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Patent for a coffee mill that utilizes an electric motor for power (grinding).
Composition for Tanning
Patent for new and useful improvements in compounds for tanning, using water, four gallons, fluid extract of phytolacca or common poke root, quarter of an ounce, gum gambier, four pounds, and alum, one pound.
Spring-Tooth Harrow
Patent for a spring tooth harrow that may be converted into a rake. Illustrations included.
Stamp Rack
Patent for a stamp rack. This invention is designed to support ordinary rubber stamps. Illustration included.
Hay Press
Patent for a Hay-Press, for the purpose of bailing hay. Illustrations included.
Baling Press
Patent for a baling press. This invention is a screw operated double acting plunger that compresses the bales. Illustration included.
Device for Applying Bands to Bales
Patent for a machine which applies bands to different types of bales. Machine claims to be more efficient than other devices of its kind.
Patent for a whiffletree. This invention is "contemplated to construct doubletrees or swingletrees of peculiar form and provided with peculiar connecting parts to secure the same together" (line 13-16). Illustration included.
Method of Manufacturing a Medicament
Patent for a method of manufacturing a medicament. This medicament consists of mixing turpentine and the oil derived from the boiling of cattle shanks. No illustrations.
Patent for a separator for separating grain. This invention is a separator to separate grain from the straw in threshing machines. The straw is shaken and agitated in order to separate the grain.
Press Feeder
Patent for press feeder. Illustration included.
Switch Operating Device
Patent for a switch operating device. Illustrations included.
End Gate Fastener
Patent for gate on the back of a wagon. Illustration included.
Gin Saw Gummer
Patent for gin saw gummer. Illustration included.
Machine For Forming Wire Bale Ties
Patent for a machine that forms wire bale ties. Illustrations included.
Metal Shearing Device
Patent for a metal shearing device. Illustrations included.
Gate Latch
Patent for a gate latch. Illustration included.
Combined Seed-Planter and Fertilizer-Distributer
Allows for planting and fertilizing fields at same time whether it is "for strewing or for check-row planting with or without wire" (lines12-13).
Combined Seed-Planter and Fertilizer-Distributer.
Patent for combined seed planter and fertilizer distributer that "can be readily adapted for strewing or for check-row planting with or without a checkwire" (lines 14-16).
Patent for a latch. Illustration included.
End Gate Fastening for Vehicles
Patent for end gate fastening for vehicles.
Baling Press
Patent for a baling press to be used for hay, straw, wool, and other fibrous materials.
Cotton Tie Buckle
Patent for a cotton tie buckle. This invention is an improvement for cotton-bands to prevent slipping. Illustration included.
Car Pooling
Patent for rail-car coupling. Illustration included.
Well-Drilling Machine
Patent for well drilling machine.
Planter Attachment for Cultivators
Patent for a planter attachment for cultivators and " it has for its object to provide a device of this class which shall possess superior advantages in point of simplicity, durability, and general efficiency." (line 10-13)
Wire Working Tool
Patent for a wire working tool. Includes illustrations.
Cotton-Tie Buckle.
Patent for a new cotton tie buckle "that will prevent the band engaging the same from slipping, forma a reliable securing means of simple and cheap construction and also economize in the use of the band length, with considerable consequent by saving in expense, the positive retention of the band b the improved device as required rendering the bale of uniform density and the strength of the device resisting breakage and consequent expense of repair frequently necessary in the ordinary uniform of buckle-ties now in use." (Lines 11-22). Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements to wireworking tools which are "especially designed for twisting the opposite ends of a tie-wire to a runner-wire of a fence and also for twisting the intermediate portion of the tie-wire, so as to tighten the embrace of the latter upon the fence-post. It is furthermore designed to provide means for supporting or bracing the tool upon the post during the twisting operation thereof, and, finally, to arrange the handle of the tool so as to provide a convenient and effective wire-cutter." (Lines 10-21) Illustrations are included.
Patent for improving crank-lever churn motors for a more simple construction that results in a more lightweight but strong machine.
Combined Shears And Knife
Patent for a knife attached to shears.
Bicycle Attachment.
