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Improvement in Post Hole Diggers
Patent for a new design of post hole digger, with a single overlapping metal blade formed into a circular triangular form.
Oil Can Spout.
Patent for new improvements to oil can where an attachment to the can is made and acts as both a stopper and a spout
Patent for a wrench. Illustration included.
Device For Pressing Trousers
Patent for a device for pressing trousers. Illustration included.
Acetylene Gas Generator
Patent for acetylene gas generator. Illustration included.
Harness Attachment
Patent for a harness attachment. Illustrations included.
Cotton Picker
Patent for a cotton picker. Illustrations included.
Horse Detacher
Patent for horse detacher. Illustration included.
Passenger Recorder
Patent for a passenger recorder. This invention is designed to keep track of the flow of passengers entering on and off passenger vehicles. Illustration included.
Patent for suspenders. Illustration included.
Rocking Chair Fan
Patent for a rocking chair fan. Illustration included.
Patent for a means to "instantly pull down the trolley-pole when its trolley jumps the conductor-wire." (line 15-17)
Valve Stem Packing
Patent for "valve-stem packing for locomotives and steam engines." (lines 8,9) including instructions and illustrations.
Steam Boiler Furnace
Patent for steam boiler furnace. Illustration included.
Linotype Distributer
Patent for a linotype distributer. Illustration included.
Apparatus for Controlling Trolley Poles
Patent for an apparatus for controlling trolley poles. "This invention relates to an apparatus for controlling trolley poles employed for effecting electrical connection between a trolley wire and a motor on a car, and has for its object to provide improved means for automatically throwing the trolley into position to be placed in engagement with the trolley wire" (line 9-15). Illustrations included.
Expansible Pulley
Patent for an expansible pulley. This invention is constructed to expand and contract easily with great durability. Illustration included.
Patent for an insect trap.
Washing Machine
Patent for a washing machine. "This invention relates to washing-machines in the nature of a combined boiler and washing machine" (8-10). Illustration included.
Patent for improvement in draft-equalizers in which the draft-equalizer will “first, take away the side draft; second, to enable the plow to follow the furrow; third, to work three, four, or five horses to the same bars by simply adjusting the bars; fourth, to enable all horses except one to walk on solid ground, the one to walk in furrow; fifth, to enable the operator to place load on any point of the bars he chooses and still have a straight pull.” (Lines 25-34) Illustration is included.
Surgical Applicator
Patent for a surgical applicator "which may be employed for the application of a suitable medicament to the membranous lining of the urethral canal of the phallus.(line 10-14).
Patent for reed-organs that is needed in the construction of reed-board to improve the quality and volume of the tone, produce a uniform pipe-tone throughout the different registers.
Patent for "new and useful improvements in Hame-Hooks." (lines 5-6). "The object of the invention is to provide a hame-hook which shall be simple of construction, durable in use, comparatively inexpensive of production, and by means of which the tug or trace chain may be easily attached to the hame at various heights and be securely retained in position." (lines 12-18)
Patent for a cotton chopper that has advantages in point of simplicity, durability, and general efficiency because it is adapted to operate crosswise with relation to the rows.
Patent for an ant trap "to provide a simple, inexpensive, and efficient one of great strength and durability adapted to be place over an ant-hill and capable of capturing the ant in the hill as they leave the same and also of catching the outside ants as they attempt to enter the hill. (line 11-17)
Cotton Compress
Patent for "an improved cotton-compress adapted to be used in connection with a cotton-baling press for increasing the density and reducing the size of the bales formed in the press."
Dry Closet
Patent for a dry closet.
Rotary Engine
Patent for rotary engine.
Sewing Machine Attachment
Patent for a sewing machine attachment that "aims to provide an attachment for use in connection with any sewing machine combining means for hemming, tucking, and braiding, the several parts being adjustable to admit of making hems any width and tucks any size and distance apart, the device being simple and comprising a minimum number of parts" (lines 9-16). Illustration included.
Patent for new and useful improvement in dress-supporters for the purpose of providing "simple and effective means for removing the weight of a dress-skirt" (lines 9-11) from the hips and shoulders of the wearer, including illustrations.
Jeweler's Tool.
Patent for improvements in jeweler’s tools by “comprising a tubular handle, a reciprocatory punch-stem extending through the handle and beyond both ends thereof, a retracting spring seated within the handle and engaging with the stem, a punch-needle having a socket member detachably engaging one end of the punch-stem, and a cap detachably fitting one end of the handle over the end of the stem opposite the punch-needle.” (Page 2, lines 5-[13]) Illustration is included.
Wagon-Brake Ratchet
Patent for new mode of applying brake-shoes to a wagon and improvement with the position of the brake level on a wagon.
Patent for an improved cultivator that utilizes wheels and implements adapted for working in adjacent parallel furrows. The cultivator can be used to remove potatoes and similar crops from the earth.
Compress and Packer
Patent for a device that provides improvements in machines for compressing, packing, and baling cotton, hay, straw, and the like; and the object is to provide a machine of this character operating automatically to form the bat as the material is received from the gin or condenser and folding the bat back and forth in even layers in the press, forming a complete and symmetrical bale (lines 9-17) Illustrations are included.
Patent for "a gate which can be built at a comparatively low price, which will be durable and practical, and which can be opened from either side with ease" (lines 13-17).
Automatic Railway-Switch.
Patent for a railway-switch by enabling the switch operate automatically when a train is passing by. Illustration is included.
Patent for "a draft-equalizer that the draft will be equally distributed among each of the animals attached thereto, so that one may travel in the furrow, if desired, and the remainder permitted to move over the unplowed ground" (lines 22-27).
Patent for "a simple device of this kind which will excel the former traps in depositing the ants within the annular pan and in efficiency for convenient discharge of the trapped insects" (lines 18-22).
Patent for a seeder used for sowing small grain including illustrations.
Telephone Transmitter and Receiver
Patent for a telephone transmitter and receiver. The device is for lines "known as 'long-distance' telephones for the purpose of taking up the weakened vibrations and re-energizing them...transmitting them with increased volume" (line 12-15) illustration included.
Rope-Fastening Device.
Patent for a new and useful rope fastening device, including instructions and illustrations.
Churn Power
Patent for "new and useful improvements for churn-power" (line 5), including illustrations and instructions.
Patent for a new and useful animal trap, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful fertilizer distributer, including instructions and illustrations.
Pop-Valve For Kilns.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in pop valves for kilns, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for new and useful improvements in ballast scrapers, including instructions and illustrations.
Metal Cutter And Roller.
Patent for a new and useful metal cutter and roller, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful railroad rail, including instructions and illustrations.
Stalk - Chopper.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in stalk choppers, including instructions and illustrations.
Ventilating-Canopy for Cook Stoves Or Ranges.
Patent for a new and useful ventilating canopy for cook stoves or ranges.