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Patent for improved planting machinery resulting in easy construction and manipulation.
Electric Time Switch
Patent for electric time switch. Illustration included.
Neck Yoke Attachment
Patent for a neck yoke attachment. Illustrations included.
Patent for fertilizer.
Electrical Battery
Patent for an electrical battery. Illustration included.
Machine For Pulling Cotton Stalks
Patent for a machine for pulling cotton stalks. Illustration included.
Self Centering Axle Lathe
Patent for a self centering axle lathe. Illustrations included.
Ice Conveying Apparatus
Patent for an ice conveying apparatus. Illustration included.
Churn Dasher
Patent for churn-dashers of the rotary type for a churning machine. This will allow the cream upon contact with blades of the dasher to turn over and head town the bottom of the churn.
Patent for a Car-Coupling. "This invention relates to car-couplings of the Janney type..." (lines 9-10) including illustrations.
Flushing Tank
Patent for a flushing tank. Illustration included.
Patent for a framometer. This invention is a square and to be used by house builders. Illustration included.
Note Register
Patent for a note register. Illustrations included.
Sulfuric-Acid Process of Extracting Precious Metals From Solutions
Patent for "new and useful Imporivements in Processes of Recovering Precious Metals from Their Solutions, and which I designate as the 'Sulfuric-Acid Process;' [...] to separate the precious metals from their cyanid solutions in a rapid and thorough matter and to recover the precious metals from solutions thereof." (lines 5-8 & 22-26)
Weeding Machine
Patent for a weeding machine to run between rows of crops. Illustration included.
Flushing Tank
Patent for a flushing tank. Illustration included.
Casing Water Packer
Patent for improved casing water-packer used for Artesian wells.
Crude-Oil Burner
Patent for an oil feeder designed to burn crude oil. It features a carbon deposit chamber and a vent pipe.
Drier Rack
Patent for a drier rack on rail-cars to for drying bricks. Illustration included.
Elevating Brick Car
Patent for an elevating brick car. This invention "is to improve construction of elevating brick cars or trucks and to provide a simple, inexpensive, and efficient car or truck designed for use in a brick yard for carrying bricks from a machine to a yard, kiln, or drier" (line 11-17). Illustrations included.
Seed Cotton Distributer
Patent for seed cotton distributer. This "invention relates to apparatus for distributing seed-cotton to a battery of gins; and the principal object is to improve the construction of such apparatus by providing for the separation of trash from the cotton" (line 8-12). Illustrations included.
Generating Oil-Burner.
Patent for improvements in “generating oil-burners” by connecting a combination of tubes, pipes and casings to direct and regulate the oil flows to the burner. It can also control the amount of steam to be discharged to properly effect the burning of the oil. Illustration is included.
Barrel Press
Patent for a barrel press.
Hay Press
Patent for a hay press. "This invention has relation to presses having a rebounding and intermittently-operated plunger, and aims to provide a novel and positive actuating means for utilizing the power applied to the sweep in any accustomed manner (line 9-15) illustrations included.
Car Coupling
Patent for a car coupling "which greatly facilitate the connection of two car couplings having the improvements and adapt the knuckle of the car coupling to automatically swing open when free to do so." (line 12-16)
Separable Button or Stud.
Patent for invention that relates to seperable buttons or studs - such as collar and cuff buttons, shirt-studs and the like of that which the article comprises a back or base portion provided with a stem or coupling member and a head provided the means to coact therewith,... (Vrendendurgh, 1902).
Heating or Cooking Stove
Patent for a heating or cooking stove.
Patent for a combined cotton-chopper and cultivator.
Patent for improvements in ledgers by giving each column in a ledger sheet a “label” such as customer’s name, daily entry, daily balance, monthly balance and etc… to record daily and monthly transactions of an individual customer's account. Illustration is included.
Hay Press
Patent for a hay press as it "relates to certain improvements in hay-presses, and has for its principal object to improve the construction of the power-head and pitman connection" (lines 7-10). Illustrations included.
Device For Educational, Amusement, Or Other Purposes
Patent for a device for educational, amusement, or other purposes. Illustration included.
Patent for improvements in tongue-scrapers in which it will “not only used for scraping the coating from the tongue, but also for removing the small particles from the papillae which remain after the scraping operation.” (Lines 13-16) Illustration is included.
Water Regulator for Steam Boilers
Patent for a water regulator for steam boilers.
Patent for an invention "to provide a simple, light, and durable implement which will effectually remove weeds, rubbish, and all foreign matter simultaneously from each side of a row or drill of corn, cotton, or other plants and direct the removed material to the longitudinal center of the row or drill" (lines 8-14).
Follower for Packing Sauer-kraut, &c.
Patent for new improvements for devices for producing pressure for sauer-kraut or other food products needing pressure.
Patent for improvements in snaps including an eye for a strap to pass through for gripping.
Combined Cultivator and Planter.
Patent for a new part that attaches to an ordinary cultivator. The device has a plow that runs in front, and a planting mechanism that spreads seeds in the plowed rows. This device makes it possible to plough and plant in one sweep of the field.
Combined Concentrator, Amalgamator, and Separator
Patent for improvements to a Combined Concentrator, Amalgamator, and Separator used for ore and gravel.
Card-Cutting Attachment for Printing-Presses.
Patent for an attachment for printing presses that not only acts as a card cutter, but can also change the shape of the design and automatically eject the paper.
Seed Planter
Patent for a seed-planter designed primarily for corn, but can be used with other seeds. The primary mechanical construction consists of a wheel.
Process of Making Ammonium Ichthyol Sulfonate.
Patent for "improvment in the process of making ichthyol sulfonate" (lines 10-13).
Patent for a mold for viscous materials that are meant to be hardened in the mold or afterward. It is designed to be easily removed from the cast without damaging it.
Child's Bib.
Patent for improvement in children’s bibs, by providing bibs with a pocket at its lower end to catch any food or drink that might be dropped or spilled, thereby preventing soiling of the clothes and the carpet or floor. (Lines 12-16) Illustration is included.
Patent for an adjustable hat holder using a band and fasteners, with illustrations.
Combined Turning and Leveling Plow.
Patent for an improved combined turning and leveling plow.
Shutter Attachment
Patent for a shutter attachment that acts as a spacer and holds the window shutters open; it sits between the slats and is attached to the rod that opens the shutters.
Germ-Destroyer for Telephone-Mouthpieces.
Patent for destroying disease causing germs in the mouth-piece of a telephone.
Patent for a strap to attach an animal to a hitching-post, especially a smooth one, to avoid slipping or accidental loosening by the animal with "an improved slidable catch" (line 18).
Patent for an improved churn dasher "to thoroughly agitate the cream at the center of the churn-body and also around the bottom of the walls thereof" (lines 13-15) and "also to cause tangential streams or currents at the bottom of the churn, so as to thoroughly agitate all of the cream and effectively intermingle the air therewith" (lines 18-22), including illustrations.
Patent for a bale-tie fastener including illustrations.