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Improvement in Post Hole Diggers
Patent for a new design of post hole digger, with a single overlapping metal blade formed into a circular triangular form.
Oil Can Spout.
Patent for new improvements to oil can where an attachment to the can is made and acts as both a stopper and a spout
Railway-Rail Joint.
Patent for improved railway rail joints, including illustrations.
Patent for an improved self-setting trap that can capture and kill animals while preventing them from reaching the bait.
Swab Holder
Patent for improvements in swab-holders consisting of a sectional box or cup containing fibrous material to apply a lubricating oil for the piston-rod to reduce friction and wear on the rod.
Patent for a combination-tool which includes a putty-knife and hammer and claw. The idea is that when one tool is in use, the other portion can be closed away.
Piston-Rod Connection
Patent for a connector between a cross-head and a piston-rod that reduces strain by using a double taper and binder elements in line with the thrust of the piston-rod to prevent fractures and breaks as a result of the end thrust.
Patent for gate that uses a lever mechanism for operation while seated in a vehicle or on horseback. This invention allows the user to open and close the gate while seated. Illustration included.
Wood-Boring Machine.
Patent for a wood boring machine "which is especially adapted to bore holes of extreme length in columns or like structural members by cutting away only a portion of the wood forming hole in same" (lines 11-15).
Hame and Trace Connector.
Patent for a hame and trace connector. "The object of the invention is to provide a hame and trace connection having means to prevent the parts of the same from becoming disconnected." (lines 14-17)
Solid-Rim Wood Column.
Patent for a new construction for wooden columns that were previously produced by joining strips of wood together.
Patent for a plow improvement specifying the method in which the handle attaches to the beam of the plow. Parts of the plow are adjustable.
Patent for a cheap and simple reed-board that provides a uniform tone that is produced through the register or registers and allows the freedom of communication between the reed-cells and pipe or resonance cells.
Hog Trough
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Hog-Troughs" (lines 5-6).
Wire Stretcher
Patent for a wire stretcher. Illustrations included.
Acetylene-Gas Generator
Patent for a generator that runs on acetylene gas with a component that releases excess gas in the event the gasometer is overcharged, including illustrations.
Can Closure
Patent for a can closure. Illustration included.
Skiving Machine
Patent for a skiving device. This invention is adapted to skive leather straps with intent for use as harness and belting. Illustration included.
Truss Bridge
Patent for a truss bridge. Illustration included.
Child's Garment
Patent for a child's garment. Illustration included.
Carpet Fastening
Patent for carpet fastening. Illustrations included.
Patent for a can. Illustration included.
Patent for a wrench. Illustration included.
Device For Pressing Trousers
Patent for a device for pressing trousers. Illustration included.
Car Coupling
Patent for rail car coupling. Illustration included.
Acetylene Gas Generator
Patent for an acetylene gas generator. Illustrations included.
Acetylene Gas Generator
Patent for an acetylene gas generator. Illustration included.
Acetylene Gas Generator
Patent for acetylene gas generator. Illustration included.
Harness Attachment
Patent for a harness attachment. Illustrations included.
Cotton Picker
Patent for a cotton picker. Illustrations included.
Deposit File
Patent for a deposit file. Illustration included.
Horse Detacher
Patent for horse detacher. Illustration included.
Process of Mixing Ingredients
Patent for a process of mixing ingredients. This invention is designed to mix dry state materials to a level moisture to be used for making shale brick. Illustration included.
Passenger Recorder
Patent for a passenger recorder. This invention is designed to keep track of the flow of passengers entering on and off passenger vehicles. Illustration included.
Patent for suspenders. Illustration included.
Rocking Chair Fan
Patent for a rocking chair fan. Illustration included.
Patent for a means to "instantly pull down the trolley-pole when its trolley jumps the conductor-wire." (line 15-17)
Valve Stem Packing
Patent for "valve-stem packing for locomotives and steam engines." (lines 8,9) including instructions and illustrations.
Steam Boiler Furnace
Patent for steam boiler furnace. Illustration included.
Linotype Distributer
Patent for a linotype distributer. Illustration included.
Apparatus for Controlling Trolley Poles
Patent for an apparatus for controlling trolley poles. "This invention relates to an apparatus for controlling trolley poles employed for effecting electrical connection between a trolley wire and a motor on a car, and has for its object to provide improved means for automatically throwing the trolley into position to be placed in engagement with the trolley wire" (line 9-15). Illustrations included.
Expansible Pulley
Patent for an expansible pulley. This invention is constructed to expand and contract easily with great durability. Illustration included.
Patent for an insect trap.
Washing Machine
Patent for a washing machine. "This invention relates to washing-machines in the nature of a combined boiler and washing machine" (8-10). Illustration included.
Patent for improvement in draft-equalizers in which the draft-equalizer will “first, take away the side draft; second, to enable the plow to follow the furrow; third, to work three, four, or five horses to the same bars by simply adjusting the bars; fourth, to enable all horses except one to walk on solid ground, the one to walk in furrow; fifth, to enable the operator to place load on any point of the bars he chooses and still have a straight pull.” (Lines 25-34) Illustration is included.
Surgical Applicator
Patent for a surgical applicator "which may be employed for the application of a suitable medicament to the membranous lining of the urethral canal of the phallus.(line 10-14).
Patent for reed-organs that is needed in the construction of reed-board to improve the quality and volume of the tone, produce a uniform pipe-tone throughout the different registers.
Patent for "new and useful improvements in Hame-Hooks." (lines 5-6). "The object of the invention is to provide a hame-hook which shall be simple of construction, durable in use, comparatively inexpensive of production, and by means of which the tug or trace chain may be easily attached to the hame at various heights and be securely retained in position." (lines 12-18)
Patent for a cotton chopper that has advantages in point of simplicity, durability, and general efficiency because it is adapted to operate crosswise with relation to the rows.
Patent for an ant trap "to provide a simple, inexpensive, and efficient one of great strength and durability adapted to be place over an ant-hill and capable of capturing the ant in the hill as they leave the same and also of catching the outside ants as they attempt to enter the hill. (line 11-17)