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Railway Signaling Mechanism
Patent for a railway signaling mechanism. This invention "relates to certain new and useful improvements in electric railway and block signaling in which means are provided for indicating in the engine cab to the engineer the condition of the road ahead" (lines 9-13). Illustrations included.
Medicating and Massaging Appliance
Patent for a medicating and massaging appliance. This invention is intended for use in application with the eyes, ears, etc. Illustration included.
Patent for a nut and pipe wrench. Illustrations included.
Patent for a planter. Illustrations included.
Attachment for Cultivator-Beams
Patent for an attachment for cultivator beams designed to help adjust cultivators while in usage. Illustrations included.
Rotary Engine
Patent for a rotary engine that operates by virtually any type of motive fluid. Illustrations included.
Patent for the usefulness of baling press.
Water Distributing Apparatus
Patent for a water distributing apparatus. This inventions' design is for hot and cold water and used primarily in connection with heating or cooking stoves so as to utilize the heat furnished there in. Illustration included.
Gin Saw Cleaner
Patent for gin saw cleaner. This invention operates on the cotton bulbs when they are damp and cling to the saw blade. Illustrations included.
Well-Drilling Machine
Patent for a well-drilling machine that is simple, compact and effective with general improvements over other models.
Patent for an improved wooden stock for firearms which combines maximum lightness and strength, may be produced at reduced cost, and is adapted for convenient and advantageous manipulation for defensive purposes.
Mattress-Making Machine.
Patent for a mattress making machine that is more simple but equally-efficient as previous mattress making machines. This patent is an improvement to the inventor's previous patent, No. 679,809.
Foot Scraper
Patent for a foot scraper. Illustration included.
Rubber Shoe Sole and Heel.
Patent for a rubber shoe sole and heel which is adapted to be readily attached to the welt of a hand-sewed or Goodyear rubber shoe, including illustrations. The rubber shoe sole and heel is designed to bring the tread surface of the heel-piece in proper alignment with the tread-face of the sole-piece with a flange around it to facilitate connection to the welt of the shoe.
Touch Regulating Attachment For Pianos
Patent for a touch regulating attachment for pianos. This invention contributes to the elasticity and responsiveness of the pianos action. Illustration included.
Patent for improving the baling press in which a rectangular bale of hay is formed. Compared to the traditional press the lever movement is circular and continuous.
Electric Signal System for Electric Cars
Patent for signal systems for electric railways where wires arranged in connection with the signal lamps at the ends of the blocks and on the cars will be lit to signal caution. There will also be a signal within the car if another moving car in the opposite direction enters the same block.
Switch and Signal System
Patent for a switch and signal system to be used for railroad signaling and to prevent trains on different tracks from colliding. (lines 12-22)
Thill Coupling
Patent for a thill coupling. Illustration included.
End Gate For Wagons
Patent for and end gate for wagons. Illustration included.
Combination Tool
Patent for a combination tool. Illustration included.
Hame Attachment
Patent for a hame attachment. Illustration included.
Water Distilling Apparatus
Patent for a water distilling apparatus. This invention is designed for condensing steam into distilled water. Additionally, the design is meant to separate empyreumatic gases from the water vapor during the distillation process. Illustration included.
Pneumatic Cotton-Handling Apparatus.
Patent for a pneumatic cotton-handling apparatus in which it can “unloading cotton simultaneously from two wagons and for conveying the cotton from one wagon to a storage place and from the other wagon to feeding devices for supplying a battery of gins.” (Lines 14-18) Illustration is included.
Lint-Cotton Feeder
Patent for the collection of cotton, monitoring the amount of cotton lint being received, creating certain actions when those amounts are reached, including detailed instructions and illustrations.
Envelop Fastener
Patent for an envelop fastener. Illustration included.
Horse Collar Rolling Machine
Patent for horse collar rolling machines. Illustrations included.
Line-Lock Attachment for Type-Writing Machines.
Patent for improvements in line-lock attachments for type-writing machines in which “it prevent the printing of one letter over another by effecting a locking of the key-levers when the carriage of the machine reaches the end of the line.” (Lines 26-29) Illustration is included.
Patent for cultivator. Illustrations included.
Irrigating Machine
Patent for an irrigating machine. Illustration included.
Hame Attachment
Patent for a hame attachment. Illustration included.
Plate and Attaching Device Therefor
Patent for plate and attaching device to prevent it from being moved by a child. Illustration included
Governor for Explosion Engines
Patent for a governor for explosion engines. Illustration included.
Electric Signal System
Patent for electric signal system. Illustration included.
Gate Operating Device
Patent for gate operating device. Illustration included.
Coin Operated Vending Machine
Patent for a coin operated vending machine that is meant to be inexpensive and adapted to protect the items being vended, and to allow adjustment for coins of different denominations.
Harness Fastner
Patent for a harness fastener. Illustration included.
Back Spacing Attachment for Type Writing Machines
Patent for an attachment to provide type writing machines with back space. Illustration included.
Patent for a Gate. "My invention is an improved gate adapted for use as a farm-gate and for other uses." (lines 11-12) and illustrations.
Ice Cream Freezer
Patent for an ice cream freezer. Illustration included.
Patent for a marker. This invention is for marking lines for planters, plows, and other farm implements. Illustration included.
Hame and Trace Connector
Patent for a Hame and trace connector. Illustration included.
Hydraulic Milk Cooler
Patent for a hydraulic milk cooler. This invention is shrouded in coolant agent absorbing material that is hydraulically applied to keep dairy products cool. Illustrations included.
Touch Regulating Attachment For Pianos
Patent for a touch regulating attachment for pianos. This invention regulates the touch of the instrument to effect the tension or stiffness of the keys. Illustration included.
Metallic Awning.
Patent for improvement in metallic awning by using a plurality of toggle-bars pivoted together and connected to the house, awning-plates carried by toggle-bars, straps provided with a stud and slot, respectively, connected to the lower member of the toggle-frame to prevent it from opening downward too far. A cord connected to the toggle-bars for raising or lowering the awning. (Page. 2, lines 8-17) Illustration is included.
Patent for a churn suspended on a pendulum.
Arch-Bar for Cultivators
Patent for arch bar for cultivators that connects the respective cultivator rigs together.
Detachable Draft Appliance
Patent for a detachable draft appliance.
Vending Machine
Patent for a coin operated vending machine for small packaged goods.
Combined Touch-Regulating and Mute Attachment for Pianos
Patent for combined touch regulating and mute attachment for pianos.