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Attachment for Harrows
Patent for attachment of harrows that facilitate the use of harrows in pilling cotton stalks. This device allows the harrows to be in continuous motion creating efficiency in cotton pilling.
Patent for crossings for railway tracks and particularly to means for closing the cut in the rails made for the flanges of the wheels, and the object is to provide sliding members which can be easily operated to close the slot or cut in the crossing rails for the flanges of the wheels so that a continuous tread will be formed for every wheel that passes over the crossing and to provide a mechanism for the tracks.
Patent for improvements to the joints for railway rails to prevent "bumping of the wheels against the ends of rails and the cross ties adjacent to the joints" (lines 16-18) including illustrations.
Patent for a cattle guard incorporating a depressible platform such that, when sufficient weight is placed the platform, the weight will cause the closing of the cattle guard, and a return to unobstructed movement when the weight is released.
Emergency Rail-Brake.
Patent for "a new and improved emergency rail-brake" (lines 1-5).
Hay-Press Power.
Patent for "new and useful improvements in Baling-Presses" (lines 1-5) including illustrations and explanations.
Stalk Rake
Patent for stalk rake. Illustration included.
Patent for "an improved garment-supporter adapted to be secured to an inner garment and to be detachably connected to the waistband of an outer garment, whereby the inner garment may be supported from the outer garment." (lines 11-16)
Well-Drilling Machine.
Patent for “a new and improved well-drilling machine adapted to be driven by horse-power and arranged to permit of actuating the drilling tools for drilling purposes and to allow of conveniently and quickly raising the tools from the well…” (lines 8-14) including illustrations.
Patent for a riding saddle.
Patent for windmill that is cheap and highly efficient with a simple manufacture.
Patent for a plow with adjustable height and depth with a locking mechanism.
Patent for improvements in shovel-plows “by enabling the stock and shoe securely mounted and yet adjusted from one position to another, according to the work to be performed.” (Lines 9-12) Illustration is included.
Patent for a baling press.
Plow Guide and Gage.
Patent for "gages and guides for plows and cultivators. the object of invention is to provide and adjustable guide and gage adapted to be attached to divided standards of plows and cultivators." (lines 11-16) including illustrations.
Patent for improved hame-fasteners used to hold the hames together and tighten them up.
Machine for catching insects.
Patent for a machine that catches pests such as the Cotton Boll Weevil and Colorado beetle as an aid to pest control for growing crops. Illustration included.
Patent for an improved cattle-guard by using a guard that has a plurality of spurs, should an animal step thereon its foot will be directed against one or more of these spurs, thus causing the animal to withdraw its foot and not attempt to pass over the rail. This will prevent the animal from crossing railway-tracks, but the spurs will not interfere with the free passage of trains. (Lines 10-20) Illustration is included.
Patent for a new and useful evaporating furnace, including instructions and illustrations.
Impelling Device for Bowling-Hoops.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in impelling devices for bowling hoops, including instructions and illustrations.
Bed-Slat Fastener.
Patent for a new and useful bed slat fastener, including instructions and illustrations.
Advertising Device.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in advertising device, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in clevises, including instructions and illustrations.
Apparatus for Cooling Milk.
Patent for a new and useful apparatus for regulating the temperature of milk.
Patent for a new and useful improvement in monkey-wrenches to "provide an improved construction of the same whereby the clamping-jaws may be quickly and readily adjusted to the nut or tap which is to be engaged thereby" (line 19-23).
Patent for "improved means for detachably connecting blinds to bridles, whereby the bridle may be used with or without the blinds," and also "to provide a combined double box-loop and blind." (Lines 13-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improvement on car-couplers, "especially to the class of hook-and-catch couplers in which the sides of the jaws of the coupler securely hold a link between the same by means of a downwardly-extending hook, the sides of the upper jaw carrying the said hook extending down over the sides of the under jaw, thus protecting the jaws from a lateral jar or pressure, the lower jaw being provided with a series of recesses at different angles, which are designed to receive the end of the link when held in different positions" (lines 16-27). The car-coupler also has a gravity member.
Patent for improvements in railway-rail joints, including "a means for adjusting the rails whereby a tight joint may be produced at any season of the year when the expansion and contraction of the metal with the varying temperatures cause the joints to become loose and the track uneven;" (lines 16-21) "suitable rail-carrying bed-pieces, made of metal and grooved to receive the rail;" (lines 23-24) and "brackets on its under side which are adapted to brace against the railway-ties, and suitable pins or integral lugs which engage with the tie to hold it firmly in place." (Lines 34-38) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Combined Door-Bell and Mail-Receiver.
Patent for a door-bell joined with a tray or card-receiver, which is installed in a door. "When pulled out it will bring said tray outside the door to receive a card, letter, or package or any mail-matter, and when released will carry it inside the door again" (lines 11-15). The bell goes off when the tray, which has a toothed edge that engages the bell-hammer, is released.
Patent for "an adjustable hinge for use in connection with a suitable upper hinge, for supporting gates in such manner as to permit of their being opened in either direction and allowed to close automatically," and which "also allows the gate to be adjusted to suit the inclination of its supporting-post, or to have its outer end elevated to a sufficient degree to permit dogs and other small animals to pass freely under same when closed." (Lines 8-19) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Plow Cultivator and Irrigator.
