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Patent for head lamps that the drivers can turn while driving to light the road.
Remedial Appliance.
Patent for a remedial appliance, intended to be worn as a bracelet or an "anklet," through which a person receives medication that he/she needs. Such an appliance is intended to improve treatment through facilitating the application of medication throughout the body.
Patent for rail joints that will remove the need for bolts to secure the chairs. The joints will also allow the chair to be removed from the rail without using tools.
Patent for an insect trap that entraps and kills insects that infest live plants or trees. This trap has a lantern to attract insects; the lantern is mounded in a pan that can be filled with liquid that injures and kills the insects.
Lamp-Adjusting Mechanism
Patent for improvements for lamp-adjusting mechanism for one of the lamps of an automobile for operation from driver's seat. The driver is enabled from seat to partially rotate one of the forward lamps, causing the light to follow curve of road.
Patent for improved lamp burners, which reduces explosion risk, improves wick trimming, and maintains chimney positioning.
Automatic Feed-Water Steam-Generator
Patent for a steam generator for hydrocarbon burners. Illustrations included.
Stalk-Cutting Attachment for Plows
Patent for a stalk cutter attachment for plows. Illustrations included.
Patent for an oil burner for stoves that can still operate even if there are impurities in the water used to create the steam employed in getting the fuel to burn.
Wheel Sulky Plow
Patent for wheel sulky plow. Illustrations included.
Guano Distributor
Patent for the distribution of guano for fertilization over a given area of territory.
Patent for a steam generator for use with hydrocarbon burners.
Patent for improvements to cotton pickers providing a wheeled machine that will "remove cotton lint from the plants by mechanical means" (lines 15-16) with added new features to construction and operation, including instructions and illustrations.
Valve Mechanism for Steam Engines
Patent for valve gear mechanism for steam engines.
Ice-Cream Freezer
Patent for an ice cream freezer that will have independent and removable receptacles that will freeze ice cream into various sizes and shapes in the form of sticks.
Patent for a hydrocarbon burner that allows foreign materials to blow away from the burner, while it is running and is fuel efficient.
Patent for improvements to engine muffler, including noise reduction without accompanying "back-pressure".
Patent for a water carrier that is made up of a conveyor for a bucket to and from a well.
Wheel-Holding Device.
Patent for a device to hold a wheel during construction and repair.
Patent for an oil burner for burning crude petroleum and hydrocarbon oils. Illustrations included.
Mail-Pouch-Transferring Apparatus.
Patent for a mail pouch transferring apparatus that has a secure attachment to the frame.
Patent for a casting machine. Illustrations included.
Attachment for Lifting-Jacks
Patent for an attachment for lifting jacks.
Patent for a hydrocarbon burner that has its oil atomized by a steam generator.
Vehicle Wheel.
Patent for a wheel with an improved design that includes shock absorbing springs radiating from the hub, sectional tread for traction, and a metallic construction in place of a pneumatic tire for increased durability. Includes illustrations.
Patent for an air and moisture proof burial vault which can also expel gases. Illustrations included.
Cultivator-Tooth Adjuster.
Patent for a cultivator tooth adjuster that can be set to different angles.
Device for Cleaning Flues
Patent for a flue cleaner that operates by blowing steam through the flue, thus removing dirt and debris. Illustrations included.
Patent for sheep shears. Illustrations included.
Mail-Pouch-Transferring Apparatus.
Patent for a mail pouch transferring apparatus for use on trains, which consists of a crane that can be used in the same position no matter which direction the train is going past it.
Patent for a cotton chopper, which has rotating blades on the front.
Patent for a bundle tie particularly designed for mail packages. Illustrations included.
Patent for a wind up top, which has flan blades on top that spin the opposite direction from the top.
Combined Mail Crane, Catcher, and Deliverer.
Patent for a combined mail crane, catcher, and deliverer for trains, which can both drop off and pick up mail at the same time.
Device for Making Castings.
Patent for "making castings of various kinds, and more especially for making castings for dental use" (lines 10-12) including illustrations.
Patent for a road scraper for excavating, which "automatically returns to an upright position after having been dumped" (lines 12-14).
Mail-Pouch Catcher
Patent for a mail pouch catcher. Illustrations included.
Cotton Seed Separator
Patent for cotton seed separator. This invention is designed to be a sifting machine for separating cotton seed between sizes. Illustration included.
Cleaning-Rod for Rifled Firearms.
Patent for a cleaning rod for rifles, which allows rapid movements in and out and turns a rag easily inside the barrel without tearing the cloth.
Patent for a hay baling press which bales hay quickly and is able to be mounted on wheels for transportation.
Cultivator Attachment.
Patent for a separator for a cultivator, which allows for bringing together or forcing apart the beams of a cultivator.
Sewing Device
Patent for a sewing device relating to the sewing of bags. This invention consists of a helical needle for drawing stitches without having to twist or turn the sewing device. Illustration included.
Fence Stay
Patent for a fence stay. "This invention relates to means for maintaining strands or line-wires of fences in relatively fixed relation to prevent their sagging or being forced apart by the attempted passage of animals between them" (lines 7-11). Illustration included.
Journal Lubricator
Patent for a journal lubricator. This lubricator is specially designed for rail car axles journals. Illustration included.
Railway Tie.
Patent for a hollow metallic railway tie that is braced horizontally and vertically, with a new type and arrangement of tie-plates. This railway tie prevents rails from slipping, and allows for spreading of the track, which is useful on curves.
Attachment for Cultivators.
Patent for an improved arch-bar for cultivators that allows increasing and decreasing the space between drag bars without having to stop the team of horses.
Lifting-Jack, Clamp, and Wire-Stretcher
Patent for a device that combines three tools - a lifting-jack, a clamp, and a wire-stretcher all in one. It does so without sacrificing the functionality of any part.
Patent for a cotton chopper that can also chop or cut corn, cane, broom-corn, peas, or any similar plants that are planted thick in drills or rows. This particular chopper includes an approved arrangement and adjustment of the chopping-blades that can be set to cut at different angles.
Patent for a wrench where the movement of the jaws is partially automated.
Cow, Calf and Colt Weaner.
Patent for a weaner to be worn by cows, calves and colts "reducing inconvenience by the animal" (line 12) and allowing for the administration of medicine or antiseptic.