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Patent for an improved hive, in which bees are fed and watered more efficiently and honey can be removed without the loss of bees. Illustrations and instructions are included.
Patent for a rail clamp that prevents rail spreading.
Triple Valve for Fluid-Pressure Brakes.
Patent for a triple valve for fluid-pressure brakes in trains that prevents accidental triggering of the emergency brakes.
Wire-Twisting Implement
Patent for a wire twister for use in manufacturing wire baskets. Illustrations included.
Ink-Bottle Holder for Desks.
Patent for an ink bottle holder for desks, which prevents the ink from quickly evaporating.
Patent for a metal, rural, mail carrier supply box with various compartments for different supplies.
Wire Basket
Patent for wire basket. Illustration included.
Patent for a wrench used to remove the nuts of a vehicle wheel axle.
Machine for Gathering Cotton Squares
Patent for a machine for gathering cotton squares. This invention is designed to gather boll weevil invested cotton and roll the cotton between rollers to kill eggs. Illustration included.
Signal-Lock for Mail-Boxes.
Patent for a signal lock for mail boxes, which can only be operated from the inside of the box and locks in position.
Hay Press
Patent for a hay press. Illustration included.
Patent for a grubber. Illustration included.
Cotton Seed Separator
Patent for a cotton seed separator. Illustrations included.
Siding Gage
Patent for siding gage. This design is meant to be a cheap, durable, and convenient gage for use in siding.
Automatic Car-Coupling.
Patent for improvements in car-couplers "wherein the link is automatically engaged with the draw-head of a second car and the link can be quickly disengaged when it needed uncoupling." (Lines 10-11) Illustration is included.
Patent for "a fastening device for securely holding the meeting ends of straps together, and is particularly applicable to stirrup-straps, in which, because of the strain thereon, the ordinary fastener is quickly broken or the strap is torn from the same" (lines 9-15).
Patent for improvement of seed planter "adapted for the planting of various kinds of seeds" (lines 10-11) and addition of tilting movements, including illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in corn huskers, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a certain new and useful class of machines used for distributing poisons for the purpose of killing insects, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful bed brace, including instructions and illustrations.
Poison - Distributer
Patent for a new and improved poison-distributer. This design is to "provide a machine for distributing poison or a fertilizer to the plants at each side of the furrow through which the machine may be drawn" (line 7 - 9).
Cotton - Chopper.
Patent for a new and useful improvement in cotton choppers machine as the attachment to cultivators, including instructions and illustrations.
Electric Railway.
Patent for an electric railway that has the electric conductor on or under the ground, in a tube. The tube gets electricity to the trains via contact-pieces embedded in the tube, and it collapses whenever the train wheels go over it. The tube and conductor are kept safe in a u-shaped hanger underground.
Patent for a wheel-plow that is meant for southern states. All the parts of this plow are adjustable in order to adapt to different sizes of bedding.
Insect-Powder Distributer.
Patent for a poison distributor that has an adjustable discharge distance and does not clog. It is crank operated to generate a steady stream of poison.
Patent for pliers that has one jaw fitted with ribs and the other with grooves. This allows the pliers to clamp onto and kink a wire in an improved way.
Patent for a strong and durable plow-stock that is "capable of receiving and operating in connection with any form of sweep, bull-tongue, or shovel plows, and [provides] means whereby the latter may be adjustably connected to the stock, and said stock readily adjusted, whereby the penetration of the plow may be increased or diminished in accordance with the character of plowing to be done" (lines 10-17).
Patent for an "economically and simply constructed machine adapted to be drawn along over rows of plants and to spread powdered poison over the same for the destruction of insects" while also protecting the driver (lines 10-13).
Patent for a device which destroys cotton worms "in which the cylinders [holding the poison] are adapted to be both vertically and laterally adjustable with respect to the height of the cotton and width of the rows" (lines 18-21).
Well Lining.
Patent for a new and improved well lining. This design "has for its object to provide a seamless lining extending from the bottom of the well to the surface of the ground and designed to exclude all foreign or impure substances from the well-water—such as pass through the cracks of the brick or stone lining now commonly employed—and also to exclude ants and other insects and prevent the damage frequently cause through this source" (lines 9-17).
