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Patent for a folding ironing board that has an attached clothes rack.
Patent for an improved fly trap.
Patent for a dish washer with a dish rack and outer tub connected to water pump, which sprays hot water on the dishes to clean them.
Patent for a milk cooler, which has a water tank above the jugs of milk that slowly drips cold water onto porous cloths covering the milk jugs.
Combined Stalk-Cutter and Plow.
Patent for a combined stalk cutter and plow, which has a stalk cutter on the front and a plow on the back.
Patent for a stalk cutter, which has a better width than previous stalk cutters.
Patent for a plow which may also be used to adjust a cultivator shovel. Illustrations included.
Boll-Weevil Exterminator
Patent for a boll weevil exterminator, which rids cotton plants and bolls of insects and exterminates them. Illustrations included.
Plow Attachment
Patent for a plow attachment designed for shovels. Illustrations included.
Stalk Cutter
Patent for stalk cutters.Invention can be horse drawn to fell stalks. Illustrations included.
Embroidering Attachment for Sewing-Machines
Patent for embroidering arm attachment to be mounted on the needle-bar of a sewing machine with the embossing material passed through the needle eye so that it does not need to go through the presser-foot.
Patent for a wire-stretcher used in the building and repair of wire fences, including illustrations. This wire-stretcher's design has features which improve the efficiency of the construction of wire fences.
Patent for "Improvement in Trunk-Corders." (line 5-6) including instructions and illustrations.
Scrub Brush.
Patent for an invention that combines a mop and a scrub brush into one device. With this device "the mop will travel in the rear of the brush and take up water and scour what may have been passed over by the brush" (lines 10-13) including illustration
Milk Cooler
Patent for a milk cooler. Illustration included.
Insect Destroyer
Patent for an insect destroyer. Illustration included.
Whip Handle
Patent for a whip handle. This invention applies to the repair of harness. Illustration included.
Gate Latch
Patent for a gate latch. Illustration included.
Wire Stretching Implement
Patent for a wire stretching implement. Illustrations included.
Patent for a plow where a stock or standard is pivoted to and adjustably connected with the beam which features improvements in construction, arrangement, and combination of parts.
Patent for a swinging gate for "general purposes; and consists in the constrcution hereinafter described and shown by which when the gate is shut the hinge-supports are relieved of any strain which would tent to pull them out of perpendicular position, and at the same time the gate itself when in a closed position is so supported that all liability of sagging is avoided, and the gate when in closed position is securely locked against accidental opening.(line 11-20)
Patent for an animal trap with a unique construction. It can be used for many animals but is specially made for salamanders or other burrowing type animals.
Combined Lister or Breaking Plow and Seed Planter
Patent for Combined Lister or Breaking Plow and Seed-Planter.
Patent for a plow. This invention is a cultivator-plow designed for cultivating cotton, corn, potatoes, etc. into rows while at the same time cutting out grass and weeds. Illustration included.
Patent for a nut-lock "to be used in connection with a vertical bolt" connecting the axles and wheels of a vehicle or a railroad car with the other parts of the vehicle or railroad car (lines 8-12). It also has "many other purposes" that are not detailed (line 13).
Plow Bar and Regulating Lever
Patent for a plow bar and regulating lever. This invention is to improve regulating depth of plow.
Patent for "a cheap and simple device of this nature wherein the projectile will be held in such manner as not to interfere with sighting the catapult and wherein derived will be held in place in such manner as will prevent their accidental displacement and will yet permit of ready removal when desired" (lines 9-17).
Cotton Gin
Patent for "new and improved Cotton Gin" (line 5).
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in cotton distributers, including instructions and illustrations.
Gin-Saw Cleaner.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in gin saw cleaners, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in station indicators for moving vehicles, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in cotton-choppers.
Patent for tool handles relating to "improvements in handles for hoes, rakes, and similar agricultural or mechanical implements; and it consists in the novel devices hereinafter described and claimed (lines 10-15).
Musical Hoop.
Patent for "a musical hoop or wheel which is intended to interest and amuse children." (Lines 12-14) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a car-coupling that has a "hollow draw-head provided with a horizontal chamber, a vertical pin-hole near the forward end of said chamber, and a slot in the lower part of said draw-head opening into said chamber, of a sliding latch mounted in said chamber and provided with a lip projecting beyond the outer end of said latch and curved downward as shown, and with a groove on the lower side of said latch, of a pivoted arm engaging in said groove, and a weight integral with said arm and wholly inclosed within said slot and adapted to move said sliding latch forward beneath the lower end of the pin when the latter is raised" (lines 5-18). A coupling pin is mounted in the pin-hole.
