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Patent for improvement in combination-saws is to provide a machine in which a planer, a shaper or molder, a rip saw and a cut-off saw are operated by a single motor or engine (lines 12-14). Illustration is included.
Patent for a downdraft stove. Illustrations included.
Patent for a wrench. The invention consists of a locking device to prevent the jaw from sliding. Illustration included.
Patent for a ladder that will allow its prop legs to be slided longitudinally of the main ladder legs to form an extension ladder.
Cotton-Stalk Cutter.
Patent for a cotton stalk cutter that cuts two rows at a time.
Patent for a wrench. Illustrations included.
Patent for an animal trap. Illustrations included.
Cotton-Stalk Cutter
Patent for a cotton stalk cutter. Illustrations included.
Animal Trap or Dip
Patent for a trap for small animals. Illustrations included.
Pot-Feeder for Type-Casting Machines.
Patent for a pot feeder for type casting machines, which both sends out new metal slugs to be formed into type and refills the pot with old slugs thus keeping the level of metal in the pot even all the times.
Non-Refillable Bottle
Patent for a non-refillable bottle that once filled, it does not allow anything else to be added to the bottle.
Patent for a pump. Illustration included.
Patent for a draft appliance (animal-driven vehicle) with the purpose of changing and equalizing the draft between draft-animals and making the draft line easily adjustable.
Patent for game cards. Provide attractive cards with detailed instructions on how to play card games.
Baling Press
Patent for "an improvement in that class of presses adopted for baling hay" (lines 10-11) with illustrations.
Pole or shaft.
Patent for poles and shafts for vehicles with the objective of providing "simple and inexpensive means for dispensing with the singletree ordinarily employed with a pair of shafts or thills in a one-horse vehicle or the usual doubletree in a two-horse vehicle." (Lines 10-15)
Attachment for Lead-Pencils.
Patent for a calendar that attaches permanently to a lead pencil and wraps securely when not being viewed.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in baling presses, including instructions and illustrations.
Method of And Apparatus for Tanning Hides.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in methods of and apparatus for tanning hides, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a hay press that is meant to "check the rebound of the plunger so that the working beam or lever will not be thrown against the horse; also to provide for automatically applying a brake for the purpose of checking the rebound; also to provide for cushioning the rebound of the plunger so as to prevent or check its tendency to throw the toggle elver against the main lever; also to provide for automatically giving a signal or alarm to indicate when a bale of a given size has been compressed; also to improve the construction of the tie box portion of the press; also to generally improve the construction of parts" (lines 17-30).
Patent for a stalk-breaker that breaks "the stalks into small pieces and which will be under the control of the driver so as to be thrown in and out of gear at will, and in which the breaker mechanism will be so constructed that it will give when an unyielding substance is run against, thereby preventing breakage or damage to the machine" (lines 13-20).
Medical Compound.
Patent for improvements in medical compounds: "provide a new and useful preparation for the treatment and cure of kidney and bladder affections" (lines 9-11).
Patent for an improved coupler, the object of the invention being to provide an improved means for elevating, holding, and releasing the coupling-pin, and also to provide a vertically-adjustable drawhead, which bae readily adjusted either during coupling or before or after.
Patent for improvements in hay-presses by simplify and increase the efficiency of the power head, so that it is capable of baling more hay in a given time. Illustration is included.
Mosquito-Canopy Frame.
Patent for an improved mosquito canopy frame using two different forms of locks and metal loops with screws or nails to increase the strength of the parts which “insure easy attachment and detachments of parts and at the same time preserve a close joint” (line 100-102), includes illustration.
Patent for a new and improved stirrup. This design relates "particularly to a new and improved stirrup iron or body, whereby a stirrup of extraordinary strength and lightness is produced, and also one that is ornamental and avoids the discomfort of metallic stirrups now in common use" (lines 8-13).
Patent for improvements in hay presses "to simplify and cheapen the construction and render it more efficient in the formation of the hay into bales" (lines 16-18).
Bed Drier and Warmer.
Patent for a new and improved bed drier and warmer. This design "includes, primarily, a suitable frame of essentially elliptical form, whose ends allow of the said frame being readily slipped in between the bed and bedding or between two articles of bedding, and in connection with said frame a suitable fire-pot of portable construction" (lines 23-29).
Insect-Poison Distributor
Patent for "new and useful improvements in devices for sprinkling potato-vines and the like with powder - such as paris-green" (lines 15-18).
Patent for "a machine adapted for operation from an auxiliary motor actuated by horse or animal power, and has for its object to provide a simple, efficient, and durable machine of this character by or from which a cotton-gin, agrist or saw mill, or other machinery may be driven" (lines 7-13).
Nursery Chair.
Patent for a new and improved nursery chair. This design utilizes a U-shaped board with a bib attached to one side and hooks or bolts to the other "to secure a child in its seat and prevent its falling out or upsetting the chair" (lines 12-14).
Improvement in Devices for Driving Light Machinery from an Irregular Power.
Patent for light machinery that runs on irregular power. Device stores power produced by wind-wheel.
Improvement in Wind-Wheels.
Patent for a new wind-wheel design with pivoted frame and adjustable wings.
Improvement in Apparatus for Destroying the Cutting Ant.
Patent for "an improved apparatus for destroying the cutting ants in their nests." (Lines 9-11) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Gang-Plows.
Patent for a new, improved gang-plow for preparing and cultivating land for planting. Illustrations included.
Improvement in Insect-Destroying Attachments for Cultivators.
Patent for "a fan or blower conjoined with a box containing any of the various powdered poisons used for destroying vermin which infest growing plants, as cotton, potatoes, &c., operated by a pulley and band, running from the axle of the blower to a wheel on the supporting-axle of the cultivator, seeder, or other machine to which the apparatus may be attached." (Lines 19-27) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Cultivators.
Patent for improvement in horse-drawn cultivators.
Improvement in Electro-Magnetic Engines.
Patent for "a new practical application of electro-magnetism to machinery for the purpose of moving the same and keeping it in motion, and developing a degree of force which is only limited by the reduced proportion of power applied. The invention consists principally in the transmission of electro-magnetic power through compressed air for motor purposes, and the mechanism and combination of machinery necessary for that purpose." (Lines 12-22) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Cultivators.
Patent for changes in the construction of a cultivator.
Inprovement in Sulky-Cultivators.
Patent for an improved sulky cultivator which lists description on how to build the cultivator.
Fire and Burglar Proof Safe.
Patent for a safe "constructed as to be safe from fire and burglars, and at which the same time may be made lighter, and may be less expensive in manufacture than when made in the usual way." (para. 4). Additionally, safe is airtight and water-proof.
Improvement in Cotton-Seed Planters.
Patent for the improvement to cotton-seed planters by connecting the wheel to the reciprocating stirrer to guide the seed from hopper to soil and covering it, including illustration.
Bolt for Doors.
Patent for the improvement of bolt locks on double doors using a lever lock for safety and ease of locking and unlocking one or both doors, including illustration.
Rotary Pump.
Patent for a "submerged pump of very simple construction... one which will be efficient in its operation and not liable to get out of repair" (lines 16-20), illustration included.
Patent for a simple, efficient, and low maintenance submerged rotary pump, including illustration.
Propeller of Machinery to be used in Currents.
Patent for a propelled water wheel that is attached to the back of a vessel that uses a current of water and stream power, including illustrations.