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Apparatus for Grain Drying and Coffee-Roasting
Patent for "an apparatus in which grain or fruit may be dried, coffee roasted, and the water evaporated from sugar." (lines 9-12)
Gas- Generator
Patent for improvements in gas generators relating to machines that use acetylene gas. These improvements are meant to make gas generators easy to use and easy to construct.
Improvements in Gin-Saw Sharpeners.
Patent for new and improved Cotton-Gin-Saw sharpener.
Patent for a new type of quilting frame. The improved Quilting-Frame can be used with a standard sewing machine. The device allows a sewing machine to in seams.
Patent for an animal trap whose specially designed cylinders play a crucial role in tiring the animal while it is struggling to escape the trap doors Ultimately, succumbing to exhaustion and hastening its drowning in the trap's water reservoir.
Patent for a watch case that can have different size clock works put in it.
Trolly Catcher.
Patent for simple and inexpensive devices for tripping the trolley pole of an electric car by automatically releasing the tension of the maintaining springs which hold the trolley pole in operative position, so that the trolley pole will drop downwardly shortly after it is displaced from under the trolley wheel and not rise up and break the suspension devices.
Telephone-Call Recorder
Patent for a telephone call recorder that allows the number of who is calling to be recorded when the phone is not answered and tell a person already on the phone who is trying to call them.
Corn and Cotton Planter
Patent for a corn and cotton planter that plants seeds in hills of equal distance from one another.
Seed Planter
Patent for a seed planter that can plant seeds for corn, cotton, or grain.
Patent for a feed trough for chickens and other small animals.
Combined Socket and Switch for Electric Lights
Patent for a combined socket and switch for electric lights that allows different bulbs of a chandelier to be turned on separately.
Bale-Tie Buckle
Patent for a bale tie buckle made up of hooks that will not come apart under pressure.
Patent for a boat propeller that runs more efficiently by turning in such a way that the load of water on the propeller is taken off when its blades are going up.
Rapid-Transit Car
Patent for a rapid transit car that runs on cables in the air.
Patent for a binder for papers, bills, etc. Illustrations included.
Double-Acting Pump-Jack
Patent for a double acting pump jack for artesian wells.
Closer for Cans and the Like.
Patent for an efficient, easy-open-and-close top for various types of cans which are used frequently.
Patent for an egg tester. Illustrations included.
Patent related to a wrench that is adjustable to fit any nut size. When secured on the nut, this wrench will firmly grip the nut until the handler loosens the wrench from the nut.
Apparatus for Making Carbureted Hydrogen Gas.
Patent for improved apparatus for manufacturing carbureted gas at small cost for illuminating and general heating and power purposes.
Plow Frame
Patent for a plow frame "to which may be attached plow bottoms or cultivator beams" (lines 11-12).
Controller Attachment for Levers
Patent for improvements on controllers for levers
Patent for a semaphore with an enclosure for the operating gearing in signaling devices for railway trains. It incloses the operating gearing so that ice does not interfere with its operation and water does not touch the gearing.
Saw Tester
Patent for a device that tests and trains saws for cotton gins. Detects cups and kinks in the saw and prevent the saw from being burned.
Cultivator Attachment
Patent for a cultivator attachment. This invention is an implement lies in supporting the plow feet from the cultivator beams in such a manner in order to adjust the placing of the plow shanks. Illustrations included.
Flexible Wire Mat.
Patent for a flexible wire mat that is portable, loosely woven to shake out dirt and mud, and which prevents the edges form curling up to trip people.
Pump-Jack for Double-Acting Pumps
Patent for a stronger, more compact pump jack for double acting pumps. Illustrations included.
Patent for watch charms or badges with "interchangeable emblems" (lines 11-12) to facilitate on-demand charm or badge creation through a separate stock of emblem carriers and the "interchangeable emblems."
Combination-Swing and Other Articles of Furniture
Patent for a porch swing that can be converted into other different articles of furniture. Illustrations included.
Safety-Catch for Breastpins, &c.
Patent for a safety catch for breast pins, brooches, and other jewelry, that, while easy to easy to use, will not come lose during normal wear. It uses a rigid guard and spring to hold the tongue of the pin in place until released with a lever.
Patent for a tongue. "This invention has relation to tongues, especially adapted to be applied to agricultural machines, as for instance wheel mounted plow frames, and has for its object the provision of a tongue structure with means for connecting the same to the frame of the machine so that frame may be swung under the tongue laterally while the frame is being over the ground." (line 8-16). illustration included.
Theatrical Schedule and Advertising Cabinet
Patent for a display cabinet used for advertising theatrical plays and their time and location. Illustrations included.
Aerial Navigating Apparatus.
Patent for an aerial navigating apparatus with more details of combinations, construction, and presentation of parts.
Cotton-Chopping Attachment for Cultivators
Patent for a cotton chopping attachment for cultivators. Illustrations included.
Patent for an air cycle that allows a person to fly by pedaling. Illustrations included.
Combined Scraper and Fender Attachment
Patent for a scraper and fender attachment for plows. Illustrations included
Patent for a saw set. Illustrations included.
Matrices and Blanks for making Tablets.
Patent for Matrix Blocks.
Razor Stropper
Patent for a razor stropper. Illustrations included.
Ventilating Device
Patent for a ventilating device for vehicles. Illustrations included.
Preparing Stock Food and Oil From Cotton Seed
Patent for cooking cotton seed kernels and hulls for the purpose of making cotton seed oil and valuable stock food. Illustration included.
Railway Switch
Patent for a railway switch. Illustrations included.
Coin-Controlled Slide
Patent for a coin-controlled slide used for operating mechanical musical instruments and vending machines. Illustrations included.
Watch Charm
Patent for a watch charm. This invention is designed to be interchangeable ornament charms or badges. Illustration included.
Patent for a mixing machine for confectioners. Illustrations included.
Apparatus for Manufacturing Heating and Illuminating Gas
Patent for an apparatus for manufacturing heating and illuminating gas. Illustration included.
Liquid-Fuel Burner
Patent for a fuel burner for stoves and heaters. Illustrations included.
Tank for Oil Burners
Patent fora tank for oil burners. This invention is designed to supply burners with crude oil. Illustration included.
Liquid-Fuel Burner
Patent for a liquid fuel burner. Illustrations included.