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Improved Hay and Cotton-Press.
Patent for a hay and cotton press, "the operation of which shall be such that the platen, in starting, moves quickly, but as it approaches the end of its movement its velocity decreases, and its power proportionately increases." (Lines 15-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improved juice extractor including a way to remove the strainer for easy cleaning or replacement, a swivel for the handle, and an overall more efficient device.
Patent for the Cultivator that helps in expanding and contracting the beams and to adjust the length as required.
Patent for "steam-engines of the reciprocating type, the purpose being to simplify the construction, reduce the number of working parts, economize in fuel, and to utilize the steam so as to obtain a maximum percentage of power therefrom." (line 8-13) instructions and illustrations included.
Vehicle-Body Construction
Patent for improvements to vehicle body construction, particularly corner-irons. The design of the product claims to be simple, economical, and provide a compact and firm joint for the vehicle body. Illustrations included.
Electric Switch for Street-Railways.
Patent for switches used to electrically control street railways. Intended to allow the motorman to electrically control the switches of the track from the railway car without having to stop the train to turn the switch on the track.
Patent for "an invention for tilting gates to materially simplify the erection of a gate for farm and other users and also render the gate sensitive and reliable in opening and closing movement by employing minimized operating mechanism." (lines 7-11).
Hydraulic Swivel.
Patent for "a simple, compact, and efficient water-swivel for well-drilling machines, to reduce friction between the water-swivel and the drill-rod, and to provide certain novel and improved details of construction and arrangement." (lines 8-13).
Stalker Breaker
Patent for a stalk breaker. Illustration included.
Hame Tug
Patent for a hame tug. Illustration included.
Patent for a gate. Illustration included.
Machine for Pulling Stalks.
Patent for improvements in machine for pulling stalks in which it “can break the stalks in small pieces and guide the stalks into the pulling-section of the machine; the pulling-section may be adjusted to suit the average height of the stalks and bodily raised and lowered at any time to permit the pulling-section to be carried out of the way of obstructions when occasion so demands.” (Lines 11-21) Illustration is included.
Mail Crane
Patent for a mail crane. This invention is designed "for instantly shifting the bag or pouch holding arms of the crane" (line 17-18). Illustration included.
Patent for a harvester. Illustrations included.
Patent for a plumb-level with combined compass and line sights.
Coffee Pot
Patent for a coffee pot. Illustration included.
Cotton, Berry, or Vegetable Picking or Dairy Stool
Patent for a stool strapped to the user so as to facilitate an ease in picking cotton, berry, or vegetables. Illustration included.
Machine For Removing Insects From Plants Or The Like
Patent for a machine for removing insects from plants or the like. Illustration included.
Planting Attachment for Cultivators
Patent for a planting attachment for cultivators. This attachment is designed to raise and lower equally to contours of the land. Illustration included.
Wire Fence Machine
Patent for a wire fence machine. This invention is designed to tie wires to the line wires and line wires to the stay. Illustrations included.
Patent for a hammer
Fruit or Vegetables Slicer
Patent for a fruit or vegetable slicer.
Patent for improvements “in axle-nut wrenches in which the wrench comprising an angular socket portion adapted to extend partially within the wheel-hub to engage the nut,” (lines 81-83) so that the nut may be unscrewed by rotating the wheel. Illustration is included.
Painter's Elevator
Patent for painter's elevator.
Patent for a percolating tea- or coffeepot that segregates the tea or coffee within the body of the pot so that the material doesn't float freely in the liquid.
Patent for improvements in horse-detachers to "increase their strength, durability and efficiency and to provide one adapted to enable a horse to be readily released from a pair of shafts and capable facilitating hitching and unhitching." (Lines 12-16). Illustration is included.
Patent for improvement in draft-equalizer “to drive a plurality of animals abreast, and is arranged so that neither of the animals need travel upon ploughed ground. It is also designed to obviate the usual unnecessary looseness of the draft connections and to provide for an adjustable tension upon the connection between the opposite equalizing-bars.” (Lines 12-19) Illustration is included.
Patent for invention relating "to improvements in automatic car-couplings" (lines 9-10) for railroad cars.
Patent for a new and improved design and construction for washing machines.
Cultivator and Planter.
Patent for improvement to the "manner of mounting and adjusting the swinging frames [of planters], and to enable the said swinging frames to be readily adjusted vertically" (lines 12-15).
Patent for "a new and useful improvements in bucksaws to provide a simple construction to secure the saw-blade detachably in position and to tighten the same to any degree of operation." (lines 5-10) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a new and useful invention of hame-hook that can be easily and quickly applied to harness-hame." (line 5-10) including instructions and illustrations.
Check Book.
Patent for an improvement to check books and covers.
Disk-Plow Attachment.
Patent for
Patent for a new and useful horse detacher, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful quilting frame, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful traction engine, including instructions and illustrations.
Changeable Gear For Bicycles.
Patent for a new and useful changeable gear for bicycles, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful plow carriage, including instructions and illustrations.
Single-Delivery Match-Safe.
Patent for a new and useful match safe, including instructions and illustrations.
Stem Winding and Setting Watch.
Patent for a new and useful winding and setting mechanism for watches, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful washing machine, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful meat hanger, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements to wrenches for removing nuts from vehicle-axles.
Life-Insurance Table or Chart.
Patent for a new and useful life-insurance table of chart.
Patent for washing machines with "roller-supporting frame for supporting the same either upon a horizontal surface or upon the top of a tub or receptacle in connection with which the machine is used" (lines 10-14) including illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful plow to "provide a plow which by slight alterations, shifting, and leaving off of some of the parts can be made to break ground, bed the land, list, or perform any required work" (line 7 - 11).
Medicine - Glass.
Patent for a new and useful improvements in medicine-glasses.
Check - Book
Patent for a new and useful improvements in check-book for " customer's use, such as are employed by banks for free distribution" (line 11 - 13).
Churn - Motor.
Patent for a new and useful Churn-Motor to "provide a simple and efficient from a wind-motor adapted for use in connection with churns, the wind-wheel blades being so constructed as to adapt them to expose the necessary surface for efficient operation under the conditions" (line 9- 14).