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Patent for "a new and useful Hydrocarbon-burner...equipped with a safety device adapted to admit only a limited supply of gasolene or other fuel to the burner to enable the latter to be operated with absolute safety by either a woman or a child" (lines 5-19), including instructions and illustrations.
Attachment for Harrows
Patent for attachment of harrows that facilitate the use of harrows in pilling cotton stalks. This device allows the harrows to be in continuous motion creating efficiency in cotton pilling.
Patent for a cylinder shaped animal trap for small furry animals.
Patent for a cotton compress. Illustrations included.
Cultivator Attachment
Patent for a cultivator attachment that keeps the cultivator beams properly separated.
Patent for a churn. Illustration included.
Starting Device
Patent for a starting device for internal combustion engines. Illustrations included.
Patent for a cotton chopper, which can be attached to a planter.
Patent for a rail joint, which is rigid and locks in place.
Patent for a rail joint, which is long lasting and rigid.
Patent for a breast strap with snap hooks that reduces wear on the strap.
Patent for a paddle wheel. Illustrations included.
Patent for an apparatus that is designed to clean cotton before it is placed in a cotton gin. Illustrations included.
Automatic Signal System
Patent for an automatic signal system for use with railways. Illustrations included.
Patent for a sweep stock, which can have multiple types of plows attached to it.
Convertible Dust-Pan.
Patent for a convertible dust pan, which does not require stooping over to sweep up dirt into the pan and can also be used as a shovel.
Patent for a rake for raking machine for cleaning fields of stalks or trash.
Plow Slide
Patent for a plow slide. Illustration included.
Track-Leveling Device.
Patent for a railroad track leveling device, which attaches to the rails without the use of screws and can be used to detect low places and misalignment's of the track.
Pneumatic Rail-Brake.
Patent for a pneumatic rail brake, which operates automatically to prevent derailment.
Patent for crossings for railway tracks and particularly to means for closing the cut in the rails made for the flanges of the wheels, and the object is to provide sliding members which can be easily operated to close the slot or cut in the crossing rails for the flanges of the wheels so that a continuous tread will be formed for every wheel that passes over the crossing and to provide a mechanism for the tracks.
Patent for a hog catcher, which has a trigger operated spring loaded claw to catch the leg of a hog and lead it on a chain.
Patent for a railway crossing track, which does not jar the train's wheels as it passes over the crossing.
Stalk Cutter
Patent for a stalk cutter. Illustration included.
Patent for a wire stretcher for use in building wire fences.
Patent for improvements to the joints for railway rails to prevent "bumping of the wheels against the ends of rails and the cross ties adjacent to the joints" (lines 16-18) including illustrations.
Patent for a clothes pin. Illustrations included.
Patent for a clip that may be used to bind paper, plies of fabric, or as a clothes pin. Illustrations included.
Patent for a lifting jack that releases automatically when the lever is pulled down, is easy to operate, and is powerful.
Patent for improved quilting frame which may be set up easily, and folded down and stored when not in use. Additionally, the improved design provides for fabric to be secured on all sides, and for the operator to adjust the angle of the fabric.
Patent for a cattle guard for use at railroad tracks incorporating a depressible platform connected to a closing mechanism which will impede movement of cattle across the track, but allow for unobstructed movement at other times.
Emergency Rail-Brake.
Patent for "a new and improved emergency rail-brake" (lines 1-5).
Hay-Press Power.
Patent for "new and useful improvements in Baling-Presses" (lines 1-5) including illustrations and explanations.
Wheel Tire Machine
Patent for a wheel tire machine. This invention if for taking off and putting on wheel tires. Illustration included.
Stalk Rake
Patent for stalk rake. Illustration included.
Stock Guard
Patent for a stock guard. Illustration included.
Patent for "an improved garment-supporter adapted to be secured to an inner garment and to be detachably connected to the waistband of an outer garment, whereby the inner garment may be supported from the outer garment." (lines 11-16)
Patent for a baling press.
Well-Drilling Machine.
Patent for “a new and improved well-drilling machine adapted to be driven by horse-power and arranged to permit of actuating the drilling tools for drilling purposes and to allow of conveniently and quickly raising the tools from the well…” (lines 8-14) including illustrations.
Patent for a riding saddle.
Patent for windmill that is cheap and highly efficient with a simple manufacture.
Patent for a plow with adjustable height and depth with a locking mechanism.
Patent for improvements in shovel-plows “by enabling the stock and shoe securely mounted and yet adjusted from one position to another, according to the work to be performed.” (Lines 9-12) Illustration is included.
Plow Guide and Gage.
Patent for "gages and guides for plows and cultivators. the object of invention is to provide and adjustable guide and gage adapted to be attached to divided standards of plows and cultivators." (lines 11-16) including illustrations.
Patent for improved hame-fasteners used to hold the hames together and tighten them up.
Machine for catching insects.
Patent for a machine that catches pests such as the Cotton Boll Weevil and Colorado beetle as an aid to pest control for growing crops. Illustration included.
Patent for an improved cattle-guard by using a guard that has a plurality of spurs, should an animal step thereon its foot will be directed against one or more of these spurs, thus causing the animal to withdraw its foot and not attempt to pass over the rail. This will prevent the animal from crossing railway-tracks, but the spurs will not interfere with the free passage of trains. (Lines 10-20) Illustration is included.
Patent for a new and useful evaporating furnace, including instructions and illustrations.
Impelling Device for Bowling-Hoops.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in impelling devices for bowling hoops, including instructions and illustrations.
Bed-Slat Fastener.
Patent for a new and useful bed slat fastener, including instructions and illustrations.