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Apparatus for Grain Drying and Coffee-Roasting
Patent for "an apparatus in which grain or fruit may be dried, coffee roasted, and the water evaporated from sugar." (lines 9-12)
Improvements in Gin-Saw Sharpeners.
Patent for new and improved Cotton-Gin-Saw sharpener.
Patent for improved knob fastening where the door knob will be held in place without the use of screws for increased durability, including illustrations.
Attachment for Cabinets.
Patent for Attachment for Cabinets. An adjustable bracket that attaches to various pieces of cabinetry or furniture for supporting water basins for easy reach.
Matrix-Molding Device
Patent for improvements to matrix-molding devices, "and the object is to provide simple devices which are carried by the matrices or molding devices for forming rule retaining members which have angular grooves" (lines 14-17).
Patent for a packing ring that will go on conveniently and will create an effective packing without putting wear on the piston.
Tunnel-Driving Machine.
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Tunnel- Driving Machines" (lines 5-6), including instructions and illustrations.
Valve for Explosive-Engines.
Patent for engine valves (rotary type) that are noiseless, connected to the the engine cylinders so that they are self grinding and self adjusting, and that cover and uncover the spark plug in a way that prevents fouling it.
Land-Breaking Plow.
Patent for an agricultural plow that mixes the soil of multiple layers while keeping the soil in its initial layer to conserve moisture and deliver nitrogen. Plow can be motorized or use animals to function.
Patent for a stamp rack that is designed specifically for bread stamps and carries a spool of stamps in convenient reach of the user or operator. This rack provides the operator with the flexibility of not having to hold the stamps in one hand while he places the stamp on the bread.
Hoisting and Launching Machinery for Life-Boats.
Patent for machinery to quickly launch and lower life boats from a main ship in case of accident.
Life Boat
Patent for life boats to use for large passenger ships, cruise and other boats that can be installed at the sides of the ships for easy access during evacuation.
Rotary Multiple-Cylinder Four-Cycle Engine.
Patent for improvement in multiple cylinder four-cycle engine in which an engine can be operated so that the power can be taken either from the motion of the cylinders or from the cam shaft (lines 23-25). Illustration is included.
Patent for a fly/insect trap with a unique construction that includes an upright cylindrical casing, a peripheral rib, a transparent funnel, and a mesh bait holder, including illustrations.
Composition of Matter to be Introduced into the Inner Tubes of Pneumatic Tires for Rendering the Tires Puncture-Proof.
Patent for a mixture of dextrin, asbestos, magnesia, glycerin, wood alcohol and water that is introduced into tire tubes to prevent and seal tire punctures.
Puncture-Closing Compound.
Patent for closing the punctures or blow-outs in tires for automobiles or other vehicles using inflatable tires.
Bale-Tie Buckle.
Patent for a buckle that secures ends of bale ties so that they are not exposed nor endanger the hands of farm workers.
Patent for Gas Generator. This patent improves previous gas generators, that include generator casings having air inlets and gas inlets. this invention provides a form of automatic feed of air, oil, and acid to the generator in proper proportions.
Patent for self-winding secondary clocks that are "connected in series to be timed by a master clock and more particularly to tower clocks" (lines 10-12) with the objectives of keeping perfect time and winding periodically, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an intestine protector that protects the intestines from needles (or other sharp instruments) after surgical procedures have concluded.
Patent for improvements for shipping crates, including illustrations.
Sanitary Drain-pan for Refrigerators.
Patent for a sanitary drain pan for refrigerators, specifically pertaining to sliced meats. The text explains the benefits of the new drain pan and its components.
Puncture-Proof Tire
Patent for improved armor in tires so they do not puncture as quickly or as easily, including illustrations.
Egg Tester.
Patent for "an improved egg tester". (line 14)
Combination Stock and Freight Car.
Patent for stock cars and means for converting a stock car in part or as whole into a freight car.
Patent for a new type of quilting frame. The improved Quilting-Frame can be used with a standard sewing machine. The device allows a sewing machine to in seams.
Screen-Door Hinge
Patent for a screen door hinge for both half or full length screens. Illustrations included.
Striking Mechanism for Clocks
Patent for a striking mechanism for clocks which strikes a bell a number of times to indicate the hour of the day. Illustrations included.
Well Drilling Bit
Patent for a well drilling bit. Illustration included.
Patent for a spring motor for use in operating small devices such as churns.
Patent for an animal trap whose specially designed cylinders play a crucial role in tiring the animal while it is struggling to escape the trap doors Ultimately, succumbing to exhaustion and hastening its drowning in the trap's water reservoir.
Rock Drill
Patent for a rock drill. This invention is designed for use with a pitman driven by a crank movement or a direct ratchet connected to a driving rod. Illustrations included.
Patent for a rail joint. Illustrations included.
Patent for a watch case that can have different size clock works put in it.
Trolly Catcher.
Patent for simple and inexpensive devices for tripping the trolley pole of an electric car by automatically releasing the tension of the maintaining springs which hold the trolley pole in operative position, so that the trolley pole will drop downwardly shortly after it is displaced from under the trolley wheel and not rise up and break the suspension devices.
Cultivator Attachment
Patent for a cultivator attachment. This invention is an implement lies in supporting the plow feet from the cultivator beams in such a manner in order to adjust the placing of the plow shanks. Illustrations included.
Patent for a tongue. "This invention has relation to tongues, especially adapted to be applied to agricultural machines, as for instance wheel mounted plow frames, and has for its object the provision of a tongue structure with means for connecting the same to the frame of the machine so that frame may be swung under the tongue laterally while the frame is being over the ground." (line 8-16). illustration included.
Patent for an egg tester. Illustrations included.
Razor Stropper
Patent for a razor stropper. Illustrations included.
Telephone-Call Recorder
Patent for a telephone call recorder that allows the number of who is calling to be recorded when the phone is not answered and tell a person already on the phone who is trying to call them.
Corn and Cotton Planter
Patent for a corn and cotton planter that plants seeds in hills of equal distance from one another.
Patent for a binder for papers, bills, etc. Illustrations included.
Seed Planter
Patent for a seed planter that can plant seeds for corn, cotton, or grain.
Patent for a feed trough for chickens and other small animals.
Theatrical Schedule and Advertising Cabinet
Patent for a display cabinet used for advertising theatrical plays and their time and location. Illustrations included.
Combined Socket and Switch for Electric Lights
Patent for a combined socket and switch for electric lights that allows different bulbs of a chandelier to be turned on separately.
Bale-Tie Buckle
Patent for a bale tie buckle made up of hooks that will not come apart under pressure.
Patent for a boat propeller that runs more efficiently by turning in such a way that the load of water on the propeller is taken off when its blades are going up.
Rapid-Transit Car
Patent for a rapid transit car that runs on cables in the air.
Double-Acting Pump-Jack
Patent for a double acting pump jack for artesian wells.