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Improved Hay and Cotton-Press.
Patent for a hay and cotton press, "the operation of which shall be such that the platen, in starting, moves quickly, but as it approaches the end of its movement its velocity decreases, and its power proportionately increases." (Lines 15-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improved juice extractor including a way to remove the strainer for easy cleaning or replacement, a swivel for the handle, and an overall more efficient device.
Patent for an impregnator for mares.
Patent for a moldboard for plows that has a water holder to allow plaster of Paris covering the moldboard to be kept moist which prevents soil from sticking to the moldboard.
Patent for a furnace that burns low grade fuel completely reducing waste.
Patent for a whirligig toy that rattles.
Food Tongs
Patent for food tongs. The invention employs scoops. Illustration included.
Harrow Attachment for Cultivators.
Patent for a harrow attachment that permits the attachment to be held with its teeth disposed in any desired relation to the cultivator.
Patent for a section harrow. Illustrations included
Milking Device
Patent for a portable milking device for cows. Illustrations included.
Harrow Attachment for Cultivators.
Patent for a harrow which can be attached to a cultivator in place of a plow, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a nutcracker. Illustrations included.
Machine for Sharpening Cutlery.
Patent for machine for sharpening cutlery that clamps object to be sharpened in a moveable carrier in position to be reciprocated between abrading members.
Patent for
Receptacle-Clamping Device
Patent for a receptacle clamp. Illustrations included.
Patent for a juice extractor for making drinks at soda fountains. Illustrations included.
Cotton-Chopper Attachment
Patent for a cotton chopper attachment that can be applied to the frames of cultivators. Illustrations included.
Patent for an ullage rod. Illustrations included.
Patent for a coin-operated vending machine. Illustrations included.
Fluid-Pressure Regulator
Patent for a fluid pressure regulator which regulates the supply of steam and oil to an oil burner. Illustrations included.
Weighing Machine
Patent for a weighing machine. Illustration included.
Vending Apparatus
Patent for a vending machine for postage supplies. Illustrations included.
Switch-Thrower for Electric Railways
Patent for a switch-thrower for use with electric railways. This invention uses switch tongues via solenoids and engages a connection between the solenoids and the switch tongue. Illustrations included.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for a cotton chopper. Illustration included.
Patent for a coop. Illustration included.,
Sunshade Holder
Patent for a sunshade holder. Illustration included.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for a cotton chopper. Illustration included.
Pneumatic Jet for Conveyers
Patent for a pneumatic jet that uses steam jets to provide power for various tasks such as distributing seed cotton or elevating coal. Illustrations included.
Metal Railway Tie
Patent for metal railway tie. Illustration included.
Rotary Engine
Patent for a rotary engine. Illustration included.
Chopping Machine
Patent for a chopping machine. Illustrations included.
Acetylene-Gas Generator
Patent for an Acetylene gas generator with an improved building method for holding the carbide tank above the generator tank.
Device for Killing Boll-Weevils
Patent for a "means for destroying weevils, vermin, and the like that thrive in cotton fields" (lines 10-11). Illustrations included.
Patent for a fly trap. Illustrations included.
Device for Attracting Flies
Patent for a fly trapper. Illustrations included.
Patent for a bedstead on rubber wheels which allows easy removal of the wheels to fit the bed through narrow doorways.
Patent for a cotton chopper where the chopping blades are connected to a cultivator frame, and the frame is made to reciprocate causing the cutters to chop in both directions, including illustrations
Wheel Plow
Patent for wheel plow. This invention is a combination of a 'buster' and a covering plow. Illustration included.
Patent for a cotton chopper. Illustrations included.
Patent for a harrow. Illustration included.
Patent for an improvement to the plow that allows "for holding the plow-point firmly in position upon the standard or foot without the use of bolts and nuts." (Lines 10-13)
Patent for a seal padlock, designed to "render it absolutely impossible to gain access to the interior of the lock" (lines 12-14). Illustrations included.
Cultivator Hopple
Patent for a cultivator hopple. This invention is for setting the plows of cultivators at suitable distances apart. Illustration included.
Insect Destroyer
Patent for an insect destroyer for use on cotton fields to destroy moths that produce boll weevils. Illustration included.
Cultivator Attachment
Patent for a cultivator attachment. Illustration included.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for a cotton chopper. This invention is designed to mounted on a cultivator carriage. It also provides detachable devices by which the cotton chopping mechanism. Illustration included.
Wheel Scraper
Patent for a wheel-scraper, which can be used in connection with a planter, or other farm machinery, or vehicles.
Electric Switch Throwing Device
Patent for an electric switch throwing device. The invention provides a method of operating the switches of the track so that the motorman can turn switches of the track without stopping the train car. Illustration included.
Cultivator Hopple
Patent for a cultivator hopple. The hopple is a device for shifting beams of cultivators for the purpose of adjusting plows. Illustrations included.
Patent for a cabinet which acts as a receptacle for money. Dollars and coins may be sorted using the tray mounted within the cabinet.