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Patent for an improved chicken roost.
Combined Registering and Denoting Device and Label-Holder.
Patent for a combined registering and denoting device and label holder for use in stores to keep track of how many items are sold and what is left in stock.
Harrow Attachment for Cultivators.
Patent for an improved harrow attachment for cultivators that can be easily and quickly removed or attached and which allows soil to be worked after rain when it would otherwise be too moist. Includes illustrations.
Patent for a Heading-Machine for maize, Kafir corn, and cane. It can pass through a field of these crops, cut off the heads, and pass them into a receptacle that is attached to the rear of the machine.
Patent for a machine to assist with making quilts that is equipped with vertical needles and horizontal shuttles. It also has a "take up and feed mechanism" (lines 13-14) to dispense material evenly while stitching.
Patent for a cotton chopper, which can shop two rows at the same time and performs the work faster than it can be done manually.
Patent for an elevator which locks itself should the hoisting cable break. Illustrations included.
Word Counting Device for Type-Writers
Patent for a word counting device to be used with a typewriter. Illustrations included.
Wire-Handling Tool.
Patent for a wire handling tool for stretching wire netting that adjusts to different size wire widths.
Patent for a header for removing the heads of grain, which adjusts to different height grains.
Patent for a railroad-tie. This is a "railroad track supporting device a practically indestructible clamp for the securing of rails" (lines 12-14). Illustration included.
Patent for a simple, double-acting pump.
Draft Appliance
Patent for a draft appliance. This invention is designed for plows, movers, and other farm implements drawn by horses. Illustration included.
Electric-Light Hanger.
Patent for an electric light hanger that attaches to the wall or ceiling and has a pulley system for moving it up and down.
Patent for a poultry nest structure for chickens that has individual nest areas and allows for easy removal of the eggs.
Patent for an animal poke which is worn around the belly of the cow or other animal, and pokes the animal when it pushes against a fence and has a hook attached to the back of the poke which will catch onto the fence if they try to go underneath or over the fence.
Hen's Nest
Patent for hen's nest. Illustration included.
Combined Lister Plow and Planter.
Patent for a combined Lister plow and planter that both breaks the ground and plants seed. Appears to be a type of early tractor.
Patent for a single row planter for corn or cotton. The planter is to be used in virgin soil with out any soil preparation.
Vehicle Axle
Patent for a vehicle axles. Illustration included.
Rubber-Extracting Machine
Patent for a machine that extracts rubber from plants. Illustrations included.
Bale-Band Buckle
Patent for buckles used to hold bands of bales. Illustrations included.
Patent for "a peculiar construction" (lines 11-12) that will reduce the liability of a trolley running off of the trolley-wire. This construction "involves a trolley-wheel carried on an axis fixed on the trolley pole or harp and an auxiliary wheel yieldingly mounted on the pole and pressed against the under side of the wire, so that should the pole drop slightly the auxiliary wheel will move relatively to the pole and reduce this contact with the wire." (lines 12-19)
Patent for improved shingle-gage for the measurement and spacing of roofing-shingles.
Electric Light Hanger
Patent for an electric light hanger. Illustration included.
Stalk - Cutter
"This invention relates to improvements in stalk-cutters, and has for its objects the provision of a simple and efficient attachment for cultivators and harrows by the use of which all stalks and vines in a field to be cultivated may be quickly and thoroughly cut down." Dorris, William. (1906). Stalk-Cutter. United States Patents Office. Retrieved from http://edit.texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth508960/view/#page/2/mode/1up.
Water Cycle
Patent for a water cycle. This invention is propeller designed to provided driving force for the floating cycle. Illustrations included.
Attachment For Cultivators
Patent for an attachment for cultivators. Illustration included.
Combined Closer And Latch For Gates, &c
Patent for combined closer and latch for gates. Illustration included.
Patent for a washer. This invention is designed to applied to machinery without disassembling the machinery. Illustrations included.
Bottle Stopper
Patent for a bottle stopper. Illustrations included.
Paper-Bag Machine.
Patent for improvements in the paper-bag machine (related to author's previous Patent No. 689,441, December 24, 1901) for the purpose of improving the mechanism for forming the primary fold of the bag-bottom in the bag-folding process, including descriptions of the machinery, parts, and illustrations.
Patent for an animal-yoke.
Patent for a mechanism used to mount the beam and to connect to the axle in a listing-machine, a class of braking-plows. The mechanism will provide lever support and a means for securing the segmental rack while still being simple, efficient, durable, and inexpensive.
Patent for "devices for equalizing the draft where three or more draft-animals are used" (lines 8-10) to pull machinery, carriages, or wagons with illustrations included.
Wire Working Tool.
Patent for a new and useful wireworking-tool. "This invention relates to a wireworking-tool particularly adapted for use in twisting wire-ties around posts and over runners, drawing staples, and cutting wires" (line 8-11).
Patent for collapsible ironing tables with illustration.
Patent for a baling-press that will prevent hay or other material from jamming the mechanisms used to bale it.
Letter Patent of "a map, drawing or similar device provided with an index" (lines 72-74); including illustration and instructions
Elevated Electric-Car Line.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in elevated electric car lines, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in listing machines, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in listing machines, including instructions and illustrations.
Combined Cotton-Chopper And Cultivator.
Patent for a new and useful combined cotton chopper and cultivator, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful fire escape, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for washing machines that are "capable of thoroughly and rapidly washing clothes and other fabrics without wearing, tearing, or otherwise injuring them and at the expenditure of a minimum amount of labor." (Lines 13-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a construction of seed-planter providing a positive and efficient means for planting any desired number of rows at one time, while at the same time having means for opening the furrow, dropping the seed, and covering up the furrow in one operation." (Lines 14-19) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a simple and efficient cotton planter that plants four or more rows at once. It works over rough, stony, and uneven ground; its operation is that it opens a furrow, drops the seed, and puts dirt over the seeds.
Combined Hook and Hammer.
Patent for a combined hook and hammer meant to "combine in its structure the ordinary hook for engaging with the article to be moved, and a handle adapted, when desired, to be used as a hammer, thus dispensing with the necessity for a separate implement of this character, and, second, to combine with the said hook and handle improved means for preventing the accidental contact of the hand of the operator with the article to be handled" (lines 17-26).
Kitchen Utensil.
Patent for a kitchen utensil that can be used for washing dishes, scraping cooking vessels, and cleaning ornamental glass and silver.
Patent for an improved track-raiser used during constructing and repairing railways. It is a jack that raises and holds a rail in place.