set, said pawl being spring-actuated to move parallel with said side and project beyond the same and contact radially with the ratchet-teeth between said yoke" (lines 25-30).
Patent for "new and useful improvements in plows; and it has for its object the production of simple and highly-efficient means for regulating the depth and penetration of the plowshare in all kinds and conditions of soil." (Lines 10-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a car-coupling that has a "simple construction which can be operated without going between the cars both in coupling and in uncoupling, and also to provide for adjusting the height of the coupler or draw head so that cars of different heights can be readily coupled" (lines 17-22).
Patent for a simple harness rack that can be attached to a wagon bed, and is meant to conveniently hold harnesses when the horses are not hitched. The device can be turned out of the way when not being used.
Patent for a cultivator that is easily adjustable and works between rows of plants. It consists of two expansible side-beams, a fixed cross bar, sliding cross bars, pivoted rods, and a toothed lever latch.
Patent for a new and improved bedstead. This design "consists in the provision of adjustable hangers for mattress-supports" (lines 12-13). To this end, it consists, "with the side and end rails having vertical mortises or grooves, the cap-plates covering the upper ends of the grooves or mortises and having threaded apertures, and a mattress-support, of the hangers respectively comprising the vertical shank or body seated in the grooves or mortises of the rails, and the horizontal branch extending inwardly from said shank or body and having a slot to seat the side and end bars" (lines 83-93).
Tire Tightener.
Patent for a new and improved tire-tightener. This design "has for its object to improve the means for lifting the felly so as to permit the insertion of a washer between the felly and the spoke, so as to take up any slack or looseness that may have occurred, and thus tighten the tire on the felly" (lines 15-20). It consists, "with a block adapted to be clamped to a spoke and an adjusting-screw, of a jaw operated by said screw and having its upper portion extended or curved to one side and then bifurcated to form two arms, each of which is provided with a fork adapted to lie against the under face" (lines 39-46).
Trace Iron.
Patent for a new and improved trace-iron. This design "is to provide a new and improved trace-iron which is simple and durable in construction and arranged to readily connect with the end of the trace without the employment of rivets and which can be readily attached to or detached from the hame. The invention consists of two leaves pivotally-connected with each other and adapted to fold one on the other, one leaf being provided with a hook passing through an aperture in the other leaf and adapted to engage the trace" (lines 7-19).
Patent for improvements in chemises which would relieve wearers “the annoyance of having the garment gather about the limbs while walking which often produces great embarrassment in public places.” (Lines 42-45) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvement in plows by using a “combination of mold-board, land-bar, and share, which will effectually shed the land and prevent the latter from adhere to it.” (Lines 15-18) Illustration is included.
Hame Hook.
Patent for a new and improved hame hook. This design "consists of a hook composed of two members hinged together and adapted to be clamped upon a hame-staple, one of the said members being provided with a pin adapted to project into an opening in the opposite member" (lines 14-19).
Ditching Machine.
Patent for a new and improved ditching-machine. This design "consist[s] of the standards, block, handles, braces and round ears, axle and wheel having cogs, scoop provided with points, chute and side plates, elevator shaft, its upper end resting on the round band, elongated cups, rollers, and cog-wheels, shaft, inclined chute, [another] cog-wheel, arms, band, and rollers" (lines 87-95).
Horse Detacher.
Patent for a new and improved horse-detacher. This design "is to make a compound single-tree which, with certain attachments, will hold the traces securely or allow them to be drawn off the hooks if the horse should run; also, to hold up the shafts while the horse is passing therefrom" (lines 15-20). To this end, it consists in "[t]he combination, with the spring-held vibratory draft-rod having the loop, of the strap and the shaft, the latter carrying the oppositely-placed stirrup-arm and treadle-arm" (lines 74-78).
Patent for a new and improved design concerning automatic car couplings that is novel in the some of its parts.
Patent for "a new and improved sashholder which is simple and durable in construction and permits of conveniently lowerin g the upper sash and raising the lower sash, or raising both the lower and upper sashes to any desired place in the window-frame" (lines 10-15).
Sash Fastener.
Patent for a new and improved sash fastener. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with a window-sash, of the spiral spring, its inner end resting in the socket, its other in the thimble, locking-plate having the hinge-nib working in the perforation, and [the] thimble receiving and covering the outer end of said spring, and handle, said lock-plate and handle fitting and working in [the] groove and [other] perforation, [a] cover-plate countersunk in the face of said sash, covering said lock-plate, and provided with the perforation and opening" (lines 1-11).