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Window Display and Advertising Device
Patent for Window Display and Advertising Device including platform with rotating parts, including illusrations.
Cotton-Gin Feeder and Cleaner
Patent for cotton gin feeder and cleaner in which cotton passes over the screening surface by means of a picker-roller.
Line-Lock Attachment for Type-Writing Machines.
Patent for improvements in line-lock attachments for type-writing machines in which “it prevent the printing of one letter over another by effecting a locking of the key-levers when the carriage of the machine reaches the end of the line.” (Lines 26-29) Illustration is included.
Coin Operated Vending Machine
Patent for a coin operated vending machine that is meant to be inexpensive and adapted to protect the items being vended, and to allow adjustment for coins of different denominations.
Harness Fastner
Patent for a harness fastener. Illustration included.
Patent for a Gate. "My invention is an improved gate adapted for use as a farm-gate and for other uses." (lines 11-12) and illustrations.
Ice Cream Freezer
Patent for an ice cream freezer. Illustration included.
Patent for a marker. This invention is for marking lines for planters, plows, and other farm implements. Illustration included.
Hame and Trace Connector
Patent for a Hame and trace connector. Illustration included.
Hydraulic Milk Cooler
Patent for a hydraulic milk cooler. This invention is shrouded in coolant agent absorbing material that is hydraulically applied to keep dairy products cool. Illustrations included.
Touch Regulating Attachment For Pianos
Patent for a touch regulating attachment for pianos. This invention regulates the touch of the instrument to effect the tension or stiffness of the keys. Illustration included.
Metallic Awning.
Patent for improvement in metallic awning by using a plurality of toggle-bars pivoted together and connected to the house, awning-plates carried by toggle-bars, straps provided with a stud and slot, respectively, connected to the lower member of the toggle-frame to prevent it from opening downward too far. A cord connected to the toggle-bars for raising or lowering the awning. (Page. 2, lines 8-17) Illustration is included.
Patent for a churn suspended on a pendulum.
Arch-Bar for Cultivators
Patent for arch bar for cultivators that connects the respective cultivator rigs together.
Detachable Draft Appliance
Patent for a detachable draft appliance.
Vending Machine
Patent for a coin operated vending machine for small packaged goods.
Combined Touch-Regulating and Mute Attachment for Pianos
Patent for combined touch regulating and mute attachment for pianos.
Patent for a locking nut that holds the bolt in place, prevent it from loosening.
Patent for a metal guard worn around the ankle. The guard maintains the shape of the trousers when worn and keeps the material from coming in contact with the wearer's legs.
Water-Boiler, Skimmer, and Oil-Separator
Patent for a water-boiler, skimmer, and oil-separator.
Patent for "a projectile adapted for use in guns having an elliptical and twisted bore" with an illustration.
Type-Writer Attachment
Patent for a type-writer attachment.
Metal-Pipe Joint
Patent for a metal-pipe joint.
Patent for a fan designed for use on a table or desk.
Patent for improving the “’multiple cylinder rotary engine’“ (lines 9-10) through "controlling devices" (line 24) that are both automatic and manual and help engine pistons function more effectively. This patent builds upon earlier patents regarding motor design by the inventor, and will connect to a generator concurrently patented by the inventor. Detailed explanations and illustrations included.
Patent for improvement in small firearms. The gun combines a cylindrical breech and with an elliptical bore in order to increase the projectile’s impact and stabilize its trajectory. The invention uses an ordinary ball cartridge, improving upon an earlier patent by the inventor. Detailed explanation and illustrations included.
Saw-Sharpening Machine.
Patent for improvements in "that class of saw-sharpening machines in which straight-edge-filing devices reciprocally movable are provided and in which ratchet mechanism for feeding the saw is also included" (lines 8-12) including illustrations.
Vegetable-Transplanting Machine.
Patent for Vegetable transplanting machine, it describes about new technique of planting a crops with effective irrigation technique
Patent for an automatic butter churn with illustrations.
Ironing Machine.
Patent for a new and useful ironing-machine. "Invention is to improve the construction of ironing-machines and to provide a simple, efficient, and comparatively inexpensive one, designed for use both in laundries and elsewhere and capable of advantageously operating on all kinds of garment" (line 10-15).
Memorandum Clip Board.
Patent for an improved clipboard, which provides different clasps to support checks and other sized items at specific points.
Vapor Bath Apparatus
Patent for a vapor-bath which improves upon the breathing apparatus.
Patent for wagon body which fits on many different types of running bodies, including illustrations.
Cartridge for Guns.
Patent for "a projectile having an elliptical cross-section and slight longitadinal twist for use in guns provided with a corresponding bore." (lines 8-11), including description and illustrations.
Cotton Cleaner and Distributer.
Patent for improvements on cotton cleaners and distributors, specifically means for pneumatically raising cotton, cleaning the dirt from said cotton, and releasing quantities of cotton collected in the distributor.
Pneumatic Conveyer
Patent for an invention that "relates to a pneumatic conveyer, and is particularly adapted for use in connection with cotton-seed and other material for the purpose of elevating and conveying the material to a room or compartment where it may be deposited and for transferring the contents of one of said compartments to another whenever desired" (lines 10-17). Illustrations are included.
Press for Cotton, Wool, Hay, &c.
Patent for "a press which will compress the cotton or other material into bales of hexagon, cylindrical, or other shapes, the shape of the bale corresponding with the shape of the bale-receptacle used" (lines 11-15).
Patent for "an improved projectile for guns and ordnance of various classes and bores" (lines 7-9).
Mattress-Making Machine
Patent for a machine designed to improve the creation of mattresses, with the intent of making them of uniform length, width, depth, and amount of stuffing.
Steam Generator
Patent for an invention that "relates to a novel generator designed with special reference to the requirements of motor-vehicles, but capable of use in any connection where a completely automatic generator of light compact form is desirable" (lines 14-21). Illustrations are included.
Composition Fuel
Patent for "a new and useful improvement in composition fuel, the object being to produce fuel in compact form which will burn quickly, rapidly generating an intense heat, and leaving but a small quantity of a residue or ash" (lines 10-15).
Patent for a motion transmitter for wave motors, "the primary object of the invention being to produce motion-transmitting mechanism which will effect the conversion or translation of reciprocity motion into continuous rotary motion in the same direction."
Patent for the process of producing and mounting pictures at the highest quality and the lowest cost to provide "the appearance of the highest art" (lines 16-17).
Patent for improvements in cotton-valve by providing a valve which may be used in connection with an elevator that carrying the cotton to the gins; to have two batteries or divisions, so that one division may be cut out while the other is in operation. (Lines 10-15) Illustration is included.
Fence-Post Extractor.
Patent for a fence-post extractor that is used by placing the extractor alongside the fence-post and extracting it in a vertical line including illustrations.
Cotton Cleaner and Feeder
Patent for improvements to cotton cleaners and feeders, including illustrations
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in copy holders, including instructions and illustrations.
Mattress-Filling Machine.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in a combined extensible and multiple machine for making mattresses and the like, including instructions and illustrations.
Picking And Cleaning Machine.
Patent for a new and improved picking and cleaning machine, including instructions and illustrations.
Valve Gear For Pneumatic Cotton-Feeders.
Patent for a new and improved valve gear for pneumatic cotton feeders, including instructions and illustrations.