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Patent for an agricultural appliance that incorporates spring teeth allowing for the easy removal of small vegetable growths by cutting close to and below the surface of the soil.
Bale-Tie Buckle.
Patent for a new bale tie buckle made of wire material "in which the buckle is closed by the strain or stress on the bale tie" (lines 11-14), including illustrations.
Patent for fire hydrant to help with easy and quick coupling with fire hose and thus to effect prompt release of water from hydrant at full pressure when being coupled.
Patent for a bale tie that can withstand strain on the side of the band. The text describes the different parts of the bale tie and how it differs from ones currently used.
Bale Tile
Patent for a bale tie for cotton bales.
Patent for clothes pins made from non-oxidizable wire, including illustrations.
Buckle-Making Machine
Patent for a buckle making machine for forming wires into tie buckles for bales of cotton, hay, etc. Illustrations included.
Bale-Tie Buckle
Patent for a bale tie buckle made up of hooks that will not come apart under pressure.
Potato-Digging Machine.
Patent for a potato digging machine, which harvests the potatoes and puts them into bags.
Patent for coffee pot attachment to prevent coffee grounds from getting into the coffee pot's spout.
Bale-Tie Buckle
Patent for a bale-tie buckle.
Automatic Air-Brake Appliance
Patent for an automatic air brake appliance for railroad cars that activates if the car derails.
Patent for a hammer with a saw blade folded into the handle.
Patent for a fire escape consisting of a basket that goes up and down the building to evacuate people from the building.
Patent for a vehicle jack that has a support leg built into it.
Buckle for Bale-Ties
Patent for a buckle for bale ties for use on hay bales.
Patent for a coffee mill that utilizes an electric motor for power (grinding).
Body Supported Brackett
Patent for body supported bracket for mirrors. Illustration included.
Portable Bracket.
Patent for a portable bracket for mirrors, which can be mounted on the body and then folded back up.
Figure Toy.
Patent for a figure toy, which attaches to phonographs and has figures which dance to the music.
Hay Press
Patent for a hay press. This invention uses a toggle lever that becomes active after each stroke of the plunger. Illustration included.
Composition for Tanning
Patent for new and useful improvements in compounds for tanning, using water, four gallons, fluid extract of phytolacca or common poke root, quarter of an ounce, gum gambier, four pounds, and alum, one pound.
Patent for a circuit closer for ignition systems "in which both of the terminals are not only isolated from each other, but are also insulated from the engine frame" (lines 10-12).
Method of Manufacturing a Medicament
Patent for a method of manufacturing a medicament. This medicament consists of mixing turpentine and the oil derived from the boiling of cattle shanks. No illustrations.
Portable Bracket.
Patent for a portable bracket holder for mirrors or papers that is worn from the shoulders and can be adjusted for different girths.
Patent for a baling press with an improved plunger which returns to upright position automatically after pressing the bale.
Spring-Tooth Harrow
Patent for a spring tooth harrow that may be converted into a rake. Illustrations included.
Stamp Rack
Patent for a stamp rack. This invention is designed to support ordinary rubber stamps. Illustration included.
Bridge Construction
Patent for a truss bridge which also uses suspension cables and is lighter than previous truss bridges.
Combined Hydrant and Stop and Waste Cock.
Patent for a hydrant water cock, which stops water from flowing into the hydrant when it is turned and drains the hydrant.
Patent for a hammer operated by a treadle with improved springs for enhanced power.
Hay Press
Patent for a Hay-Press, for the purpose of bailing hay. Illustrations included.
Baling Press
Patent for a baling press. This invention is a screw operated double acting plunger that compresses the bales. Illustration included.
Patent for a stalk cutter that easily attaches to various farm equipment with wheels.
Patent for a whiffletree. This invention is "contemplated to construct doubletrees or swingletrees of peculiar form and provided with peculiar connecting parts to secure the same together" (line 13-16). Illustration included.
Device for Applying Bands to Bales
Patent for a machine which applies bands to different types of bales. Machine claims to be more efficient than other devices of its kind.
Press Feeder
Patent for press feeder. Illustration included.
Patent for a separator for separating grain. This invention is a separator to separate grain from the straw in threshing machines. The straw is shaken and agitated in order to separate the grain.
Switch Operating Device
Patent for a switch operating device. Illustrations included.
End Gate Fastener
Patent for gate on the back of a wagon. Illustration included.
Machine For Forming Wire Bale Ties
Patent for a machine that forms wire bale ties. Illustrations included.
Gin Saw Gummer
Patent for gin saw gummer. Illustration included.
Gate Latch
Patent for a gate latch. Illustration included.
Wire Working Tool
Patent for a wire working tool. Includes illustrations.
Metal Shearing Device
Patent for a metal shearing device. Illustrations included.
Patent for a latch. Illustration included.
Car Pooling
Patent for rail-car coupling. Illustration included.
End Gate Fastening for Vehicles
Patent for end gate fastening for vehicles.
Baling Press
Patent for a baling press to be used for hay, straw, wool, and other fibrous materials.
Combined Seed-Planter and Fertilizer-Distributer
Allows for planting and fertilizing fields at same time whether it is "for strewing or for check-row planting with or without wire" (lines12-13).