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Horsetail Holder
Patent for an improvement in horse harnesses pertaining to holding a horse's tail to prevent it from switching and catching the driving lines and reins.
Sanitary Cuspidor.
Patent for a sanitary cuspidor which remains closed when not in use and will "return automatically to closed position" (lines 10-11) immediately after use and includes one illustration.
Patent for road paving material with cement as a base and stones or gravel used as a topping. Asphalt is poured over the gravel to extend the life of the paving.
Copy Holder
Patent for a copy holder. This device is to hold copy for typewriters, compositors, etc. It also provides a copy holder possessing an adjustable indicating bar. Illustrations included.
Slide Rule
Patent for a slide rule. Illustration included.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for a cotton chopper. This invention consists of chopping blades attached to the rotary shaft. Illustration included.
Machine for Cracking Nuts
Patent for a machine for cracking nuts of various types but especially pecans.
Patent for a mail box with an indicating flag.
Patent for a skirt rack for holding skirts for display in stores and protecting them from wear and dust.
Cotton-Condenser and Lint-Flue.
Patent for a cotton condenser and lint flue for use in cotton gins.
Patent for a fly trap that is simple to make and use.
Non-Explosive Oil-Container.
Patent for a protective screen of refractory filaments for "containers holding inflammable, explosive fluids such as naphtha, benzin, gasolene, etc." (lines 10-12)
Base-Ball Score-Card
Patent for a baseball score card that has spaces for putting the players name on the card from both teams on the same side.
Patent for an improvement upon the sewing awl that is designed to work well with leather workers. The sewing awl is made to be "adaptable to work with a break or tension device, capable of restraining a thread holding spool against free rotation to prevent excessive undesirable slack or looseness of the thread" (lines 15-19) as illustrated and described.
Patent for a cotton chopper with a wheel supported frame.
Patent for a commode/toilet seat and storage cabinet that holds multiple seats that can be used to provide individual seats for each person using the commode/toilet.
Hydrant Valve.
Patent for an improved valve for hydrants that, when closed, allows water to drain out of the riser and bib, preventing freezing. Includes illustrations.
Combination Lock Joint or Device.
Patent for a combination lock joint or device for sectional poles that prevents bending of the pole and allows for sections of the pole to be easily taken on or off.
Patent for shears to be used by metal workers. Illustrations included.
Shutter Slat Fastener
Patent for a shutter slat fastener. Illustration included.
Clipping and Pruning Shears.
Patent for clipping and pruning shears that can have the blades taken off for sharpening.
Garden-Hose Reel.
Patent for a garden hose reel that allows the hose to be used, while still on the reel and can be easily cleaned.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for a cotton chopper. This invention is designed to be adjustable horizontally to operate on crooked rows. Illustrations included.
Patent for a display cabinet. Illustrations are included.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for a cotton chopper. Illustration included.
Patent for a cultivator sweep that cuts weeds close to the crops.
Spool and Work Holder.
Patent for a spool and work holder, which is in the shape of a bird and has places to store spools of thread, a pincushion, and a storage place for a piece of work.
Diffusion-Block for Subsoil Irrigation.
Patent for a diffusion block for subsoil irrigation, which prevents roots from growing into the pipe that is providing water to the soil.
Porous Pipe and Method of Manufacturing the Same.
Patent for a porous pipe and a method of manufacturing it for use in subsoil irrigation.
Patent for an incubator, which automatically turns all the eggs to allow them to get the same amount of warmth and light.
Patent for an apparatus used for packing cotton prepared for baling. Illustrations included.
Patent for a lock corner for attaching the corners of cardboard or paper boxes.
Patent for a vehicle tire composed of laminate fiber board and wooden spokes covered in a oil based mixture, which hardens on the outside of the tires to waterproof them.
Spring Trip Mechanism
Patent for a spring trip mechanism for plows. Illustration included.
Patent for a nutcracker. This design is for the automatic feeding of nuts into the hopper through a discharge tube. Illustration included.
Blind-Slat Fastener.
Patent for improvements in blind-slat fasteners, in which it holds the blinds so that air can pass through. Illustration is included.
Automatic Match Box
Patent for automatic match box. This device is designed to eject matches to a suitable distance. Illustration included.
Patent for a flush tank, which turns off automatically when the tank is empty.
Patent for a churn with a dasher with blades that is able to rotate to force the milk or cream in an upward and downward direction. Illustrations included.
Expansible Boot Tree
Patent for expansible boot tree. This device is designed for the ability to stretch boots and shoes. Illustration included.
Non-Refillable Bottle
Patent for a non-refillable bottle. Illustrations included.
Wireless-Telegraph Receiver
Patent for a wireless telegraph receiver which receives incoming intelligence through electric waves and uses crystalline substances as its detector. Illustrations included.
Combined Cotton Chopper and Cultivator
Patent for a combined cotton chopper and cultivator. Illustration included.
Patent for a fish hook with two hooks twisted together, which come apart when a fish pulls on the hook that is reliable in its action.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for a cotton chopper. Illustration included.
Patent for a cotton chopper designed so that the blade moves "transversely across a standing row of plants" (lines 15-16). Illustrations included.
Plumber's Ferrule
Patent fora plumber's ferrule. Illustration included.
Drip-Cup for Gas Water-Heaters
Patent for a drip cup for gas water heaters. Illustrations included.
Patent for a joint for railroad tracks. Illustrations included.
Machine for Rounding Leather.
Patent for a machine for rounding leather in harness making shops, which produces a uniform product and requires less time and effort than hand rounding leather.