Patent for an underground irrigating plow that consists of a draft bar, crank arms, plow beams that front ends swivel on the crank arms, a ratchet rod with chain spools, a ratchet lever that is attached to the ratchet rod, chains that are attached to the plow beams and the spools, braces that are attached to the crank arms, and a double-tree.
Patent for a simple and inexpensive cotton scoop and is "adapted to have its tines yield to facilitate its insertion in a mass of cotton" (lines 13-14).
Machine for Forming Wire Articles.
Patent for an improved machine that makes wire coils, springs, pins, and similar wire formations. "The invention has for its objects to provide a simple, cheap and durable device or machine for the purpose named which can be easily operated and capable of turning out a large number of the articles with the expenditure of the minimum amount of time and labor" (lines 22-28).
Patent for an alternative horse power design without cogs that has the same level of efficiency with an increased speed of output as well.
Patent for a simple and effective car coupling that is partially automatic, "and in case of accident or breakage the said device is adapted to be used after the manner of an ordinary car-coupling" (lines 17-19).
Means for Operating Swinging Gates.
Patent "to simplify and improve the construction of means for opening and closing swinging gates," (lines 10 - 12) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "skeleton towers of a character more especially adapted to support a wind-wheel" (lines 8-10) and that allow the wheel to be lowered.Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in a device that is "adapted to take up slack in barbed and other wire fences," (lines 11-12) with instructions and illustrations.
Combination Cotton-Plow.
Patent for a combination cotton plow that makes hoeing more efficient and profitable. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Combination Plow.
Patent for improvements on the combination plow that can be converted into a single, double, or three plow, including illustrations.
Back Band Buckle.
Patent for a new and improved back-band buckle. This design "is to provide a simple and inexpensive back-band buckle adapted to protect the sides of an animal against rubbing, and capable of enabling the tug-chain to be readily secured thereto and removed therefrom and of securely holding the same without liability of the chain becoming accidentally unfastened" (lines 10-17).
Trace Carrier.
Patent for a new and improved trace-carrier. This design "is to provide the trace-carrier with a locking-brace, which is held in a closed position by the chain, which prevents all possibility of the chain from becoming detached from the carrier while in use" (lines 16-20). To this end, it consists, "with the body having a strap-fastener and an outwardly and upwardly extending hook, of a locking-plate, which is hinged at its upper end to the upper portion of the body, and its lower end provided with an inner perforated projection through which the said hook passes, and a shorter projection" (lines 78-85).
Patent for a new and improved brace. This design consists in "[t]he combination . . . of the cistern or its equivalent having internal circumferential seats and the brace-sections having edge flanges fitted to said seats and having such flanges cut away at one end, whereby the section may fit at one end in the end of the adjacent section" (lines 30-36).
Power Device for Baling Presses.
Patent for a new and improved power device for baling presses. This design "relates to certain new and useful improvements in power devices for baling-presses of that class wherein is employed a disk rigidly fixed to the shaft of the crank and a disk loosely mounted on said shaft; and it has for its object to improve upon prior constructions of this character. [This design] hinge[s] the lugs on the loosely mounted disk, and, preferably, place a spring between the said lug and the disk, so that either the weight of the lug or the force of the spring will project or suspend the lug" (lines 13-24).
Power Device for Baling Presses.
Patent for a new and improved power device for baling-presses. This design consists, "with a suitable frame, of a crank-shaft journaled therein, a pitman, and two disks, one loosely and the other rigidly mounted on said shaft and provided, respectively, upon their adjacent faces with a pair of shoulders and a lug, the length of the cut-away portion between said shoulders being greater than the length of said lug, whereby independent movement of the two disks is permitted, and a sweep rigidly attached to the loosely mounted disk" (lines 79-89).
Patent for a new and improved clasp. This design "is to make a fastener for pieces of leather by which bridles and other parts of harness may be made with less stitching and riveting, thereby lessening the labor and cost of manufacture" (lines 15-20). To this end, it consists in "two plates, [one] having key-hole slots with beveled side walls, and the [other] carrying studs undercut . . . and provided with top pin, in combination with the spring-plate perforated . . . to receive [the] pin to form the leather clasp or fastening described" (lines 77-83).
Patent for a milk cooler in which the design of traditional milk coolers is improved upon.
Post Hole Auger.
Patent for a new and improved post-hole auger. This design consists in "the shank forked and continued in the arms, the latter having elbows at their lower ends, in combination with the ring-shaped band having a sharp lower edge and bolts passing through said bands and arms and through said elbows and arms" (lines 91-97).
Patent for "bird-cages of the circular kind, wherein the main-frame wires have a band at their lower ends and a single tie-wire arranged diametrically across the band. . .to utilize the single diametrical tie-wire as a support for an inverted interiorly screw-threaded connecting-cap, and to combine with such a device a pan" (lines 10-12 and 17-23).
Trace Carrier.
Patent for a new and improved trace carrier. This design "consists in a frame having an oblong slot . . . for the passage of the back-band, and which has the trace-hook formed as a portion of it, in combination with a pivoted triangular-shaped bar or bars, which are loosely connected to the frame, and which close in the oblong opening . . . to clamp or hold the back-band . . . to provide a buckle and back-band hook which can be attached to either a cloth or leather back-band by frictional contact . . . prevent[ing] the necessity of . . . forming tongues upon the buckles" (lines 14-30).