Patent for a bicycle attachment that supports the frame and can be used as a "carrier or support for a child, package, a satchel, &c." (Lines 12-13) Illustrations included.
Patent for a new and useful refrigerator, including instructions and illustrations.
Rotary Engine.
Patent for an object that simplifies the operation of rotary engines and motors.
Patent for a garden plow to till soil.
Patent for "a simple, compact and efficient extensible frame adapted to be supported for use either in connection with a bedstead or door and window openings, &c" (lines 9-13). It is constructed to be arranged in multiple positions and "to support the fabric of the canopy in the desired position without risk of tearing or otherwise injuring the same" (lines 15-18).
Bridge Construction.
Patent for a new and useful bridge construction, including instructions and illustrations.
Lifting Device.
Patent for "lifting devices, and particularly to the mechanism adapted for use as a stump-puller and for elevating heavy weights, the object in view being to provide a simple and efficient construction and arrangement of parts whereby sufficient power for elevating heavy weights may be communicated to a rotary shaft or drum, and whereby the means communicating motion to the drum may be moved out of operative position and a brake simultaneously applied in order to relieve the operating-lever from strain when the mechanism is at rest." (Lines 8-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a simplified and cheapened construction of bridge whereby the weight and strain will be more equally divided and the braces so arranged that expansion and contraction laterally are avoided, while permitting of the necessary expansion and contraction longitudinally of the bridge." (Lines 13-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a simple, inexpensive, and durable insulator meant for protecting wires for telephones and telegraphs. The insulator has two sections with recesses and locking apertures.
Apparatus for Operating Churns, &c.
Patent for an apparatus for operating churns, ice cream freezers, or the like, and is meant "to produce an apparatus in which there is simultaneously given to the vessel a revolving motion and a revolving or vibrating motion to the agitator working in the vessel" (lines 14-18).
Plow Attachment
Patent for an inexpensive and simple plow attachment meant to convert the single foot plow stock into a double shovel plow or a gang plow. The attachment is adjustable in order to "straddle the rows to be cultivated; and finally, means for adjusting the standards of the plow whereby the same are adapted to run at any desired depth" (lines 16-20).
Patent for an improved grain drill that is simpler and more efficient than other grain drills. It consists of a disk with a central hub, an annular recess around the hub, segmented washers, radial slots, radial seed apertures, gravity slides, and stems on the slides.
Patent for a snuff box "in which the snuff may be conveniently packed for shipment and sale; and which is also adapted to carry the brush so that it is kept out of contact with the snuff and with the clothing, and to provide means for ejecting the brush handle when the box is open so that it may be conveniently grasped and used" (lines 20-27).
Process of and Apparatus for Making Essences
Patent for "invented new and useful Improvements in the Process of and Apparatus for Making Essences" (lines 5-7) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a plow of simple and cheap construction and the arrangement of whose parts will permit of a ready adjustment of the handles, both as to height and point of pressure, and also a ready adjustment of the plow-standard, whereby the plow as a whole is adapted for large and small horses" (lines 10-17), with illustrations.
Patent for a "new and useful plow"(line 5). The plow is of "durable construction and adapt the same for a convenient adjustment of the standard, whereby the plow may be adapted to run deep or shallow"(Lines 10-14). Illustration Included.
Boot Upper.
Patent for a new and improved boot upper. This design "relates to improvements in boots for use by lumbermen, laborers, miners, and others requiring a stout heavy boot capable of withstanding great strain, water-tight, and durable" (lines 7-11). It "consist[s] of a front and rear section, each of said sections being made in one piece and the edges of the rear section doubled over upon themselves and having their edges secured to the edges of the front section by edge stitches passing through said edges of the front section and said edges of the doubled edges of the rear section" (lines 74-81).
Pea or Bean Thrasher.
Patent for a new and improved pea or bean thrasher. This design consists, "with the main frame, having a removable top and an inclined bottom containing the thrashing concave and cylinder, of the fan-chamber and fan, the air-chamber having an aperture intermediate of the fan-chamber and concave, and means . . . for rotating said cylinder and fan" (lines 5-12).
Patent for "agitating-machines adapted to be used for various purposes," (lines 8-10) including washing clothes and freezing ice cream. Includes instructions and illustrations.