Veterinary Medicine
Patent for "a compound for the eradication of screw-worms in animals, and it has for its object toprovide a simple and inexpensive compound of this character which will quickly and efficiently destroy the worms, and at the same time serve as both an astringent and antiseptic to the wound" (lines 10-16).
Artificial-Stone Composition
Patent for "an artificial stone adapted for all purposes to which natural stone can be applied, and which can be given any desired shape while in a plastic state, or carved and polished after hardening" (lines 12-18).
Patent for a new and improved plow. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the plow-beam, the slotted and braced standard, and the adjustable land-bar, of the winged attachment formed with perforated lugs, the plow-point formed with upper and lower extensions and secured to said attachment" (lines 95-100).
Well Cleaner.
Patent for a new and improved well cleaner. This design "is to provide a simple instrument by which wells can be cleaned out without descending into them. It is well known that much danger exists in descending into foul wells on account of the poisonous gases often collected near the bottom of the same" (lines 20-26).
Fan Attachment.
Patent for a new and improved fan attachment. This design "consists of an attachment for rocking-chairs, cradles, &c., and having an oscillatory arm adapted to hold a fan" (lines 9-11).
Patent for a new and improved fan. This design "consists mainly, first, in the combination with a swinging bar of metal or wood, or both, carrying the fans, of a balance-weight located at an angle to the line of the bar for the purpose of retarding its backward movement; and, second, in the combination, with a shaft and a hinge-connection uniting the fan-holder clamp to the shaft, of a removable pin by means of which the fan may be caused to move positively with the shaft or swing independently of it, as may be desired" (lines 12-22).
Barber's Paper Clip.
Patent for a new and improved barber's paper clip. This design calls for "a clip formed by doubling upon itself a [flat] strip of metal," which will hold sheets of paper on which barbers can sharpen their razors. A hook exists on the opposite side, by which the paper clip can hang from the hot towel on the customer's face.
Plow Colter.
Patent for a new and improved plow colter. This design calls for a colter that conforms to the face-curve of the plow shovel, thus forming a landside. The colter can be attached to and removed from either side of the plow standard.
Patent for a new and improved buckle. This design utilizes two separate tongues that run freely along a middle bar, which lengthens the life of the strap by distributing pressure and allowing for broken out, frayed, or otherwise worn holes to be circumvented for new ones.
Harness Buckle.
Patent for a new and improved harness buckle. This design calls for a central cross-bar, upon which the frame rests, with fold-able arms that form a loop beneath the side-bars with the assistance of metal pins (lines 57-62). This design eliminates the need for stitching the strap being buckled.
Patent for a new and improved bale tie. This design utilizes a strap-iron binder with notches along the sides that allow for a bail to clamp firmly within them; thus, the bale is fastened.
Improvement in Bale-Ties.
Patent for a new and improved bale-tie design with different buckle and band. It includes illustrations.
Improvement in Rotary Cultivators.
Patent for a machine for "opening ditches to drain land and form fences, and to grade railroads, &c." (lines 15-17) including illustrations and instructions.
Improvement in Picket-Fences
Patent for improvement for Picket Fences, Patent No. 143632 dated October 14, 1873. The improved picket fences composed of zig zag settings with their upper ends brought in line and are connected and supported by wires and posts.
Improvement in seed-planters.
Patent for a seed planter that drops seeds into the plow furrow, where a roller covers the seeds with dirt. Includes illustrations.
Improvement in Picket-Fences.
Patent for secure, inexpensive picket-fence construction using various sizes of wood pieces and wire. It is meant for situations in which wood is scarce. Illustration included.
Improvement in Machines for Making Plow-Irons.
Patent for an improvement in the design for machines for manufacturing plow irons, including illustrations.
Improvement in Insect-Destroyers.
Patent for a device to destroy "winged insects which are destructive to the cotton plants and other vegetation" (lines 19-21) including instructions and illustrations.
Improvment in Cotton Cultivator.
Patent for improvements in cotton cultivators: "designed more especially for cultivating cotton, scraping the earth away from the young plants, and thinning out the same" (lines 11-12).
Improved Saw-Gummer.
Patent for a machine that uses a grindstone to sharpen rotary saws. Includes instructions and illustrations.