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Improvement in Post Hole Diggers
Patent for a new design of post hole digger, with a single overlapping metal blade formed into a circular triangular form.
Cotton Harvester.
Patent for improved cotton harvester consisting of the parts, constructions, arrangements, and combinations of parts. Patent includes figures for parts in several views.
Patent for a windmill that changes directions with the wind automatically and provides more power to the pump.
Patent for a tie plate that sticks firmly to the ties, keeps out moisture, and is lighter than other tie plates.
Shade-Roller Bracket
Patent for brackets for adjustable window shades without using screws or nails.
Railway Tie
Patent for a railway tie.
Patent for a washing machine that uses jets of boiling water and steam to clean clothes.
Patent for suspension bridges and a mechanism to overcome the vertical motion in floors of spans of bridges and provides a permanent anchorage for the cables.
Fan for Sewing-Machines
Patent for a fan for sewing machines. Illustrations included.
Oil Can Spout.
Patent for new improvements to oil can where an attachment to the can is made and acts as both a stopper and a spout
Recording Device
Patent for an improved device that records flow of grain in a mill.
Trolley Wheel
Patent for a trolley wheel. The invention allows for the spreading of wear over contact blocks within the hub of the wheel. Illustration included
Patent for a washing machine. Illustrations included.
Patent for a wrench. Illustrations included.
Patent for a headlight reflector to be adapted to trains. Illustrations included.
Patent for a gaff. This invention is for catching small animals. Illustration included.
Patent for a metallic covering for rubber tires. Illustrations included.
Cultivator Foot Adjuster
Patent for cultivator foot adjuster. This invention is an efficient method to adjust the angle of the cultivator foot piece. Illustration included.
Patent for a barrel cover. Illustrations included.
Patent for improvements in match-boxes by constructing the match box “wherein matches will be picked up and delivered no matter at what angle they may be with relation to the delivering device.” (Lines 18-20) Illustration is included.
Patent for a truss for the use of alleviating abdominal hernias. Illustrations included.
Railway-Rail Joint.
Patent for improved railway rail joints, including illustrations.
Patent for an ash pan for trains. Illustrations included.
Nut Lock
Patent for a nut lock. Illustration included.
Crude-Oil Burner
Patent for a crude oil burner for kitchen use such as cooking. Illustrations included.
Patent for a railway switch.
Conductor's Train-Book
Patent for a conductor's train-book. This invention if for a conductor to log train movements. Illustration included.
Patent for a portable freezer designed to freeze cream and milk. Illustration included.
Patent for a lubricator for locomotives and steam engines. Illustrations included.
Protective Carpet-Lining
Patent for a lining to protect carpets from wear and maintain sanitation. Illustrations included.
Sugared Nut Candy
Patent for sugared nut candy. No illustration.
Oil Burner
Patent for oil burner. Illustration included.
Compound Railway Rail
Patent for a compound railway rail. This invention is comprised of separate tread and base parts. Illustration included.
Apparatus for Bleaching Cotton
Patent for an apparatus for treating lint cotton as it passes from the gin for bleaching. Illustration included.
Patent for a trolley wheel. Illustrations included.
Boiler Stay Bolt
Patent for a boiler stay bolt. This design is made of flexible stay-bolts for boiler allowing for movement bracing sheets. Illustration included.
Patent for a cultivator. Illustration included.
Rotary Engine
Patent for a rotary engine. This invention is a rotary steam engine. It consists of a cylinder, rotatable drum, and pistons. Illustration included.
Can Cover
Patent for a can cover. Illustration included.
Patent for a cotton gin which removes lint with air pressure. Illustrations included.
Gland or Swab-Holder
Patent for a holder for swabs used for lubricating pistons, valve rods, and other similar devices. Illustrations included.
Baling Press Attachment
Patent for baling press attachment. Illustration included.
Antifriction Device for Cranks and Pitmen
Patent for an antifriction device used to "prevent dust and grit from accumulating in the anti-friction bearings" (lines 17-18). Illustrations included.
Compound Railway-Rail
Patent for a compound railway-rail. This invention is a solid open jointed rail whereby two longitudinal section may be brought together without creating open joints. Illustration included.
Car Replacer
Patent for a car replacer. This invention is designed for the replacement of derailed locomotives, cars, and stock pens to the rails. Illustration included.
Wood Column Turning Lathe
Patent for a wood column turning lathe. Illustration included.
Combination Device
Patent for a combination device. "This invention relates to devices for operating upon metal in various shapes" (line 8-9). Illustration included.
Patent for an improved self-setting trap that can capture and kill animals while preventing them from reaching the bait.
Swab Holder
Patent for improvements in swab-holders consisting of a sectional box or cup containing fibrous material to apply a lubricating oil for the piston-rod to reduce friction and wear on the rod.
Envelop Stamping Machine
Patent for an envelop stamping machine. This machine is designed to process sheets of stamps for the application of one stamp per envelope. Illustrations Included.