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Railway Signaling Mechanism
Patent for a railway signaling mechanism. This invention "relates to certain new and useful improvements in electric railway and block signaling in which means are provided for indicating in the engine cab to the engineer the condition of the road ahead" (lines 9-13). Illustrations included.
Automatic Gun Firing Mechanism.
Patent for an automatic gun firing mechanism intended to protect gardens, orchards, and fields by scaring off birds and other animals that destroy crops through automatic discharge of a firearm at predetermined intervals.
Patent for a horse releaser that allows the quick removal of horses from a vehicle in case of an emergency.
Patent for an explosive engine that has a reduced risk of backfiring.
Patent for an adjustable protective shield for automobile tires, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improved cotton-chopper.
Patent for a composite railway tie that is durable and adjustable and can be used for both trolley and steam rail systems.
Patent for latches for swinging gates. Illustrations included.
Cable Clip or Hanger
Patent for invention of improvements of cable clips or hangers.
Cigar-Box Clip.
Patent for an inexpensive improvement to cigar box clips or clamps, that will make it easier for the box to be left open at a tilted angle, for the purpose of displaying the cigars or other objects inside.
Lamp Attachment.
Patent for a lamp attachment that will decrease the likelihood of a lamp explosion and allow liquids to be heated over the lamp. The attachment has a top plate which prevents insects or other debris from igniting and falling into the lamp chimney, therefore decreasing the potential for a lamp explosion. The attachment also has a perforated cylinder that rests on top of the lamp chimney and can support a vessel for heating liquids.
Evaporative Cooler
Patent for an evaporative cooler. Illustrations included.
Patent for a compressing machine for pressing plastic, cotton, and cotton seeds.
Apparatus for Solidifying Cotton-Batting Preparatory for Pressing and Baling
Patent for an apparatus for forming cotton batting into dense rolls to prepare them for bailing and pressing. Illustrations included.
Patent for a cotton chopper, where the hoes rotate in an elliptical shape rather than a circle.
Dipper-Trip for Steam-Shovels
Patent for a dipper trip for steam shovels. Illustrations included.
Patent for a cotton chopper with mechanically operated hoes that go in an ellipse across the ground.
Combined Shade and Current Bracket Support and Shade-Guide.
Patent for a combined shade and curtain bracket support and shade guide, which makes shades roll up straight rather than catching on edges and tearing.
Extension Obstetrical Instrument
Patent for an extension obstetrical instrument used for surgery. Illustrations included.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for a cotton chopper. Illustration included.
Patent for a cultivator. Illustrations included.
Patent for a jar for thick semi-liquids such as mustard, which has a discharge spout in the side that allows the contents to be used without taking off the lid of the jar.
Harrow Attachment For Cultivators
Patent for a harrow attachment for cultivators. Illustrations included.
Machine for Pressing Shingles and Slabs and The Like
Patent for a machine designed for manufacturing shingles and other building material. Illustrations included.
Patent for an oil burner for refined oil which vaporizes all the oil put into the burner.
Patent for an oil-burner, which can be turned on and off with a single switch.
Patent for a refrigerator. Illustrations included.
Patent for a trolley pole, which attaches easily to the wire and can be placed on it by the operator without him leaving his station on the trolley.
Lock Mortiser
Patent for a lock mortiser. The object of this invention "is to provide a light, portable machine arranged to be clamped to the work piece, so that the lock mortise as well as the key hole and the bolt opening may be conveniently cut with one adjustable of the machine" (lines 11-15). Illustrations included.
Automatic Fire-Kindler
Patent for an automatic fire kindler which can be put on a timer and start a fire in a stove with a bundle of matches inserted into the device ahead of time.
Patent for a cultivator designed so that the plows can be conveniently set to any pitch as needed for deep or shallow plowing. Illustrations included.
Cotton Topper
Patent for a cotton topper. This invention is designed to deal with weeds and is attached to the frame of an ordinary cultivator or plow. Illustrations included
Patent for a cultivator, which reduces the risk of breaking the cultivator when obstructions are met in the soil.
Patent for a nebulizer, which has a spraying mechanism for delivering medicinal sprays through a nozzle to the nose, throat, or lungs.
Rotary Boring Machine.
Patent for a rotary boring machine, which automatically sends out of the machine mud it digs up and can have the rotary pinion easily removed.
Rotary Explosive-Engine.
Patent for a rotary explosive engine which minimizes the waste of power.
Buttonhole Cutter or Shears.
Patent for a buttonhole cutter or shears, which has an adjustable stop for creating buttonholes of different sizes.
Medicating and Massaging Appliance
Patent for a medicating and massaging appliance. This invention is intended for use in application with the eyes, ears, etc. Illustration included.
Patent for a razor. Illustration included.
Patent for a bee hive which has multiple compartments which the bees can travel through and, when keeper wants to remove honey all the bees can be sent into one compartment to avoid the danger of being stung. It also has ventilation and rain protection.
Rotary Engine.
Patent for a rotary steam engine, which allows the piston to move more freely in the engine.
Patent for a nut and pipe wrench. Illustrations included.
Patent for a planter. Illustrations included.
Mattress Making Machine
Patent for a mattress making machine. Illustration included.
Mail-Bag Fastener.
Patent for a mail bag fastener which automatically locks when closed and can only be opened with a key.It also holds the mail bag open when letters are being withdrawn.
Mattress-Making Machine.
Patent for a mattress making machine for use in cotton gins that fills the mattress tick with a even amount of stuffing without wadding and can be used with any type of cloth mattress tick.
Attachment for Cultivator-Beams
Patent for an attachment for cultivator beams designed to help adjust cultivators while in usage. Illustrations included.
Rotary Engine
Patent for a rotary engine that operates by virtually any type of motive fluid. Illustrations included.
Patent for the usefulness of baling press.
Water Distributing Apparatus
Patent for a water distributing apparatus. This inventions' design is for hot and cold water and used primarily in connection with heating or cooking stoves so as to utilize the heat furnished there in. Illustration included.