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Patent for a single row planter for corn or cotton. The planter is to be used in virgin soil with out any soil preparation.
Patent for "a peculiar construction" (lines 11-12) that will reduce the liability of a trolley running off of the trolley-wire. This construction "involves a trolley-wheel carried on an axis fixed on the trolley pole or harp and an auxiliary wheel yieldingly mounted on the pole and pressed against the under side of the wire, so that should the pole drop slightly the auxiliary wheel will move relatively to the pole and reduce this contact with the wire." (lines 12-19)
Patent for improved shingle-gage for the measurement and spacing of roofing-shingles.
Electric Light Hanger
Patent for an electric light hanger. Illustration included.
Stalk - Cutter
"This invention relates to improvements in stalk-cutters, and has for its objects the provision of a simple and efficient attachment for cultivators and harrows by the use of which all stalks and vines in a field to be cultivated may be quickly and thoroughly cut down." Dorris, William. (1906). Stalk-Cutter. United States Patents Office. Retrieved from http://edit.texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth508960/view/#page/2/mode/1up.
Water Cycle
Patent for a water cycle. This invention is propeller designed to provided driving force for the floating cycle. Illustrations included.
Attachment For Cultivators
Patent for an attachment for cultivators. Illustration included.
Combined Closer And Latch For Gates, &c
Patent for combined closer and latch for gates. Illustration included.
Bottle Stopper
Patent for a bottle stopper. Illustrations included.
Paper-Bag Machine.
Patent for improvements in the paper-bag machine (related to author's previous Patent No. 689,441, December 24, 1901) for the purpose of improving the mechanism for forming the primary fold of the bag-bottom in the bag-folding process, including descriptions of the machinery, parts, and illustrations.
Patent for a washer. This invention is designed to applied to machinery without disassembling the machinery. Illustrations included.
Patent for an animal-yoke.
Patent for a mechanism used to mount the beam and to connect to the axle in a listing-machine, a class of braking-plows. The mechanism will provide lever support and a means for securing the segmental rack while still being simple, efficient, durable, and inexpensive.
Patent for "devices for equalizing the draft where three or more draft-animals are used" (lines 8-10) to pull machinery, carriages, or wagons with illustrations included.
Wire Working Tool.
Patent for a new and useful wireworking-tool. "This invention relates to a wireworking-tool particularly adapted for use in twisting wire-ties around posts and over runners, drawing staples, and cutting wires" (line 8-11).
Patent for collapsible ironing tables with illustration.
Patent for a baling-press that will prevent hay or other material from jamming the mechanisms used to bale it.
Letter Patent of "a map, drawing or similar device provided with an index" (lines 72-74); including illustration and instructions
Elevated Electric-Car Line.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in elevated electric car lines, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in listing machines, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in listing machines, including instructions and illustrations.
Combined Cotton-Chopper And Cultivator.
Patent for a new and useful combined cotton chopper and cultivator, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful fire escape, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for washing machines that are "capable of thoroughly and rapidly washing clothes and other fabrics without wearing, tearing, or otherwise injuring them and at the expenditure of a minimum amount of labor." (Lines 13-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a construction of seed-planter providing a positive and efficient means for planting any desired number of rows at one time, while at the same time having means for opening the furrow, dropping the seed, and covering up the furrow in one operation." (Lines 14-19) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a simple and efficient cotton planter that plants four or more rows at once. It works over rough, stony, and uneven ground; its operation is that it opens a furrow, drops the seed, and puts dirt over the seeds.
Combined Hook and Hammer.
Patent for a combined hook and hammer meant to "combine in its structure the ordinary hook for engaging with the article to be moved, and a handle adapted, when desired, to be used as a hammer, thus dispensing with the necessity for a separate implement of this character, and, second, to combine with the said hook and handle improved means for preventing the accidental contact of the hand of the operator with the article to be handled" (lines 17-26).
Kitchen Utensil.
Patent for a kitchen utensil that can be used for washing dishes, scraping cooking vessels, and cleaning ornamental glass and silver.
Patent for an improved track-raiser used during constructing and repairing railways. It is a jack that raises and holds a rail in place.
Wire-Stretching Spool-Carrier.
Patent for a wire-stretching spool-carrier that can be easily mounted to the back of a wagon and can stretch wires to the desired amount of tension. Coils are on the mount on the wagon.
Patent for an improved window sash that is meant to "provide means for securing a sash in its frame whereby it is capable of free movement, and at the same time is dust-proof, wind-proof, rain-proof, and snow-proof" (lines 9-13). The sash does not rattle and cannot be displaced from the outside.
Patent for an improved trimming-table that easily measures, holds, and cuts or trims fabrics. It consists of a table with measures, keepers that are attached to the top of the table with a stem, and an arched front portion that ends in a foot-piece.