Saw Cotton-Gin.
Patent for "cotton-gins, and more particularly to pneumatic means for removing the lint from the gin-saws, [the] object being to provide a constructions by the use of which the cotton will be taken from the saw-teeth in the condition of down and not in a tufted or ropy state." (Lines 10-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Automatic Cotton-Weighing Scale.
Patent for an automatic cotton-weighing scale that is designed "to be used in connection with pneumatic conveyers, and it is of such construction that it will automatically weigh any amount that its scale may be set at, cut off the supply from the conveyer, empty itself, and immediately reset itself, the resetting of the machine opening the supply-valve from the conveyer, so that the weighing operation can be repeated" (lines 13-21).
Automatic Weighing-Scale.
Patent for an automatic weighing-scale meant to be connected to a pneumatic conveyer to weigh cotton, grain, or other products. The invention weighs "any amount to which its scale may be set, and then cutting off the supply and emptying itself, when it may be reset, preferably by hand, to repeat the weighing operation" (lines 18-22).
Patent for an earth-auger that is more effective than other augers and can be constructed to make different sized holes. It is operated by moving two blades back and forth.
Dog or Stop Device for Baling-Presses.
Patent for a simple, inexpensive, and durable stop-device or dog used in baling presses with a pressure-chamber in a plunger or traverser reciprocates. The invention operates automatically and retaines the material being pressed inside the pressure-chamber. The dog pivots on the side of the pressure-chamber and is enabled to move freely.
Governor for Seed-Cotton-Handling Apparatus.
Patent for simple, efficient, and reliable "a governor for regulating the quantity of seed cotton which is delivered to one or more feeders or gins by a seed-cotton handling apparatus" (lines 13-16). The operator sets the amount of cotton being sent through the gin. The invention has a receiver of a cotton handling mechanism, another mechanism that cuts off the supply of cotton after a desired amount has passed, and the invention can easily be started again after the gin is emptied.
Breast for Cotton-Gins.
Patent for improvements in breasts for cotton gins: " My invention relates to certain improvements in the construction of gin breasts for cotton gins and consists in providing in conjunction with a gin breast an adjustable "up-per circle" to facilitate the formation of the roll, to prevent the seed cotton from overflowing from the gin breast as the roll rotates, and preserve the proper degree of contact between the gin saws and the roll" (lines 12-20).
Patent for the invention for new and useful improvements on the thill-coupling along with illustrations and instructions.
Patent for an insecticide specifically for insects that burrow into the shucks of corn. "The general object of my invention is to provide a compound capable, when affected by moisture incidental to the sweating of the corn in the crib, of generating a poisonous gas which will permeate the shucks and reach and destroy the insect within the shucks, where it cannot be destroyed by simply sprinkling the corn with a poisonous powder or solution" (lines 17-25).
Patent for a simple, inexpensive, durable, and efficient car coupling "which will insure positive automatic coupling when two opposite draw-heads come together" (lines 16-18).
Patent for carriage and wagon couplings, with instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvement in corn-shellers; in which “it consists in a perforated casting provided with radial teeth or projections which extend toward its center and which is to be secured to a support having an opening through it, combined with a double-ended handle which has an opening through its center and teeth projecting from the opening.” (Lines 13-20) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in lamp-burners “is to provide means whereby the wick-tube may be parted longitudinally or vertically to permit the wick being laid in at its open side and means to keep the wick in place until the tube is closed upon it, and at the same time to avoid weakening the tube materially and to guard against leakage along the joint of the tube.” (Lines 13-20) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in trace-carriers in which it would “provide each with a buckle or similar means that can be attached to the back-band of a harness for horses. The purpose is to provide means to a trace-chain which may be readily inserted in the carrier to prevent from removal, either accidentally or otherwise, so long as the carrier remains in position for service.” (Lines 12-20) Illustration is included.
Patent for an improvement in a churn-dasher by constructing the head of a dasher with a series of spirally-slanting blades, the front and rear edges are curved inward forming vertical openings with lancet-shaped ends. So that it would meet with less resistance when churning with the upward stroke.