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Patent for a cotton chopper designed so that the blade moves "transversely across a standing row of plants" (lines 15-16). Illustrations included.
Combined Cotton Chopper and Cultivator
Patent for a combined cotton chopper and cultivator. Illustration included.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for a cotton chopper. Illustration included.
Drip-Cup for Gas Water-Heaters
Patent for a drip cup for gas water heaters. Illustrations included.
Patent for a float that can be attached or detached from a fishing line and has been improved to prevent the line from breaking. Illustrations included.
Patent for a joint for railroad tracks. Illustrations included.
Patent for a match safe which can contain many matches at once, but only one at a time may be withdrawn. Illustrations included.
Wireless-Telegraph Receiver
Patent for a wireless telegraph receiver which receives incoming intelligence through electric waves and uses crystalline substances as its detector. Illustrations included.
Churn and Freezer
Patent for a churn that may also be used as an ice cream freezer. Illustrations included.
Flavoring Compound
Patent for an improved flavoring compound "especially adapted for flavoring meats and food products, soups, stews, etc., and consists in combining Mexican pepper, spices of cuminum and origanum, salt, garlic, tallow or suet." (Lines 10-14)
Patent for a plow. Illustration included.
Churn Dasher
Patent for a churn dasher. Illustration included.
Folding Bracket for Desk-Telephones, &c.
Patent for a folding telephone bracket which can be adapted to a desk and adjusted to the user's convenience. Illustrations included.
Plumber's Ferrule
Patent fora plumber's ferrule. Illustration included.
Mute Attachment for Pianos
Patent for an attachment that mutes pianos. Illustrations included.
Patent for a buggy spindle for "taking up lost motion in the axle box should it be too short or too worn" (lines 10-11). Illustrations included.
Lining for Pneumatic Tires and Other Pneumatic Articles
Patent for a lining for pneumatic tires and other pneumatic articles. The invention is designed to immediately close ruptures. It applies to bicycles, automobiles, and the like. Illustration included.
Patent for improved planting machinery resulting in easy construction and manipulation.
Combined Minnow Bucket and Trap.
Patent for a combined minnow bucket and trap that overcomes past disadvantages, is simple in constructions, inexpensive to manufacture and reliable.
Sewage System for Trains.
Patent for a sewing system on trains or vehicles which will allow then to have working water-closets.
Vessel-Propelling Device
Patent for a novel form of propeller in which a current of air or other fluid is forced under pressure through a port in the stern of the vessel causing propulsion.
Car Coupling
Patent for a rail car coupling. Illustration included.
Portable Cotton Compress or Baling Machine
Patent for a portable baling machine used to compress cotton bales more uniformly and efficiently. Illustrations included.
Patent for a device whereby water or other liquid may be heated instantaneously. (line 10-11)
Grate For Boiler Furnaces, &c
Patent for a grate for boiler furnaces. This invention can be used for steam-boiler furnaces, stoves, or any device to "produce a higher degree of heat than is obtained by the usual grates" (line 11-12). Illustration included.
Brick Truck
Patent for a truck that is designed to make the transportation of bricks easier as well as the transportation of other materials.
Fluid Tempering Apparatus
Patent for a fluid tempering apparatus. This invention relates to rapidly heating water system using numerous small streams of water that exposes each to a heat source. Illustration included.
Apparatus for Treating Timber.
Patent for an invention to aid in the treatment of treating timber. The invention is said to "provide a simple, inexpensive, durable, and efficient apparatus by means of which railroad cross-ties, fence-posts, and the like may be expeditiously and economically treated by immersion in a bath of some preserving liquid" (lines 16-22) including illustrations.
Vapor Burner
Patent for vapor burner. Illustration included.
Patent for a tire. Illustration included.
Generating Oil Burner
Patent for generating oil burner. This invention "relates to apparatus by which steam is generated and petroleum or a hydrocarbon reduced to vaporous condition and mixed or combined with the steam" (line 8-12). Illustrations included.
Electric Time Switch
Patent for electric time switch. Illustration included.
Neck Yoke Attachment
Patent for a neck yoke attachment. Illustrations included.
Patent for fertilizer.
Electrical Battery
Patent for an electrical battery. Illustration included.
Machine For Pulling Cotton Stalks
Patent for a machine for pulling cotton stalks. Illustration included.
Self Centering Axle Lathe
Patent for a self centering axle lathe. Illustrations included.
Ice Conveying Apparatus
Patent for an ice conveying apparatus. Illustration included.
Churn Dasher
Patent for churn-dashers of the rotary type for a churning machine. This will allow the cream upon contact with blades of the dasher to turn over and head town the bottom of the churn.
Patent for a Car-Coupling. "This invention relates to car-couplings of the Janney type..." (lines 9-10) including illustrations.
Flushing Tank
Patent for a flushing tank. Illustration included.
Patent for a framometer. This invention is a square and to be used by house builders. Illustration included.
Note Register
Patent for a note register. Illustrations included.
Sulfuric-Acid Process of Extracting Precious Metals From Solutions
Patent for "new and useful Imporivements in Processes of Recovering Precious Metals from Their Solutions, and which I designate as the 'Sulfuric-Acid Process;' [...] to separate the precious metals from their cyanid solutions in a rapid and thorough matter and to recover the precious metals from solutions thereof." (lines 5-8 & 22-26)
Weeding Machine
Patent for a weeding machine to run between rows of crops. Illustration included.
Flushing Tank
Patent for a flushing tank. Illustration included.
Casing Water Packer
Patent for improved casing water-packer used for Artesian wells.
Crude-Oil Burner
Patent for an oil feeder designed to burn crude oil. It features a carbon deposit chamber and a vent pipe.
Drier Rack
Patent for a drier rack on rail-cars to for drying bricks. Illustration included.
Elevating Brick Car
Patent for an elevating brick car. This invention "is to improve construction of elevating brick cars or trucks and to provide a simple, inexpensive, and efficient car or truck designed for use in a brick yard for carrying bricks from a machine to a yard, kiln, or drier" (line 11-17). Illustrations included.