Patent for an improved, simple, and compact steam-condenser that is meant to be used in tea factories and similar places where distilled water is needed, and has the minimum amount of back pressure.
Patent for a break that "the device may be brought to a stop either gradually or instantaneously as may be desired. The break is a reciprocative one and comprises a rubber or other elastic or yielding wheel designed to engage the periphery of the fly wheel of the motor and a lug, tooth or analogous provision for engagement with a tooth of a ratchet wheel on the said fly wheel; in operating the break the rubber wheel is first brought into contact with the fly wheel and then by continued movement of the brake lever the said lug or projection enters a tooth of the ratchet wheel and stops the revolution of the same" (lines 14-27).
Holder for Ink-Bottles.
Patent for a holder for mucilage bottles, ink bottles, or similar containers. "The invention consists of a wire rest or holder bent to form a horizontal base and upwardly projecting clamping-arms" (lines 16-18).
Wire-Rope Fastener
Patent for improvements in design for wire rope fasteners, includes Illustrations.
Patent for a device used for cooling milk consisting of "a vessel adapted to contain any desired quantity of milk, of a cloth or fabric covering enclosing said milk receiving vessel and provided at an intermediate portion of it's length with a series of openings or perforations, and means of saturating said inclosing cloth with water" (lines 13-19).
Patent for "a simple, cheap, and efficient device of this character which may accomplish with facility and case all the purposes for which it is intended" (lines 13-16).
Steam Cooking Stove.
Patent for a new and improved steam stove. This design "is to provide a stove . . . that can be used on a gas-stove base, a lamp-stove, an ordinary cooking-stove, or even over a camp-fire, and which when so used will provide an apartment for baking or warming and another apartment for steaming, the steam being generated within a surrounding boiler and by the heat that has been used to heat the oven" (lines 11-20). It consists in "a casing divided vertically by a transverse boiler-body, chambers in the sides of the lower-half of the casing . . . and a transverse pipe" (lines 34-38).
Patent for improvements in the means for securing nuts on their bolts. The invention is "especially adapted for use on railway-rails in which the locking devices are subjected to severe and continual jarring" (lines 13-16) including illustrations.
Patent for improvements in cotton choppers and thinners by using a combination of “a rectangular frame having the transverse arch, the axle having the ground-wheels and the drive-gears mounted on the axle, a stirrups shafts, cogs, rotary cutters, and a bifureated cam” (p. 2, lines 85-92) to construct the chopper. This new construction will “provide means for easily adjusting the knives or cutters, and for regulating the distance between the stands of cotton.” (Page 1, lines 12-15) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in “tire-heating furnace where tires of various sizes may be heated either independently or continuously and having certain other highly advantageous characteristics.” (Lines 7-13) Illustration is included.
Patent for am adding machine by using two disks, one a units-disk with pins in multiples of ten, one a tens-disk, is an annular disk with pin surrounding the units disk, an outwardly spring-pressed holder having a beveled outer end frictionally engaging the pins of the tens-disk and a carrier having oppositely-beveled ends engaged a supplemental pin and one pin on the tens-disks, teeth in the adjacent faces of the holder and carrier, and an idle-gear between them to enable the adding operation. (Lines 50-62) Illustration is included.
Roof Screw.
Patent for a new and improved roof screw. This design consists, "[a]s a new article of manufacture, [in] a screw consisting of a threaded shank having an integral head, an enlarged collar or flange on said shank below the head thereon, and an elastic cushion on the shank immediately below the enlarged collar or flange, for the purpose described" (lines 60-66).
Dish Drier.
Patent for a new and improved dish-drier. This design consists in "[t]he body having perforations and having side projection and spout, in combination with the cover, false bottom supported from the main bottom of the drier, and having the uprights and cross-pieces" (lines 75-80).
Vermin Exterminator and Process of Preparing the Same
Patent for improve animal exterminator consists of wheat or other grain saturated with a solution of strychnia in water, the grain afterward being coated with a solution.
Patent for an earth auger.
Patent for "a new composition of matter for the treatment of 'scab' on sheep or for other animals subject to like diseases" (lines 9-11) which lists the ingredients and measurements and instructions.
Patent for a new and improved wrench. This design "consists in the combination of the main bar, which is provided with a head having a suitable recess to catch over nuts, with a sliding head, which has two surfaces to act in connection with opposite ends of the head, but out of line with each other, and a spring-actuated catch, which catches in suitable ratchets made in the main bar, so as to hold the sliding head in position" (lines
Patent for an earth-auger that allows a hole to "be bored in ordinary soil in much less time than with the ordinary auger. It readily bores in ground in which the ordinary auger will not bore - viz., dry, hard, and packed soil, gravel, and concrete beds."