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Combined Chair, Cot and Bed
Patent for a combination of a chair, cot and bed and improvements made unto it. Illustrations and instructions included.
Animal Brander
Patent for an animal brander with interchangeable characters and a holder for the characters.
Loading and Unloading Mechanism for Mixing-Drums or Other Receptacles
Patent for improving the regulating of asphalt and concrete mixers.
Patent for a horse releaser constructed so that the shafts may be released when it is desired to detach a horse from a vehicle. It also provides an improved means of holding the shafts in place and preventing them from moving when it is not desired to release the shafts.
Portable Commode
Patent for a portable commode. Illustrations included.
Compression Means for Fountain-Pens
Patent for a compressor for fountain pens. Illustrations included.
Patent for an oil burner that can be used with stoves. Illustrations included.
Patent for a hydrocarbon stove that allows irons to be heated on it.
Patent for a new drafting-pen which includes a tie member that unites and resists separation of the blades of a pen, yet the tie member is movable and allows the blades to separate.
Patent for a new and improved fountain pen that provides a “novel means for manipulating the compressible reservoir” (lines 13-14) of the pen and of which the contents "may readily be fed manually, to the ink-applying portion of the pen" (lines 10-11) including instructions and illustrations.
Knockdown Crate
Patent for material improvements to a knockdown crate, including an insertable locking board.
Fireproof Flue.
Patent for a fireproof flue that prevents the roof from being burned, where the stovepipe goes through the roof.
Patent for an elevating truck. Illustrations included.
Patent for a cultivator. Illustrations included.
Crude-Oil Burner
Patent for a crude oil burner. Illustrations included.
Patent for a clothes pin, which holds clothes without stretching them and is easily taken on and off with one press of the clamp.
Cotton Picking Sack and Holder
Patent for a cotton picking sack and holder. This invention is designed to be worn by the worker.
Patent for improvements in tobacco-pipes by providing “an improved construction of pipe having means for filtering the smoke, and means whereby the nicotine and tar from the tobacco will be absorbed and prevented from entering the stem of the pipe.” (Lines 14-18) Illustration is included.
Patent for a clothes pounder. Illustrations included.
Fountain Drafting-Pen.
Patent for a fountain drafting pen, which has a rubber handle that when flexed sends out the pen tip with ink, and and when flexed again takes the point back into the ink reservoir in the handle.
Artificial Fly Fish Hook
Patent for an artificial fly fish hook. Illustration included.
Patent for a water heater which operates by connecting to the smoke stack of a furnace. Illustrations included.
Patent for an adjustable road and ditch building scraper.
Patent for a voting machine whereby voters register their votes by pushing a button. Illustrations included.
Folding Tent.
Patent for a foldable two story tent with a sleeping compartment in the upper story.
Stalk-Puller, Seeder, and Pulverizer
Patent for an implement for pulling stalks, seeding, planting, and pulverizing the ground. Illustrations included.
Stalk-Puller, Seeder, and Pulverizer
Patent for an implement for pulling stalks, seeding, planting, and pulverizing the ground. Illustrations included.
Artificial Bait
Patent for an artificial bait. Illustration included.
Patent for a seed planter. Illustrations included.
Smoke and Soot Arrester for Stacks
Patent for a smoke and soot arrester that may be used to contain products of combustion from smoke stacks or chimneys. Illustrations included.
Patent for a fountain pen with an improved ink feeder.
Auxiliary Water-Heater and Smoke-Consumer
Patent for a water heater which connects to the furnace and uses the smoke and gases passing through it to heat the water in the water heater.
Patent for a tire tightener. Illustrations included.
Carrier-Frame for Baskets.
Patent for a carrier frame for moving baskets up and down in a store, which does not get tangled with the basket ropes.
Cotton Chopper and Cultivator
Patent for a cotton chopper and cultivator. Illustrations included.
Means for Loading and Unloading Cars
Patent for means for loading and unloaded railroad cars. Illustrations included.
Extension Car-Step
Patent for an extension car step. Illustrations included.
Patent for an animal poke worn on the head of cattle to prevent jumping outside the field which allows the cow to graze freely while wearing the poke.
Patent for a a nursing bottle employing a jacket designed to hold the parts of the bottle together. Illustration included.
Folding Bed
Patent for a folding bed. Illustration included.
Combined Water Heater and Smoke Consumer
Patent for a combined water heater and smoke consumer. Illustration included.
Mail Box Signal
Patent for a mail box signal. Illustration included.
Gun Attachment
Patent for improvement of a gun handle attachment to rifles and shotguns. It is intended to be applied to the barrels end for support and so the user has use of the elbow joint.
Drinking Fountain
Patent for a drinking fountain. "The object of the invention is to provide a drinking fountain having a drinking trough to which water will be automatically supplied as the same is removed by the stock." Illustration included.
Air Brake Lock
Patent for an air brake lock. Illustrations included.
Nut Lock
Patent for nut lock. Illustration included.
Liquid Fuel Burner
Patent for a liquid fuel burner. Illustration included.
Tailor's Or Dressmaker's Measuring Device
Patent for a tailor's or dressmaker's measuring device. Illustrations included.
Baling Press
Patent for a baling press. Illustrations included.
Cheese Cutter
Patent for a cheese cutter. Illustration included.