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Egg Tester
Patent for an egg testing device.
Device for Filling Ice-Cream Cones.
Patent for a device which holds an ice cream cone during the filling process preventing breakage and/or contamination of the cone, including instructions and illustrations.
Combined Window-Awning And Fire-Protector.
Patent for a collapsible window awning.
Roller Bearing
Patent for improvement on roller bearings that include spaced rings and multiple rollers.
Patent for a vehicle wheel that has hub casings, which keep the lubricating oil inside and dirt outside.
Track-Laying Apparatus
Patent for a track laying apparatus to be adapted to a self-propelled car or truck. Illustrations included.
Patent for "improved means for supporting trousers and drawers, or two garments of similar form, simultaneously by the same suspenders" (lines 12-14) including instructions and illustrations.
Insertible Saw-Tooth.
Patent for an insertible saw tooth, which does not require the use of a separate holder.
Noise Deadening Means for Drain Pipes
Patent for a means by which to deaden disagreeable noise generated by draining water through metallic pipes possessing an outlet elbow. Illustration included.
Loose-Leaf Binder.
Patent for a loose-leaf binder for medicine prescriptions, which is easier to open and close than previous ones.
Cord Wood Saw Cradle
Patent for cord wood saw cradle. Illustration included.
Railway Gate
Patent for improved railway gate which functions as cattle-guard and prevents foot traffic on railroad bridges, and opens and closes automatically for trains.
Cord Wood Machine
Patent for cord wood machine. This machine is designed for splitting wood. Illustration included.
Nut Lock
Patent for a nut lock. Illustration included.
Double Speed Engine
Patent for a double speed engine. Illustrations included.
Patent is for a churn that accelerates the process.
Patent for an oil burner for providing heat, light, and for cooking or baking. It super heats steam in two steam chambers to generate more heat.
Sash Holder And Fastener.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in sash holders and fasteners, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "cotton-scraper which can be applied to a shovel or other plow generally applied for cultivating cotton and which will admit of the scraper-blade-vertically, laterally, and angularly with respect to the line of motion-thereby adapting the attachment to the condition and nature of the soil, so as to secure the best results possible." (lines 8-17).
Patent for a tool that can be used for fence construction by stretching the wires to the desired tension, or for repairing fences by crimping the slack in the wires. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a cotton chopping wheel which can be attached to any style of plow or cultivator. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a cheap and simple machine adapted to chop or hoe cotton and simultaneously plow or hill the same; furthermore, to adapt the chopper to form stands composed of any number of plants and at any distance apart, and, finally, to provide means for raising and lowering the plows out of and into operative position and throwing the chopping mechanism into and out of gear, which means are controlled in a convenient manner by the driver or operator" (lines 10-20).
Patent for an improvement in rivet-sets which having various sizes of holes and cavities for cutting and setting; it can be riveted by hand or machine. Illustration is included.
Patent for a new and improved pump. This design "is to provide an engine or apparatus . . . in pumps of that class known as "force-pumps" . . . which is simple and durable in construction, and which is of large working capacity. . . . [The design] attain[s] the purposes of [the] invention by . . . the pump-buckets or caging and that part of the delivering-pipe containing the . . . valves in the plungers . . . [and] the ball-valves" (lines 9-28).
Portable Pump, &c.
Patent for improvement to a pump "adapted for attachment to small vessels containing oil, water or any other liquid" (lines 10-12) that includes a better means of securing the pump.
Patent for an implement to thin and bunch young cotton plants, including illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved motor. This design's "object is to provide a motor possessing superior advantages in point of simplicity, inexpensiveness, easy operation, and general efficiency" (lines 11-14).
Screw-cutting Die.
Patent for a screw-cutting die, including illustrations. The invention includes "a die-plate of special construction, adapted to cut either right or left hand threads" (lines 12-13).
Churn Power.
Patent for a new and improved motorized butter churn. This design is of "a simple and efficient device for converting a rotary into a reciprocating motion, which may be either vertical or horizontal, and is especially adapted to the various kinds of churns, washing-machines, and the like now in the market" (lines 13-18).
Patent for a new and improved motorized churn. This design "has for its object to provide a means for converting a rotary into a reciprocating movement and regulating the range of the reciprocating mechanism" (lines 15-18).
Improvement in Rotary Cultivators and Choppers
Patent for an improvement to the design of a rotary cultivator and chopper, including illustrations.
Improvement in Hay and Cotton Presses.
Patent for an improvement of a baling press where the upright framing timbers allows any quantity of cotton to be placed in the bale and creates a uniformity of weight.
Improvement in Cultivators.
Patent for improvements to a cultivator "which, for convenience of operation, may be attached to the wheels or frame of any ordinary wagon or cart, or it may be operated independently of either of the above by attaching the draft animals directly to the main or principal beam to which the plow-points are connected." (Lines 10-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Horse-Powers.
Patent for improvements made to motors that power machinery, called "horse-powers." The specific improvements made are in the arrangement of mechanical pulleys from which the motor derives power, arranged in such a way that will not significantly increase the size or cost of the machine.
Mill-Stone Dress.
Patent for Mill Stone Dressing- the pattern on a mill stone for the better grinding of grains into flour. The furrows and grooves of the new design allow grain to be "milled... at greater speed (and)even distribution."
Patent for improvement in millstone-dress by “making each of the main grooves in five sections, in combination with shoulders and inclined planes” (lines 17-19), including illustration.
Improvement in Revolving Fire-Arms.
Patent for discharging buckshot without reloading and with the precision of firing "a single bullet fired from a barrel of proper bore to fit it" (lines 17-18), including illustrations.
Patent for "a new and improved mode of dressing millstones for the purpose of grinding wheat and grain into meal flour" (lines 4-7) including instructions and illustrations.
Dressing Millstones.
Patent for "a new and improved mode of dressing millstones for the purpose of grinding every kind of grain into meal flour &c., &c." (lines 4-7) including instructions and illustrations.